Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 6th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Anshuman’s Proposal For Kajal

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Dr. Sharma insists Kajal to accompany him to police station and confesses that she wrongly alleged him. Kajal gets tensed. Police arrest her and take her to police station while she pleads they cannot do this. Inspector says she wrongly alleged Dr. Sharma while he was trying to help her with her eye illness, now she should record statement again that she wrongly alleged Dr. Sharma. Kajal says she cannot that, else her mamma and everyone will know about her disease and mamma will break down. Inspector insists she should, but she says she doesn’t know who recorded her video and uploaded it. Dr. Sharma says now that inspector knows truth, he should know how to prove him innocent and make Kajal confess her crime. He leaves police station and reaching home calling Anshuman and Tanya to inform them good news when Anshuman shows his and Kajal’s sketch and informs that Kajal will be his dance partner. Dr. Sharma fumes that his son is making Kajal his dance partner because of whom hie got into trouble.

Anshuman waits for Kajal in cafeteria eagerly waiting to convince her to become his dance partner. Rochak walks in and clashing with him asks if he can’t see and walk. Anshuman says he can and asks where is Kajal. Rochak says he wants to ask him same. Anshuman says Kajal didn’t come here, he is waiting for her here. Rochak thinks where she must have gone, if she is in trouble.

Kajal in lockup thinks she is here for the second time and if mamma finds out, she will shatter. Constable gets her out, and inspector asks her to sign the register and leave. She asks if he is sure. He says Dr. Sharma is a nice man who asked to free her, she has already lost her mind and should leave before she loses her eye sight. Kajal warns him not to degrade anyone, else he may fall into similar situation. She walks out of police station and gets tensed seeing 22 missed calls and thinking mamma must have called, she relaxes seeing Rochak and Anshuman’s call. Rochak calls her again, but she doesn’t pick his call and walking to temple confronts god that he gave her many problems without a single solution; her mamma is dreaming about her bright future, but she is getting blind; she can’t increase her mamma’s problems; she will not accept defeat and will fight as nothing is impossible for her and she knows to defeat any challenge.

Kajal turns and sees Anshuman standing next to her. Anshuman says he was waiting for her in cafe and she is here. He sees her tears and asks why is she crying. She says she is allergic to agarbatti smoke. He says it is a nice place to get things done, he came to ask something and prays god that he wants Kajal say yes to his request. He kneels down and holding her hand asks if she will be her dance partner in Ticket To Bollywood contest; he believes she can help him as she does everything with passion and belief; her eyes are very beautiful and he sees his destiny in her eyes. He shows their sketch and request to accept that she is ready to become his dance partner. She says no.

Precap: Kajal walks away telling Anshuman that she cannot become his dance partner. Anshuman says nobody says no to him till now. Tanya finds out that the culprit girl is Kajal and thinks Kajal spoilt his father’s image and now she will not let Kajal spoil her brother’s life.

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