Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 14th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Kajal’s Worsening Eye Condition

Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 14th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kajal informs Rochak that she found her hero whom she met in principal’s office and he helped her also, he wants to make her boyfriend. He says he cannot even though she can have boyfriend and asks does she really know that love is an intense feeling where one would be ready to sacrifice each other. Kajal says that is the reason girls like his romantic novels and himself, she is having same feeling and wants to make Anshuman Sharma as her boyfriend. He hopes she gets what she wants. Anshuman walks to them and greets hi. Rochak replies. Anshuman says he needs to talk to her. Kajal gets happy seeing him. He says he left his pen with her in principal’s office. Kajal tries to pick pen from her bag, gets blurry vision, and gives different pen. He says it is not his pen. He gets normal and hands him over his pen. He walks away. Rochak says he doesn’t want to leave 30 rs pen with her, forget about leaving his heart and becoming her boyfriend. In hospital, doctor continues reading about retinitis pigmentosa and Kajal having it. Anshuman calls him informs that he finished all the formalities and got admission. Doctor says see you in the evening son, and Anshuman says bye dad. He hopes Ashuman has moved on from his Delhi incidence.

Rashmi is in her bakery when Rochak’s greedy mother walks to bakery and in lieu of speaking to her asks her to sample a special cake. Employee Chotu says it is worth 130 rs. Greedy mother insists. Rashmi gives her cake, she eats and walks away without paying bill. Real estate agent Devansh walks next and flirts with Rashmi. Rashmi calls him uncle. He says he is her children’s uncle. She asks him to find tenants for 2 rooms in her house. He happily agrees. She returns home and informs her mother that she is in financial crisis and may need to sell her bakery if she doesn’t get money. Mother says she can take her brother’s help. Rashmi says she sent raki every year to her brother, but he returned it without reading, he didn’t even call his mother in years, so she will not take his help.

Rochak continues laughing on Kajal. Kajal scolds him. They reach class where principal walks in. Kajal gets tensed that he came to punish her again. Principal introduces Anshuman as bright student from Delhi university who won prices in college drama. Kajal gets happy seeing him and hopes he will come and sit next to her, but he sits next to another girl. After class, Rochak taunts her. Her friend informs her that Anshuman is giving audition for Arjun’s part in drama. Kajal says she will become Draupadi then and is sure she will get that part.

At night, Anshuman’s sister serves dinner and asks him to stop studying for sometime and have food.
Father over phone scolds nurse for not finding Kajal yet and asks her to send peon to his Kajal’s house again. At Kajal’s house, her brother asks her to fix electric wires in his school project and not to do any mistake, else project will burst. Kajal gets blurry vision and fixes wrong wires. Project bursts, and brother scolds her. She thinks thank god a big accident didn’t happen and feels sad for her brother.

Precap: Peon informs Kajal that doctor told she may stop seeing anytime. Kajal imagines rehearsing draam with Anshuman. Teacher disqualifies her from playing Draupadi. Her friend suggests her to become Gandhari.

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