Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 1st July 2019 Written Episode Update: Happy learns Honey and Rocky’s connection

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 1st July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rocky asking where is Khushi. Anjali says that’s me, don’t get angry. Happy thinks Anjali send him, if I meet him, our past will come out, everyone will be disturbed, I don’t know about his life. She sees his wedding ring and thinks he got married, if he sees me, he will be heartbroken. The man says sorry, you should leave me, even if you are a govt. Officer. Rocky goes. Happy cries. Sweety comes to meet Honey. He feels happy and relieved from headache on seeing Sweety. Meenu says how did he calm down suddenly. She tells Kabir that Honey has got calmed down, situation is under control. Honey says m head was aching a lot. He jokes. Harleen says he created a scene for nothing. Doctor asks Madhu to make Honey rest. He goes.

Rocky says I know Happy saved my life and told me to hospital, people may call me mad, why is she doing this with me. Happy cries and says Rocky has moved on in his life, I separated Rocky from myself, I give Gyaan to everyone on radio, love is a sacrifice, we have to walk away from the life of the one we love for the sake of his happiness. Anjali plays a song. Happy sees the coffee cup and leaves. Honey calls her and says I m busy at school, Biji doesn’t want me to do, you tell Biji that you will take care of me. Happy says yes, what happened to you.

Madhu says Honey praises you a lot, you are his happiness, I m satisfied by talking to you, I will send him to school. Honey thanks Happy and says I love you Khushi angel. Honey thinks I wish to meet Rocky the same way, I wonder how is Rocky’s life. Happy comes home to see Rocky. She sees Rocky crying in her memory.

Bekhabar….plays…. She says I shouldn’t be here at this time. She cries and hides from him. Its morning, Honey greets Rocky. Rocky says I will drop you to school. Madhu asks don’t know, how did this happen. She makes Honey ready and asks him to go. Sweety comes and greets Rocky. Rocky calls her very cute. Honey says Sweety is the cutest. Rocky takes them to school.

Madhu says Khushi came in Honey’s life, he is staying happy, Rocky initiated a talk with Honey. She prays that Khushi comes in their lives. Honey says you came to drop me to school, I m very happy, don’t get angry. Rocky smiles. Honey goes to hug Rocky. Rocky gets a call and asks Honey to go. Honey asks do you want to meet my friend, you will be happy, will you meet her. Rocky nods. Jyoti calls Rocky. Rocky says I have urgent work, I will meet her later. He goes. Honey calls out dad…. Happy looks on and thinks is Honey Rocky’s son…. Honey sees Happy and runs to him. Rocky hears Honey shouting Khushi angel. Happy recalls Rocky’s words and their past. Humdum mere…plays….Honey says I want to introduce you to my dad, he would have not left, come, he will be happy to see you. Rocky comes to see her. Happy sees Rocky and worries. Sweety’s mum thanks Rocky.

Rocky talks to her. Happy says principal Sir called me, I will meet your dad later. She goes. Honey says my teacher friend will meet you later. Happy sees Honey caring for Sweety. She smiles seeing Honey. She thinks he is just like Rocky. Honey comes to hug her. He asks why did you not meet my dad. She says I feel scared that he might get angry on me. He says he just looks scary, he is a good girl. Meenu looks on and thinks why is Khushi so emotional, do they have any connection.

Rocky thinks where can that life bomb be. Kabir fixes spy cam in Rocky’s office. Happy sees Harleen ill treating Honey.

Update Credit to: Amena

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