Dill-e-ishq_dill-e-nafrat (part-14)

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well.. ready to read. once again something exciting.. so let me allow U to give u a hint… swasan happily married.. but SB.. n sanky… have huge ego business problems… n both was till not official couples.. so U can think……

recap; The all pland oh Sahil n happens revealed… kav yash n raglak fun…



@hospital.. sw’s cabin.. next day…

swara was laying in bed.. sudha n doc bikash are examine her. n all (parents raglak kavsh San aakash ) was restlessly moving out side..

just the door open.. n all jump inside.. make sudha n bikhas laugh.. even swara too llaugh…

San: Shona.. (to doc) bikhas.. is alk good..? she is fine n..a???

doc:(laugh?) hahahaa.. haa.. she is all out of dengar.. n if she want…

Sw;I can go today.. plllzz.. (she beg almost?)

all laugh..


sudha: haa. baba she can.. so today or tomorrow..???

Sw:(scream?) no.. today.. only.. pplllzz mom…plllzz maa…

San:(deep sigh) do u think sudha after listen she can go she stay hear…?? (fake anger?… n alll laygh?)

sudha: no.. (chuckle?) so bikhas… arrange discharged papers..

bikhas; but in one condition only.. swara ma’am…

all: what…??

bikhas: taking proper care of her..

sudha: ohh am there…n your viyya to..

all leave to welcome swara.. San was there…. both was spending some time with e-o….


yash n kavi enter with a shocking face.??.. make swasan confused..??.

San: hey… yash what happened….??

Sw: kavitha..??

yash: Dii.. we all forgot.. but your big problem are starting now…

Sw: (scared?) don’t tell me.. he runaway..?? (hold San’s hand)


yash: no.. dii… press.. media… where U both are just handsome hot hunk n diva.. and single too so now.. some press are moving outt of the hospital.. even one catch Me. to ask.. why am hear..???.??

swasan:(look e-o shockingly.. as till both was lost in their world n now time to face world) ohh no…???.. (Sw) n this media..?. (San) I hate this… ?

just raglak enters.. n heard all.. n they too was tenses now..

rag: dii why don’t u tell them tRuth..??

Lak: vabi.. ignor this idiot.. vai u say..??

Sw: what am going to sAy.. lucky.. yash.. help me out..

kavi: sir. dii.. ppllzz listen to me… for now.. u both took champ n move form back door at hospital. then after reaching home we think….?

San:(frown his eyes?) do u wanna tell me.. to runaway…??

Sw:(teas?) no.. no.. kavi call pres conference…

raglak laugh..??. yash nods in no. kavi laugh…

San: Shona… ?

Sw: what.. sanskar.. now if they accept us.. but champ.. what u going to tell u now..????

San:(looks at baby.. n wink?) let’s play with them….what say SB.?.

Sw:(shock) mean.?.??

San:(pass baby to rag…n wink at raglak) once again.. SB.. sanky … mood…??

Sw: (got his plan) don’t tell Me.. u mean it..? U wanna say.. play with them.?? ????

San:of course… jaan.. I mean it. then after reaching n home n settle down. we announcement about baby too…

Sw: (laugh?) u are devil… (nods in no)

San: I knew… now u say…?? jaan..??(wink?)

Sw:well.. am happy to. be with u.. but baby…??

kavi: m.. n ragz.. Handel him.. n its only for sometimes n… (wink back?)

San lean his hand.. Sw hold.. kavsh too… and laugh.. but raglak confused..

rag : jiju..?.??


SB: who..?. am SB…??

San: jiju…?? am single.. sweety.. ??

raglak:(pop out their eyes??) what the…???

swasan: well till now.. u both was playing playing with us.. now its time for..
kavsh: real fun.. (wink?)

after few hours… bikash discharged swara.. she get ready.. n come out.. she ware a normal jeans n loose top… curl hair.. lite makeup.. (as she is damn happy) a normal sandal… kavitha n ragini hold the baby… San stand beside her….

doc: ohhkk.. ma’am..pllzz take care. of yourself.. ?

Sw:thanks.. doc. bikash.. ?

doc; hmm.. now. see u. again.. but. hope never as patient n doc. (laugh?)

San:thanks once again… ?

they reach at the gate… where seriously some press was standing… n as swasan saw. them.. they signal raglak n they walk away.Alone baby .. n then only swasan n kavsh rest.. they walk… as the reporters saw them.. they walk to them…

reporter : ma’am.. u hear…?? ma’am is the news true that U was admitted hear..??

SB: well… yes.. I was.. (San , kavsh walk n stand beside her)

reporter: sir.. what are u doing hear..,??

San: well.. maybe u knew.. me n SB are working in a project.. (reporter nods) so.. its my duty to take care of my partner.. (hold sw’s shoulder)


SB: n I have a good new.. for u all…

all: what…??

SB: my mom.. I mean senior SB.. is back.. we are going to introduced her soon.. ??

reporter: what.. what actually happen to u..?? doc said nothing to me…

SB: well. we are not celebrity we are just business ppls what’s need to knew daitels about us..??

reporter: we heard that actually before 8 months u was missing.. n we got the news that u are in London. is it true. ma’am..??

Sw: its half true… I was with my husband… (blush?)

aall reporters : what…?? (all gossip SB married..?? )

San: okk. all qus complete…?? we should move now….

SB: yes.. I am not so well.. so.. bye.. very soon..We are arranging a press conference.. then we talks there…

San:(hold her shoulder) let’s move jaan…?(make all even kavsh n raglak who was watching them form car.. shock.????. where SB smile naughtily??)

SB: (lean her head. to his shoulder) off course… baby…

even one of reproter get heard cough…. n swasan wink at e-o. n walk away ..

press : Omg.. what we just saw n heard… (they start conspiracy in them).


San open the back door.. find rag seated there with champ.. n swara seat too…

kav: sir.. u reach.. we reach later.. we need to buy something.. pllzz.
yash: yes.. dii u go.. We are back to u..

San:okk fine.. he too seat passenger seat..n find raglak was looking at them with shocking face…..

rag: jiju.. we thought… u guys going to hide..??


San:(smile?) no.. my dear shalii ji.. we never think to hide..ask SB…?? but the fact is.. we don’t wanna meet champ right now. coz..

SB: its not the right time…

Lak: u both are just unpredictable.. I must say..

Sw: hahahha.. we knew.. fROM childhood…

San: but not like u both…. now move..

SB : pplllzzz I wanna go home.. plllzzz….

San: hahaha.. champ Is big then u…?? (wink)

SB:(slap his shoulder) shut up.. (to rag) ragu champ ko laao…

San: lucky move.

laksh start car : n hear… we gooo……..

San looks at SB throw rear mirror.. SB blush a bit.. raglak cough… SB looks away.. San shook his head…


reporter : Omg… are they in a relationship..??

reporter 1: ohh god.. bbefore some moths.. they were actually fighting on some business. project… ohh god…

reporter: innn rich business tycoon s. are really unpredictable.. but I heard form any IV of Sahil sen that SB n he…?? is he…??

“ohh god.. till wait they call… us….” all nods.. n leave the hospital..

where sudhha n aaksh n bikash laugh.. to hear all…..

next part : swasan welcome to their home with their champ.. n happy family time…..???

Hope u enjoy this part…. now.. do comments.. ppllzz

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  1. no raglak track sorry we don’t read it next track with raglak

    1. KrissAnn

      nikky dear this is swasan ff which she is writting in ff

  2. Confusing confusing

  3. plzz give raglak track or not than plzzz we don’t read it next part soon with raglak track if not than bye forever

    1. KrissAnn

      this is not the ff which u are reading this is swasan ff in fb written by mona ok

  4. I think title of the story changed.

  5. its not dil–ishq na i guess titleis wrong

  6. Its posted wrongly…. waiting for next episode

  7. Swarna01

    Ritipriya its mona’s ff.

    1. Ritipriya

      its me only mona

  8. Simi

    Story changed

  9. KrissAnn

    Guyzz this is not Dill-e-ishq_dill-e-nafrat. this ff is TUM_BHE_MUJHSE_PYAAR_KARRLO which she is posting in fb

  10. Ritipriya

    guys guys calm down.. its my mistake only.. i yupload my another fffs part hear am so sorry… pppllzz forgive me… n guys me is mona in fb only… so i not upload anyones ff.. hera soon am uploading the cotect part. pllzz forgive me sorrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy #mona (ritipriya)

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