Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 19th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Rocky recreates the past

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 19th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rocky meeting Happy and asking her the reason for resign. She says I wanted to resign and I have done it. He says fine. He does shayari. He says I have lined up some candidates who are good, a girl wants to decor the hotel again, she wants a contemporary theme. She says that won’t match. She says you are leaving, this won’t matter to you, I will have to change the menu, European dishes will be added, local dishes will be removed. She says people come here for the local food, all that won’t work here. He says just decide first, if you are here or not, so are you leaving, I will be meeting my delegates today, I want a grand welcome, you can’t leave this hotel without complete a one month work period as per your contract. Happy says one last day and one last party. She thinks you want me to do as you say, you want to insult me. He thinks you might feel I m insulting you, you have insulted me. She thinks I will never see your face. He thinks you will never go anywhere. He says we have less time and more work, I have called someone to help. Sania comes and flirts with him.

Happy and Sania suggest things and argue. Shaan says Sania is right. He doesn’t agree with Happy. Sania murmurs and laughs. Rocky asks shall we keep classic theme, black, gold or white, like in Hollywood movies, it has pain. Happy recalls the past. He asks what happened. Sania says the theme is brilliant, I love it. He asks Happy what are you thinking, put some pictures of the world, antique elements. Happy recalls. He asks Sania to get something, he is thirsty. She goes. He says this is decided, we will decide the food menu, indian food fusion. Happy thinks he is repeating everything, Rocky and I had organized that party together. She says you seem to be blank, maybe you get reminded of something. Sania comes and asks is everything decided. Rocky gifts dresses to Sania and Happy. Happy says this is unnecessary. Sania says let it be if she doesn’t want. He says I will decide what she needs, I want all employees to follow a dress code. Happy sees the same black dress and cries. She goes.

Happy shows the saree to RV and says he isn’t hiding anything, he spoke same things to instigate me. Rv says he is playing mind games with me, you aren’t answerable to Rocky, come with me, we will leave for Delhi right now. She says no, I want to play this last game and see the result. Happy comes in the party. She sees Rocky. He gets mesmerized seeing her. He says you remember those times, you trusted me, we had a relation of friendship and trust, how did it break. She hugs him. Hum dum mere….plays.. A glass breaks. His dream ends. She says don’t worry, everything will be taken care of. Sania comes there and says you can’t take eyes off her, right. Rocky says yes, who, Happy, no way, I m better on seeing you. He hugs Sania.

Sania says Happy likes to get everyone’s attention, now Happy will get humiliated. She takes Happy and asks her to check the buffet. She asks her to pick the bottles. Happy thinks to bear it a little. Sania cuts her dress back strings. She asks Happy to check the wine bottle serving. Rocky sees Happy’s wardrobe malfunction. He signs them to play music. Mere naam tu….plays…. She asks who chose this song. He says I did, I m sure you would like it. He stops it and holds her to save her from wardrobe malfunction. She asks how dare you, leave me. He says I can’t let you go, did you take an oath to not trust me. They dance. He takes her aside. He says just one min, don’t make a sound. People smile seeing them romancing. Happy pushes him away and asks how dare you touch me, this hotel is your property, but not me. She scolds him.

Happy says I know your true colors that you hide behind this mask. RV says I knew this will happen, lets go. Happy says I m not a quitter, this is my hotel, I won’t go anywhere.

Update Credit to: Amena

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