Dill-e-ishq_dill-e-nafrat (part-13)

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HOW ARE U ALL hope good…. sooo let’s move why we waiting for….. so am not going to. bakbak…. n yes.. if u guys comment so low.. I will stop it in middle….

recap: Rag San jealousy… (unrealized) n some both couples moment….

“laksh… am not in a mood to go…that too in this evening… ” rag said unwillingly….
“but.. Shona invite us.. and as we want to bring her back.. we need to move” Lak said while combing his hairs….
raglak get ready n leave to MM… n on the way.. sonal join them. make ragini more angry..n confused….

rag monologue : what the hell… today am going to attended his bday party.. whom I hate most… but the another side.. I can’t see our Shona sad… and she was so much happy when she was inviting us… god knees.. when she meet him.. n what magic he done…. I knew.its all fake… he never like swara… coz he don’t knew how to love someone…… Ohh god…. plllzzz help me out… pllzz help Shona to identified his character… ( looks at sonal ) and she… why lucky need to bring her… its our family function.. hhhuuhh.. look at her.. like its her function.. idiots..

swara was happily running hear n there… and arranging all for his bday.. and Ap adore her…
“maa. look cake come….” she rush to delivery boy.. n bring the cake….
Ap: Shona.. not only party. there is puja too beta.. n all arrangements are done.. so go n get ready.. look anytime guest can arrive… go..
“OK.. maa. am just going….” swara runt o AP’s. rooom… while shouting…

just San entered to MM.. n get happy to see all the decoration.. n smile a bit… then walks to Ap.. n touch her feet n take blessing…
Ap: stay bless… my son. wish u a very happy birthday… I wish U get your happiness soon….

San’s face got dull n he walk upstairs… make Ap bit smile…

@MM hall after 1hrs…
San reach….. at party.. some of his business clients are too started coming… he welcome them.. just raglak n sonal enter… make Ap smile n San smirk angrily…. Lak to frown his eyes.. to San. n ragini walk to Ap… sonal stand beside rag….
just the heart of the party in.. and all looks at her… and adore her smile.. she rush to Lak.. hug her…

“vai….. u come….” she hug Lak..
Lak: hey.. my princess. (broke hug) u look so cute.. my princess..
Sw:(blush) tq. vai.. vabi.. u too look good..
rag:(smile) aaaaawWn don’t taunt me… Shona. u look cute more then me..
Sw: hahaha.. jealous.. accha come.. look vabi.. today I made peda.. U say.. how’s it..??
all was just smiling at her.. even San too…..
Ap:(teas Sw) aarree Shona. beta wait….

Ap: don’t u wish..?? sanskar.. u did so heard work for this party.. n now u are passing like San did not exist.??(giggle)
Sw:(shy to face San) e..r…happy birthday Mr. Maheswari..
San:(laugh) not accept…
Sw:(looks at him)

San:oohh come on. swara.. wish me by my name… I don’t want any formal wish form my wife.. (he taunt Lak)
Sw:(shock surprised n blush) happy birthday sanskar…
San:tq… but my gift…?? (wink)
Sw:(nauhty) u need to find out… before party.. U need to find..if u get it then okk if not.. after party.. I will give u…
rag: haha. Shona lets move…
Lak:haa.. Shona come..
Ap n swasan did puja.. where ragini’s main concentration was on sonal who was talking continuously to Lak.. in middle of puja…

rag: laksh … (bit irritated)
Lak;haa..?? (confused )
rag:will u pllzz concentrat on pujaa..??
Lak:hmm. look am not in a mood. to attend this idiots bday.. I only come form my Shona.. so pllzzzz.. don’t act like kid…
rag monologue: kid…????? am I kid…?? how mean.. Hear I thought.. u help me.. I bring his real character infornt of our Shona. but no….kid right…. hhuuhh.. (she make a bit faces)

after puja… now all was bit party mood… n also a traditional atmosphere….

just San spit his drink.. to see at the gate…n hear.. many of his lady employ. was gossiping..
gal : Omg.. look at the man so hot….
gal 2: yaaa who’s he… is his sir’s friend..??
gla 3: no… I dont thin so. look sir is still hear….

San drank his anger..n walkt to him… but before he reach..Shona reach to him..n hold his hand..n bring hI’m to Ap..

Sw: maa.. look he is abhi. I told u..n.. doc
Ap: ohh yes… thanks beta.. sanskar told me.. u
abhi: ohh anuty.. its all fine. where is the birthday boy..? I wanna wish him.. after all Shona ate my head for almost 45 minutes.. then now M
Sw:hear.. (giggel) maa. look how much he is self-admirer
Ap : hahaha.. u both just as Shona told me…
Lak: hey.. abhi.. u too..??
abhi: yes..dude.. n only our Your crack sis…

“if u don’t wnt u can leave…” said San.. with a ferocious voice make ALl shock… then laugh.. to lite the moment.. “just kidding.. ”

abhI : ohh happy birth day.. man..
San: thanks..
Lak: abhi thanks a lot… u came.. India. u knew..
abhi: I knew.. all Shona told me…
San: well. u all pllzz talk.. M just coming…

he as planing give abhi n lak space..n then he saw.. abhi was holding Lak’ s hand.. somehow assuring him.. San only hear..
“no no.. mere hote it can’t happen.. I will make sure all things back to normal…” said by abhi…
San ftown his eyes….n he find ragini was alone. he walks to her.. make her shock n surprise…

San: hiii.. vabi… (taunt)
rage; hlw..
San: so enjoyed the party.. u now.. Shona ne kittne pyaar se sajjaya hai.. u see…(wink)
rag; she is a mad… don’t knew.. what she saw in u.. just wait for. that day… when she onw kick u out form her life..
San: (huskily) in your dream baby… U will think and the day never. come in your life…. Shona is caged hear for lifelong…
rag:and.. what about u..?? for only make me fear u use Shona.. do u ever think…?? when the day exact come.. how much she hate u…??


rag: well.. when u think for other… U always think u.. urself.. n u only.. koi aur kyaa shoche isse tum he kyaa farak pasta hai…


Lak: ohh come on ragini.. leave him today.. when my abhi is hear.. I don’t need to think about this guy.. my abhi can Handel her…. U remembered I choose abhi..
rag; nods..
Lak: he said he is still there for swara… coz. he love swara…
rag shockingly looks at abhi.. he smile n nods…

San: excuse me….

he leave… n went to his room.. there in his cupboard he find a giftbox.. he smile he open it n find a mouth organ n a note…
**in note*
maa told me in clg.. u play it.. and after your dream got broke u stopped it.. if u don’t miand will u pllzz chose to play it again.. I knew.. u find it definitely coz am unable to pass it to u. by own. so…

San close his eyes…n a lone teas escape form his eyes.. he look at the instrument nearly.. then close his eyes… onCE he remember how he n ragini spend time.. arms in arms.. n he play it… n the other moment he remembered how laksh fill her mng… at last he remembered sw’s smiling face.. her sacrifices n her tears.. then he walk down n all goes dark… then find abhi palying guitar n play a soft tune.. and swara was looking for San’s arrived…
just all heard another sound of a beautiful tone…n look at upstairs.. swara bit widely.. Ap n ranukaka looks at e-o with shock…n then smile widely too…. ragini shockingly looks at swara… who blush like hell…. n then looks at San. who was too gazing at swara… she was confused what’s going on…??

Lak n abhI look at e-o…. n shook their head in noo….
after playing the tone. San come to Ap n swara..
Sw: thanks….
San: thanks that.. u gift me.. this..
Ap:(shock.. n bless Sw) wow.. u bring my lil bit oLD son. who love music.. am soo happy swara…
San: yes maa.. n u knew. why she did not gift me own..??
Sw:(nods in no) no….
Ap: Well.. must be its your red nose…
swara smile San pout…

after party.. all leave.. where swara was too move to her room. when abhi was booking some hotel.. make swara surprised.. n she plead him to stay MM. even Ap too.. so abhi settle there.. n wink at San… san take a deRp breath…n also bring Shona to her real room.. make Ap smile n blESS….

San : swara….
San: look now your vai to knew about us.. so if u don’t mind…. wud u like to stay..?? in our room.??
Sw:(shock. looks at Ap n she nods ) but.. u…??
San: of course.. in same room.. u dumbo..
San hold Sw’ hand n bring her to his room.n close the door…

@swasan room..

San: look swara.. I don’t mind u stay. with maa but I don’t like too ppl (anhi) knew about our relationship.. so I took the decision. I hope u dont mind….
Sw:(nods in understand ) its okk.. same sanskar. come noe u take rest..
swara was moving to the. couch. when. San santch his pillow..n without ssaying nothing.. he lay in couCH make swara again speechless n fall for him more…

Sw monologue : are mr. buddhu when U understand I love u. more then me… stupid.. but thanks today u listen me..n play your favorite instrument after long… am soon happy…… she too sleep in floor…..


laksh was sleeping peacefully. coz now abhi is there… he is bit.. relax.. but ragini is sleepless.. something make her restless.. she walk to sw’s room…n start reading her dairy.. n each n every page of her dairy.. make ragini… shock shattered n weak more…… she cried out.. but today she too don’t want that laksh hear.. she cried for swara….. for herself.. for her dids.. but now she don’t need to feel sad… she can move with laksh happily. coz.. swara is the gal… who love sanskar more then herself….

rag monologue : butt. kyaa wo Shona ko samjhega…?? Shona sanskar s ittna pyaar karrti hai…??. k..?? ohh god.. thanks today I can feel what aunty wanna say.. that day.!… ohh god why Ap aunty can see is her eyes.. why not me.. otr laksh can see…? but tbanks Shona.. till now I had a guilty but.. I now understand.. he bron to meet u.. I will make sure.. u n me… to both stay bless in our lives…. u are really n angel Shona..really…

next part ; full on raglak.. n their jealousy… n bit swasan moments…

ohhhkkll now dooo comments… hope u enjoy the rest part….

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