Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 27th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Happy fails Kabir’s attack

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 27th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happy getting Rocky to the hospital and telling her name Khushi. She says I m not related to patient. Doctor asks her to fill form about patient’s details. Happy says I don’t know much, he met with an accident, ask his family to fill the form. Doctor says you must fill the first information. Happy says I have to leave Rocky, I have stayed away from you for six years, you have to get fine for me. Doctor says we will try our best, we can’t say anything. Happy asks for washroom and goes. She says I can’t stay with you, Happy can’t be alive again sorry Rocky.

Kabir says I don’t know how Sandhya came there, I didn’t know Rocky is also a special agent. The lady scolds him and says Sandhya has seen you, your life will end if you make any other mistake, kill Khushi’s mum. Honey tells the poem Happy taught him. Harleen drops the juice and scolds Honey. Madhu stops Harleen. Harleen argues with them. Harleen says you don’t feel anything. Honey shuts his ears and revises the poem.

Harleen gets a call. She gets shocked. Happy comes home and cries. Nurse says I gave medicine to Sandhya, she has slept. Happy goes to change. Nurse goes to shut the window. Kabir comes there to kill Sandhya. Harleen, Honey and Madhu come to hospital to see Rocky. Doctor says he is critical, we have operated him, he is in ICU. Harleen asks nurse to save Rocky, else she will ruin their lives. Madhu says this can’t happen, save Rocky. Doctor says we are able to save him because of the girl who got him to the hospital. Madhu says I wish I could meet her. Doctor says she went. Madhu prays that her dreams come true. Sandhya says let me go, run away. Happy says you are saying this as I left you, I won’t go again. Kabir hides. Happy cries and prays for Rocky.

She says I would have ended to live long time ago, why did you bring him back in my life, whatever I did, it was for you, this doesn’t mean that you can make a mockery of my sacrifice, he was fighting with big problems, Rocky you have to live, I love you. Honey cries and says this happened as I have come home from the boarding school. Madhu says its nothing like that. Honey says no, I will go back, I will become a good boy, please save my dad. Madhu hugs him and cries.

Honey hugs Harleen and says don’t worry, dad will get fine. She makes him away and says let me stay in peace. Honey says we will make a wish for dad. He prays for Rocky. Happy says I just want Rocky to get fine. Doctor says Rocky is out of danger now. Madhu hugs Honey happily. Happy sees Sandhya sleeping. She calls the hospital to know about Rocky. Doctor says he is out of danger now, he will recover. Kabir goes to kill Sandhya. Happy thanks Lord. Kabir attacks Sandhya. Sandhya makes a glass fall. Happy gets shocked seeing the attacker. She hits on Kabir’s head. He gets up and attacks Happy. Sandhya hits on his head. Happy tries to unmask him. Kabir gets hurt and runs out of the window. Sandhya says let me go….Happy worries.

Doctor says Rocky is fine, let him rest. Harleen says I m his wife, I want to meet him. Nurse asks her to stay outside. Rocky recalls Happy. He wakes up and shouts Happy. Happy says Rocky…. Happy goes to Sandhya and thinks why is she so scared since I got her from that building. Sandhya recalls Kabir attacking her. Harleen asks Rocky to rest for some time. Rocky says I have to go now. Madhu asks him not to go. He sees Honey crying. He asks why are you crying. Honey says I had prayed for you so that you get well soon. Rocky asks did you really pray for me. Honey says yes Sir. Rocky thanks him and goes. Honey says he thanked me for the first time. He feels ache in his shoulder.

Rocky says the girl who got me to the hospital was Khushi. He says RJ Khushi, she is my Happy. He goes to meet Happy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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