Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 9th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Rocky returns home

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 9th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Madhu asking Happy not to show fake concern towards Rocky, his family is with him. RV thinks of killing Ranveer and says I had to kill you as I love Happy a lot, you were going to shoot her, I can’t lose her, did Rocky take Happy farther from me, I lost my brother, I can’t lose Happy now, none should know this that I covered up Ranveer in court. Happy gets taunted by Madhu. Madhu asks Happy to accept that she is responsible for all the wrong that happened with them. Madhu says Rocky has suffered because of you, I will never forgive you, get lost, I can’t tolerate you. She scolds Kulwant for doing this crime to always consider Rocky wrong and questioning her upbringing. She says when a mum’s heart cries, it hurts a lot. She sits crying. She says don’t you dare call

Rocky your son, Rocky isn’t your son, his mom is his mom and his dad.

RV gets questioned by the inspector. He asks why did you stop me, let me go to Ranveer. Inspector says he is dead, have you lost your memory. RV cries for Ranveer. He says I don’t have any family, he is the only one I got, he means the world to me, please let me go and meet Ranveer. Happy says the truth is, I don’t know how is RV, Ranveer was his only family, he lost Ranveer, he shot him to save us, I know Rocky thinks RV knew everything already and he is responsible for this, if he really did this, why would he kill him to save us, I don’t know anything, I can’t believe that RV can do this. RV says if I had not killed Ranveer, he would have killed Happy and Rocky.

Grover comes with Anaya and says its a case of self defense, we will sort the case soon, no judge will pass judgement against RV. Grover and Anaya see RV. Grover asks Anaya to speed up RV’s release process. She goes. Grover holds RV’s hands. RV says its just you and I who know Ranveer is guilty, none should know this, promise me. Grover says you didn’t hide this truth alone, even I was involved in this, I know that everything has changed since you broke up with Anaya, if Ranveer’s truth comes out, my reputation will also get spoiled, its for our good, stay here for a day, I will get you released tomorrow. RV thanks him.

Happy sees Madhu sleeping and cares for her. She goes to check on Rocky. He says I was going to call the nurse. She asks him not to make noise, else they will wake up. She makes him drink water. He says thanks for taking care of me. Humdum mere….plays… He holds her close and says why aren’t you going, if this didn’t happen three years ago, situation would have been different, and even us. Madhu gets shocked seeing them. Grover gets RV released. He says court hearing will be in two days, Ranveer’s body…. Anaya is getting the body released from morgue, it will be good if final rites happen soon. Rocky comes home.

Everyone welcomes him happily. They all dance. Madhu thanks Babbi for all his help. Babbi says Rocky is like my brother. Rocky goes and asks Smiley won’t she welcome him. She apologizes to him. He consoles her. He says I m angry with all, not with you. Sandhya also apologizes. He says we should never fear of fear, I m asking Smiley to stare in the eyes of fear to end it. Smiley nods. Simmi takes a selfie with them. Happy gets RV’s call. Simmi thinks to bring Rocky and Happy closer.

RV does Ranveer’s final rites. RV says I don’t care for anyone if I can kill Ranveer for Happy’s sake. He follows Happy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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