Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 22nd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Sania gets jealous

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 22nd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rocky scolding Happy and saying you would have had a wardrobe malfunction if I didn’t save you. She gets shocked seeing her back in the mirror. She sees people coming and pulls Rocky towards her. He gets taunting her. She says you can’t fool me, you want to pretend, I know your truth, that’s the breaking news, got it. He says you don’t know me at all, its an illusion. He turns her and ties the string. He says if you find out my truth, you will be shocked. He fixes her dress. Hum dum mere…..plays… He says its actually good for you and RV to run away, you can’t win over me, you can’t bear defeat every day, you two don’t have courage to face me. She says I have enough courage. He says you lost and you are running away, I wanted you to come here, so that you never forget this party. This party is to celebrate my victory and your defeat, my strength and your weakness, I won and you lost. He leaves.

RV waits for Happy. She comes to him and says I won’t leave this hotel, its my hotel and I m not a quitter. He gets shocked. Kulwant says you were going to Delhi, what happened in the party that you changed your mind. Happy says sometimes if we see something very close, we find it blurred, when I resigned, I realized this, why shall I leave the hotel, its our dream, if I leave, Rocky will win, I can’t let that happen. He says he isn’t Rocky. She says he is Rocky. Sandhya says if he is really Rocky…. Happy says I will deal with him well, RV will support me in my every decision. Biji says Happy ruins everything, she was about to go away, now she says she won’t go to Delhi.

Madhu says she always gets everyone’s attentions. Happy says I will prove that he is Rocky, not Shaan. Biji looks on and says she has lost her mind, she keeps on saying the same thing that Shaan is Rocky. Madhu says Shaan is Rocky, yes Biji, I was happy that Happy was going to Delhi, Rocky would be at peace, who knows, he might have revealed that he is Rocky, but Happy will always bother us. Biji says oh, this is for Rocky. Madhu says yes. They smile.

Rocky says I have entered Happy’s mind, you won’t leave me and the hotel now. He recalls Happy and says you can’t understand me, you can’t trust as you just know betraying, I will be the one pulling the strings now, everyone will do what I want. He sits smoking. Madhu comes to him and scolds. She asks him to see the halwa she prepared for him. He says I m Shaan. She says fine Shaan, but have the halwa, its Rocky’s fav halwa, Rocky loves sweetness, he used to ask me what I put in this halwa, this halwa used to give him strength to overcome all the hurdles, I feel your life also has problems, try eating the halwa, who knows, I know I m not your mum, but consider me your mum. He thinks I m helpless, else I would have hugged you. She feeds him the halwa.

She cries and leaves. He eats the halwa. She hides and looks on. He cries and gets emotional. She smiles. RV says Ithink you are making a big mistake, staying here and working with that fraud is wrong, we will go to Delhi. Happy says you are worried for me, but I have to stay here and fight with the situation, you trust me right. He thinks I can’t watch you close to Rocky, it hurts me, I can’t bear you to bear his tortures, because I love you Happy. He asks doesn’t this affect your self respect, how can you accept this tortures. She says its my life and I will decide for it. He says Shaan will make your life hell, then maybe I can’t help you. She says fine, I won’t back now. He says fine, good luck. He goes. She asks him to listen. Rocky comes to her and says RV is a wrong person. She asks what are you doing here. He says its a free country, anyone can go anywhere, I have come to get some fresh air, did you fight with your BF. She says RV isn’t my BF, I won’t tolerate you talking about my personal life.

He does shayari. He says this hotel will look empty without you. She says I m not going anywhere. He says really, I want to know if you are worthy. She asks what do you mean. He says you can’t switch on and off like this, until you prove yourself. Some eve teasers come and flirt with Happy. Rocky gets angry and fights them. Happy looks on. She recalls Rocky. He says if anything more happened in this night, it will be a problem. Sania looks on and gets angry. Rocky wakes up and gets shocked seeing Sania beside him.

Rocky does shayari with Happy. She says I will whatever pleases me, don’t interfere in my personal life. RV comes. Rocky taunts RV for losing and making such a big mistake.

Update Credit to: Amena

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