Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 5th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Dr. Sharma Confronts Kajal

Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 5th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rochak’s mother Kamini forcefully walks into Kajal’s room and searches Rochak. Kajal acting as getting up from sleep and asks if it is morning, what is aunty doing here. Kamini says Rochak is here itself. Her husband scolds her and takes her away. Kajal relaxes when everyone leaves. Parth notices her makeup and shoes and asks if she had gone somewhere or is dreaming well dressed. Kajal scolds and sends him away and thinks if she had not gone, she wouldn’t have danced with Anshuman and fulfilled her desire. She dances and says Dil Ye Ziddi Hai.

Dr. Sharma realizes Kajal is the girl in the video who alleged him, says he found out she is having retinitis pigmentosa and tried to help her, but she made allegations against him, spoilt his reputation, got him and his daughter arrested, etc., he is coming to meet her now and clear the confusion.

Next morning, Kajal is busy painting when she hears door bell and opens it, panics Anshuman and hides behind Naani due to color on her face. Naani asks who is he and what he wants. He greets her and says the girl behind her and asks Kajal to come in front as he needs to speak. Kajal nervously says she can’t now and will meet him at cafeteria at 12:30. Anshuman asks will she really come. She says yes. He says she doesn’t have to hide her face. Kajal asks him to go. Once Anshuman leaves, Naani asks who is this boy, she saw him in play. Kajal says she told her about her bucket list, he is one among it. Naani gets happy thinking her granddaughter has grown up and hopes she gets happiness of whole world

Anshuman draws Kajal’s painting happily. Tanya walks to him and asks if he is painting his dance partner Sonia. He says Kajal who enacted Gandhari in play, she is his dance partner. Tanya says Sonia took him to club. He says yes because of her, he could see Kajal’s dance and praises her a lot. Tanya warns him to just consider her as dance partner and nothing else as their status is different and he should concentrate on winning competition. He says yes.

Naani sings happily while cooking. Rashmi asks reason. Naani says what she looks in Kajal’s life partner. Rashmi says she wants a caring and loving partner for Kajal. Naani says Kajal will get a partner as she desires and asks to start preparing for Kajal’s wedding.

Tanya meets reporter who published Kajal’s video and asks who is the girl in video. Reporter says she can’t betray her profession. Tanya says she would have benefited monetarily, will wait for her call; thinks she will find out who the girl is at any cost and punish her.

Kajal waits for Anshuman eagerly in cafeteria when Dr. Sharma meets her. She is shocked to see him. Dr. Sharma says she shut his hospital. She says its because of his scam. He says he never did anything wrong and because of her, his whole staff and patients are suffering. He shows her video and says because of one video, his career and name is spoilt, his family and staff is worried for him because of her one mistake; she should accompany him to police station and inform that she was wrong. Kajal gets tensed.

Precap: Inspector informs Kajal that she has to give statement on camera to clear Dr. Sharma from allegations. Anshuman shows his and Kajal’s sketch to Dr. Sharma.

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