Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 4th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Kajal Dances With Anshuman

Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 4th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sonia takes Anshuman to night club. He gets irritated with loud music and asks Sonia if they can go and sit somewhere else. She says when he is participating in dance competition, then he should not bother. She takes him to dance floor and dances sensuously with him. Kajal’s friend Neha notices them and informs Kajal over phone. Kajal asks if she is sure. Neha says yes and sends pic. Neha decides to go to night club and calls Rochak. Rochak reaches and asks why did she call him at this time. She asks if he got his bike keys. He says he keeps them with him always. She gets ready and says let us go to club. He asks at this time. She says yes and takes him along.

Tanya shows Kajal’s blur video to her hospital staff and scrutinizes them to reveal who is speaking to the girl and who is she, else they will not get their salary. Staff says it must be Raju as he is missing since the video was released. Dr. Sharma questions inspector for not find the girl till now. Tanya walks to his room and informs that she found staff who went to met the girl, its ward boy Raju. Dr. Sharma says it may be a misunderstanding. Tanya says she is sure and soon she will find the culprit girl.

Kajal with Rochak reaches night club and gets jealous seeing Anshuman and Sonia dancing. Rochak says Sonia has already trapped pigeon Anshuman, so its waste if she tries. Kajal walks on dance floor and acts as surprised seeing Anshuman and Sonia. Sonia gets jealous seeing her. Kajal dances with Anshuman. Anshuman says let us go and by mistake slips on Sonia. Sonia verbally abuses him and yells that if he doesn’t know dance, he should sit in a corner Kajal challenges and dances beautifully on Radha teri chunri..song.. Rochak dances with him for a bit followed by Anshuman. Everyone clap for them. Jealous Sonia pulls Kajal’s hair and yells at her that she is cheap class. Kajal also fights with her. Rochak pulls Kajal away while Anshuman pulls Sonia away. Kajal gives a tight slapping reply gaining Anshuman’s praises. In car, Anshuman scolds Sonia for misbehaving with Kajal and says he didn’t know Kajal can dance so well, he will convince her to become his dance partner. Tanya gets more jealous.

Dr. Sharma reminisces sending Raju wardboy to Kajal and realizes that Kajal is the girl in video. He fumes that he tried to help Kajal, but she made allegations against him; if Anshuman finds out Kajal is the girl, he will not spare her as his father’s prestige is most important to him, so he should not let them meet.

Rochak’s mother Kamini with father knocks Rashmi’s door and alleges that Kajal has kept Rochak in her room. Rashmi warns to mind her tongue as she trusts Kajal. Kamini challenges to take her to Kajal’s room now and clear the confusion.

Precap: Rashmi takes Kamini to Kajal’s room and seeing only Kajal there smirks at Kamini. Dr. Sharma thinks Kajal spoilt his image, he will meet her and confront.

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