Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update: Kajal To Be Anshuman’s Dance Partner?

Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 3rd December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Inspector puts Kajal and Rochak for pelting stones at Dr. Sharma’s hospital. Kajal apologizes inspector and requests to let them go. Inspector says they should have before doing this crime and he will never leave them until their parents come. Kajal gets more tensed and thinks if she had known that she would get into trouble by pelting stones, she wouldn’t have done that. Rashmi, Naani, and Roachak’s parents reach police station. On the other side, Anshuman fumes seeing hospital news. Dr. Sharma asks him to stop concentrate on his studies and ticket to Bollywood dance competition and not bother about his problem, he will prove himself innocent. Tanya says she will find and expose the girl who tarnished papa’s imagine. Anshuman promises.

Inspector leaves Rochak and Kajal. Rochak’s mother says her son is innocent and Kajal trapped him in this problem. Kajal tells Rashmi that she didn’t do anything wrong. Rashmi slaps her. Kajal says she just wanted to punish doctor who forces patient to undergo fake tests and loot money from them, he even tried to con her. Rashmi takes Kajal home and asks if her eyesight is fine. Kajal says yes and describes whole incident. Rashmi hugs her and says she is worried for her.

Anshuman fumes more seeing Kajal’s blurry video where she is alleging Dr. Sharma. Tanya walks to him and asks him to stop disobeying papa and concentrate on ticket to Bollywood dance competition and finding a dance partner, she will find the culprit girl and punish her Anshuman agrees. Kajal gets Anshuman’s message asking if she can dance. She gets very happy and dances saying she is doing same now. She replies Anshuman that she is A1 dancer, then changes it that she danced a lot in baaraat and sangeet, thinks she shouldn’t praise herself so much, writes people like her dance a lot. She hears Rashmi coming and keeping her phone acts as sleeping. Rashmi switches off lights and walks away.

Kajal wakes up to reply Anshuman and thinks it is so difficult to reply such a simple question and should write something with which Anshuman shouldn’t feel she is overrating herself or underrating.
Anshuman replies that message was for Sonia and not her. Sonia meets Anshuman and says good he called her, let us go to club and dance. Anshuman hopes he ends all his ordeal tonight and start afresh tomorrow. Kajal fumes that she spent 1 hour to reply him and he replied it is not for her, she will show her dance performance and Anshuman will offer her to be his dance partner.

Precap: Kajal dances with Anshuman on Radha teri chunri…song. Rochak imagines dancing with Kajal.

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