Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 10th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Anshuman’s New Idea To Convince Kajal

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Rochak’s mother warns Kajal to dare not to meet her son again and never come in front of him. Kajal returns home sadly and thinks whom she will share her problem with now. On the other side, Anshuman looks at his and Kajal’s sketch and thinks he can win the contest only if Kajal becomes his dance partner. Kajal returns home reminiscing Rochak’s mother’s warning. She sees a girl slipping from her bicycle and then riding it away and thinks without slipping in life, she cannot lead a smooth life; when her mamma and Naani didn’t accept defeat and continue to fight for life, even she will not accept defeat easily as she never learnt to accept defeat.

Inspector informs Dr. Sharma that Tanya found out that Kajal is the culprit girl. Anshuman is busy venting out his anger on punching bag when Tanya walks home calling Anshuman. Dr. Sharma stops her. She says Kajal ruined his career and now is behind Anshuman. Dr. Sharma says Kajal is from a decent family and Anshuman has decided to make her his dance partner. Tanya asks why is he supporting Kajal so much. Dr. Sharma asks if she remembers what had happened with Anshuman in Delhi and how he came out of that problem. Tanya says whatever it is, she doesn’t want to spare that girl. Anshuman walks down and asks Tanya if the girl is found and if their father is trying to forgive the girl. Dr. Sharma says Tanya is forcing him to not miss his medicine and he knows how dangerous Tanya is.

Rochak’s mother continues scolding him and asks to complete his novel instead of running around Kajal obeying her orders. Rochak says his next novel’s subject is Kajal’s life and he has to meet her to describe how stubbon she is; he warns her not to stop him and walks away. He meets Kajal and asks her not to bother about his mother’s yelling and to describe her problem. Kajal says she has not smiled since morning. Rochak takes her to terrace. Kajal says his mother may see them. He asks her not to bother about his mother and to think how angry her mother would be, shows stars and asks which star looks like her mother. Kajal shows one and says it is not angry as her mother though. Rochak shows another one and mimics Naani and Parth. Kajal laughs and says the other one looks like him with messy hair. Rochak says it looks handsome and thinks he doesn’t know why he feels so happy being with Kajal. Kajal says he is her true friend. Rochak says he will always help her and asks what happened. Kajal says forget it, let us talk about it later.

Anshuman informs that Kajal denied to become his dance partner. Tanya says he knows Kajal is weird, hence Anshuman should choose Sonia. Anshuman says she hasn’t seen Kajal’s dance, Kajal feels the dance and is way superior than Sonia; she would in fact accepted his offer in the morning, but don’t know what happened to her by evening, he knows how to convince her and leaves. Tanya tells Dr. Sharma that Anshuman is too much behind Kajal. Kajal is busy celebrating with her family with a cake when Anshuman walks in well dressed in a blazer holding flowers.

Precap: Kajal slips and Anshuman holds her. Their eyes lock.
Rochak gets jealous seeing that and thinks Anshuman is taking away his friend from him, so he has to do something.

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