Dill-e-ishq_dill-e-nafrat (part-12)

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recap: Raglak moment… n Swara finally start her new life with her Mr. Maheswari… n there is something make AP so bless….


AfTeR aLmOsT TwO wEeKs….?????

A bless morning… Ap was in mandir swara was also just awake n she was taking a deep breath n smiile to remeber her cooking for him… she blush.. and thinks to peep at her wudroom…(I mean sanskar’s room)
swara was walking and just about to step out and her legs got twist n she was all shock n about fall…
time pass fast n she close her eyes are colse but wait a minutes she was not in floor n she open her one eyes.. n look she was not fall at all indeed she was hanging in air.. and then her eyes fall on a very angelic sweet fresh face and shee lost her heart once again to him…

she was still hanging in the same position no one had no rush to stand or make stand both was deeply looking n lost in each other eyes….

just some giggles reach to both of their ear… n the look aside find Ap n ramukaka was laughing n chuckle swara feel shy n immediately he makes her sand on her feet.. n leave the place..
Ap lean to Sw. n bless her.. she too was deeply blushing n ran again inside the room…

after 1hours
“maa… where the hell is my hanky.. maa.. I can’t find anything..” a sharp voice come out from 2nd flor.. n make everyone laugh at kitchen…
Ap: dekha.. U notice na. form last two weeks..

Sw:(laugh n nods..)

ramukaka was just going when ap make him busy..
Ap: kaka.. u pllzz help me hear.. n Shona beta u pllz go n help him n….
Sw:(surprise n blush) oh.. okk.. maa…
she leave..
@San’s room
San was searching something in his cupboard when he heard some footsound n as he thought its his badimaa.. he just. give order…
“maa look who the hell everyday make fun with me.. who one need to clean my room” he annoyed..

swara smile a bit.. till now she was meat with a bold cool (hot) personality.. but as she became his wife.. she got to knew.. he is nonotherthen a kid.. with his belongings…. and move to his dressing table and one by one arrnange all… and was about to leave when he turn n find aall was infornt of his eyes.. he shock..

“thanks.. a lot.. that’s Y I love u soo much” –he said but without realizing to whom… and as he turn find swara was going out form the room. he shut his eyes.. in embarrassment.. n stamp his feet..while She blush….

“I will pass this mag to maa.. don’t u worry” — she back in her halfway n again saying this she leave finally…. make his smile a bit….

San:(looking at her going via winDow) pagal…. (n smile) then he boost himself n get ready….

ragini was in kitchen n making breakfast for her loving hubby.. while she think to Blush to remembered their relationship.. just someone hug her from back… n IN GM only one man have the wright n guts…

rag: laksh u awake go n fresh..
Lak:(nibbling his nose to her bare shoulder) uumm… good morning Shonu..
rag; morning… now go n get fresh.
Lak:(leave her for a bit.. n then just starting giving her wet kisss to the same position.. ) going going but first let me make my Mmorning Ggood…

rag:(smile n blush also feel shiver n. she loose her grip n her spoon get fall on kitchen counter) laksh … plllzz… what are u doing if anyone saw us..?? plllzz leave me. n go…

Lak:(now placing his hands on her bare bely form back…n squeezed it softly ) and if anyone saw us to..? who have the guts to teas us..? (pinch her bely heard)

rag:(she gasp n chuckle) ohh.. is this make u this way besharam..?
Lak:(bite her shoulder n then nods) yes… (and kiss the bitten Area)
rag:(hit him all sudden by her elbow n laugh)
Lak:(hold his stomach) aaaaahh.. ragini…
rag:(laugh) hahahahha… go n get fresh.. then this breakfast n medicine. you are not fit n fine yet.. and then you n your work.. with your pa.. and am busy in my HOME… (while saying she was feeling proud..)
Lak:okk.. and I also promised you that u only saying for a wish which u want n me too…(she shock.. Lak wink) bye bye babe…
rag;(frown her eyes to think what he just say.. n confused.. then she jerk her mind and busy herself in work..) kuch bhe boll ta hai…


ITS become evening swara won’t back from her music school…n which make Ap tensed.. as San come she ran to him…
Ap: sanskar… look na beta its became evening but Shona don’t reach hone yet..??
San:baddimaa maybe she is on way….
Ap:I don’t think so.. coz when ever she left school she inform me.. but…
San;(to chill her) Oohk oohk maa.. wait am going.. don’t u worry…(he left)

swara was busy yet when her one student get injured.. she. n her someone costaf take the baby to hospital n that’s her late reason… make San smile n proud again… but next he was all sudden n taken aback… when SaN saw a guy near her… n also. treatment her.. make her laugh…..

“swara.. tu bhe n… why u need to run.. n now look… u gett cut on your leg…”—said by someone..
Sw: so what u wanna say.. let my student get fall..?? that too she get wound..??
“no one can win form u.. now show me your leg…” — said….

San’s eyes was widen to hear him.. n immediately rush to swara…. but he felt idiot himself when he saw leg mean its her feet.. near ankle…

San: swara… how its happen..??
Sw:(shock n surprise too see him) are.. u… wo. actually I mate accident when I was saving riya.. (pout)
San: okk.. now are u fine..??
“what hmm..??(mocking) no Mr. she iss not at all fine… Ashe need bed rest for at last two days…. ”

Sw: and U think am gonna obey it..??(frown her eyes)
San:(laugh a bit to see her frown) okk doc I will take care of that..
doc: by the way.. me abhi…. ABHINASH GUPTA…. nice to meet u..
Sw: and.. my childhood friend… (patt his shoulder) n also a guitarist like me… by hobby…
San: (shock hear the name abhi. ) ohh.. okk I see.. okk swara now let’s move….
Sw:yup. but first meeet riya then.. n (pout) what about baddimaa..?? she was scared of my late n.??
San:(smile ) maa.. I inform her.. don’t worry.. come..
swara jump n again she scream.. “aaoouuch…”
San n abhi both hold her form both side… make San ferocious.. for a bit then he compose himself…. n took swara away…
swara was trying heard to walk.. but she can’t.. San scoop her in his arms.. n walk.. towards the car.. n our heroin was in lost in her princecharms eyes…


its was almost evening but Lak was didn’t come out form study a make ragini curious.. n highpper…

rag monologue : what the hell.. he must need rest and look at him.. hhuuuhh.. and that Sonal where to say me,–“no ma’am.. sir need rest blaa.. blaa” . n look.. her thoughts broke when Lak n sonal come out n before going sonal hug Lak friendly…
Lak: bye sonal.. and call me as u reach… its late u knew.w..
sonal: don’t u worry sir.. opps. lucky… I will call u.. and u take rest plllzz..
Lak: bye..
sonal ; bye.. bye ma’am…
rag:(mock.. but hide) bye.. sonal have a good day…
then ragini frown her eyes to Lak n leave the place.. make Lak heads down…

@raglak room…
ragini was arraigning beds.. n blabbering — ” who… who the hell I am.. why he need to listen me…I.. I.. how maNY time I told him… look laksh u are notwell… at last 1month but.. nnnooo… hhhuuuhh… now working.. by home.. and again forgot about health.. hear me.. his sister we both trying.. but look at him…”

Lak: ( was listening all her talks.. n. smile s bit..) ohhkk.. now am taking medicine na..
rag: don’t u dare to talk to me..
Lak:ohho.. meera baccha kyaa hua…?
rag: (shock) kyaa hua…?? time dekah..?. afternoon Se evening.. laksh .. I hate u…(pout)
Lak:(hug her forcefully) But I love u too. now give. me my milk… mujhe dard hoo raha hai….
rag: (concern ) okk u wait I am going n bring.. (Lak nods n rag leave)
Lak:(deep sigh) ooofff.. for now.. she won’t shout… (chuckle)
rag was just coming who hear this. n become very angry.. n she decided to teas him back…

hahahahaha… so guys I hope u all can understand.. who going to be jealous.. n with whhom.. till now don’t get it..??

San jealous with ABHI…(as Jai Bhanushali)
rag jealous with SONAL (as Ragini khanna)

ohkkk.. now plllzz do. comments…. orr else I won’t upload.. to my friends who want to see… ragsan… I heartily request them.. M swasan raglak fan… I can’t even imagine San think about ragini… so pllzz don’t want me to write that… but yes.. as per story… there will be few more n awesome scene are there… to enjoye…. so keep reading n do comments…

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