Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 16th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Rocky bashes up RV

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 16th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Madhu crying and telling Biji about Rocky’s love for Happy. She says I can’t lose my Rocky, he cried a lot, I hope Lord forgives me. Biji hugs and says you did right, don’t cry. Simmi asks Rocky what happened. He recalls Madhu’s words. Happy gets the file and says Rocky wants RV to name the share to Rocky, so that RV doesn’t have any stake. Kulwant says its good, the family will have the hotel stake. RV sees Ranveer’s pic. Happy comes to him and apologizes for not coming in prayer meet. He says don’t apologize, you have come late, but finally you are here. She says sorry, there is a legal formality, you have to sign the hotel share papers, Rocky wants you to give back his share. He says we were partners in this hotel, Rocky wants to end our alliance, promise

me Happy, you will never leave me. She promises.

Simmi asks why did you do this, tell me. Rocky says I won’t answer you, I have nothing to do with love and feelings. He goes on anger and collides with Happy. He holds her close. Baatein ye kabhi na….plays…. She says you forgot to get these papers, I got it signed. She goes. Simmi says there is some problem. RV calls Happy and says you won’t leave me right. She worries for him and rushes. Rocky looks on and says where is she going at night. Happy comes to RV and asks where are you. He says everyone left me, I feel lonely. She finds him drunk. She asks him to get up. He gets close to her and says I can’t live without you. She stops him. Rocky comes and beats him for touching Happy. Happy stops Rocky.

He asks what happened to you, we should beat him. She says he is in sorrow for Ranveer’s death, I m handling him. He says he was crossing limits, if I didn’t come then… what would I do, shall I just see. She says you don’t know how should men behave with women, I know how RV behaved with me always, I wish I could tell this to you, one weak moment can’t judge a man’s character, why are you saying this, what’s our relation, don’t get into this, just go. Rocky leaves. He comes home and says RV is cheating you, I get angry when you meet him. Happy consoles RV. Madhu worries for Rocky. She sees him ruining things in room. She cares for him. She asks what happened.

He says you came to see if I agreed to you or not, be happy, I agreed to you, so this happened, it became my fate to bear punishment without any mistake, what’s the use to come back, I have nothing in my life now because of your promise, it killed me, its fine, you are happy. He goes.

Madhu cries and says he is crying and got mad for Happy, I was afraid for this, she snatched my Rocky. Biji consoles her. RV says I see Ranveer’s face, he asks me why did I cheat him for Happy, I feel scared, don’t leave me. She says please sleep, I m here. Its morning, Sandhya asks Happy didn’t she sleep at night. Happy says no, there is much work. Sandhya says we had to go to temple together. Rocky sees Happy. He stumbles. She holds him and thinks he got drunk. He says I will handle myself. He taunts her about RV.

Sandhya says I would advice you not to let anyone come between your heart. Rocky says fate has messed up things. RV comes to meet Happy. Madhu hears Rocky’s words.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Helen Funmilayo

    IWhat are you people acting. How can Rocky still be in love with Happy who testified wrongly against him. He is even fighting with his mum who stood by him, for Happy. What a joke. It’s better you send your writers for more studies. Because they write things that cannot happen. Since Rocky came out of prison, he has not even at least query her

    1. Hadiya Shariff 1

      That’s true love

  2. Helen Funmilayo

    You can’t even draw the line between love and stupidity. Is it one sided love? If not, when Rocky was begging her to listen to him and let him explain did she give him that trust. Or someone only have to show love when the going is good. Rubbish

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