Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 19th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Harleen vents out her sorrow

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 19th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Madhu worrying for Honey. Harleen scolds her. Neelam comes and says Honey called Sweety and said he has come to Amritsar. Sweety says he said if I tell this to Harleen aunty, it will be a big problem. Nilaam says I hope he isn’t in any problem. Harleen says you mean he is scared of me, he is kidnapped. She calls inspector. Nurse gets Happy’s call and says Sandhya is fine, she is sleeping. Some people come there. The couple flees. The man says we got saved, its good we saw the police. Meenu says we lost a good chance to catch Honey. Happy comes home and sees Harleen with police. She asks what’s happening.

Harleen says you kidnapped my son. Happy asks why will I do this. She gets shocked seeing Honey. Harleen says you know the name of my son, he is found here, it means yo kidnapped her. Happy asks Honey to tell her how they know each other. Harleen asks Honey not to get scared and say, didn’t she kidnap him. Honey lies in fear. Happy gets arrested. Inspector interrogates Happy and says the facts are against you, Honey gave statement against you. Happy says I didn’t even know he was at my house, you aren’t ready to listen to me. Happy says I have a right to make a phone call. She shouts on inspector.

Inspector says I can get your all background records if I want, tell me the truth. Happy thinks my plans will fail if my identity gets known. Harleen gets Honey home and scolds him. Madhu stops Harleen. Harleen says Honey is the biggest mistake of my life, I m still facing the consequences. Honey gets sad. Happy says I saved Happy’s life, why would I kidnap him. Inspector says these two things are different why would a stranger risk life for a kid. Harleen says kids bring happiness in life, you just got pain for me, why did you ruin my life.

Madhu asks what kind of mother are you. Harleen asks why did he run from hostel. Honey says I want to stay here, I m all alone there. Madhu stops her from slapping Honey. Harleen scolds her and locks Honey inside the bathroom. He shouts to Madhu for help. Harleen cries. She stops Madhu and says its your fault, not mine, my life was in a bad shape, he poisoned my life, nothing is good in my life, I didn’t ask for anything big, I wanted a husband who would love me, I wanted a child, I had simple dreams, I m all alone, you can see everyone’s pain, not my pain, its been six years, I m doing the same thing that’s to win my husband, I cry and weep, I get restless, but he doesn’t even look at me, you are the only one at fault, you got me married to a man who never loved me, he loves someone else with all his heart and soul, you knew it. Madhu recalls Happy.

Harleen says that girl is dead, even then Rocky loves her. Inspector says we got to know that you denied to give interview to media, you wanted to hide your face and identity. Happy thinks I don’t want to bring a storm in Rocky’s life. Harleen says I didn’t lose and did what you said, you said he will start loving me, I kept trying like a fool with a hope that I will get the love I deserve, this didn’t happen, you asked me to become modern and get decked up so that Rocky looks at me with affection, did it make any difference, no… I never wanted to have a baby soon, I wanted to know my husband and make my bond strong, I came from a village and wanted to see a city, I was a bit filmy, I saw on screen couples living in love, my hero had no interest in me, you forced me to have a child with him, I made another mistake, I forced Rocky for the child, he never loved my child, you have cheated me by getting me married to Rocky, I had fallen in love with him, I love him, it can’t be over. Madhu says its nothing like that. Harleen says don’t teach me how to treat my son, if you open the bathroom door and get Honey out, I will make him out. She goes. Madhu cries.

Happy says it was my duty to save the child. Inspector says fine, don’t say the truth, we will register the case and know everything about you. Happy thinks they will come to know that I m Happy, Rocky and everyone will know.

Madhu cries and says I lost. She sees the pics of Kulwant, Biji and Chintu with garlands. She says I fell lonely, Rocky doesn’t talk to me, he has gone away from me, how should I change the fate of this house. Happy’s biometrics are checked. Inspector waits. Happy thinks to do something. Honey says Happy is in problem because of me, sorry, I don’t get scared when Happy is with me. He lies to sleep. Meri maa….plays…. Madhu comes to Honey and says I will talk to your mum, wait here. The man says we will have all the detail in some time. Constable says someone came to talk about this case and said Khushi Sharma is innocent.

Happy leaves from the police station. Rocky is close and stops. Hum dum mere….plays…. He turns to see her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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