Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 18th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Happy meets Sandhya

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 18th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Honey hiding from Happy. He prays that he stays with Happy, she is a clean hearted girl. He prays to get saved from Harleen. Happy comes to meet Sandhya. Maa…..plays…. Happy cries thinking of their moments. Sandhya asks did you lose someone, whom are you finding. Happy says mummy…. Sandhya says even I m finding my daughter, Happy, she always smiles and ends all the problems, don’t know where did she go. Happy cries and hugs her. She says forgive me, I m sorry. Sandhya blesses her.

Harleen scolds Madhu. She blames Madhu and reminds her mistakes. She asks Madhu to look at herself in the mirror. She waits for Honey. She thinks where is he. Honey eats the biscuits and likes the taste. The man and his wife Meenu come there to kidnap Honey. Happy gets Sandhya with her and looks for the keys. Honey hides. Meenu says I have seen the kid hiding in Khushi’s car, we should check well. She sees Honey hiding and smiles. Sandhya says I will go and find Happy. Happy says your daughter will come here to meet you, come. The kidnappers run away when Happy enters the house. Sandhya says you are really good and cares for me. Honey says Khushi’s mum is so good, unlike my mum. Harleen says I will sue everyone. Madhu says they can help us find Honey.

Harleen says you shut up, let me handle this. Harleen shows Honey’s pic to inspector and says he is missing, get him back in our house. Inspector asks will you sue me, you can’t do this. Madhu asks inspector to help her. Inspector asks her not to worry. Harleen gets Rocky’s call and worries. She says if Rocky knows Honey is missing, he will kill me. Sandhya sleeps. Happy looks for the snacks. Honey thinks I will get caught if I eat more. She makes aloo paratha. Honey likes it and steals the food to eat. Happy says maybe I got crazy in happiness that I met mummy. Honey wishes to see her smiling. Happy wakes up Sandhya and feeds the food.

Harleen answers the call and talks sweetly to Rocky. Madhu asks her to tell Rocky. Harleen asks what, why so soon, you are coming. She thinks if I stop him, he will doubt. She says fine, come soon. She says he will blame me if he knows Honey is missing. Inspector says we have to tap your phone, maybe kidnapper tries to contact you. Harleen says just return my son to me. The kidnappers wait outside and say the kid won’t get saved now, no one can catch us, blame will go on Khushi, she will be trapped, we will flee.

Happy asks shall I go and come, I have some imp work. Sandhya nods. Happy asks nurse to take care of Sandhya and feed her fruits on time. Honey sees Sandhya. She goes. He thinks to make a call. She catches him and asks who are you, you are Happy’s friend right. He thinks who is Happy. He says yes, I m Happy’s friend. She thinks maybe she is sleeping with open eyes. He calls Sweety and says I m in Amritsar. Happy leaves in the cab. The couple sees her. The man says Khushi out, Honey in, we will do our work. They see some people running inside the building. They wait. Happy talks on the radio show about mothers. She says try to understand your mum, she is your friend, no one can know you better. She plays her fav song. She thinks of Sandhya. O maa…plays….

Harleen and police come to Happy’s house and say you have stolen my child. Honey says yes, she kidnapped me. Inspector interrogates Happy. Happy thinks everyone will end if she knows my real identity.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Frosties

    Oh I’m so loving to see Madhu suffer. For all the suffering she made Happy, Rocky and Sandya.

    Story is interesting let’s hope they keep the suspense and yet don’t drag on either.

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