Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Happy goes missing

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 12th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with RV saying you think you could get away, you need your husband’s support. She removes the necklace and hits RV. He gets hurt and falls down. She steps over him and goes. Its morning, RV is still fallen on the ground. He wakes up and looks for Happy. He recalls the incidents and thinks why can’t I remember anything else. He checks the car. He says where did Happy disappear. He shouts Happy.

Inspector says I m letting you go, if anything happens, I will see you, its a matter between husband and wife, don’t interfere between them. Rocky signs the papers and goes. He says I will kill RV if he hurts Happy. He checks a voice message. He plays it for the inspector. Happy says Rocky save me, please, I m scared. Rocky says we have to go to the hotel fast. Inspector agrees. RV comes to hotel. Sandhya asks where is Happy, tell me. He asks when did you come here, I m finding Happy.

Smiley asks how did you get hurt, where is Happy. He says I don’t know, go and ask Rocky. Rocky comes with police. He says I don’t trust you, that’s why I always follow, where is Happy. RV says I don’t know. Sandhya says he knows everything, don’t know what he did with her. Rocky says Happy was with you, where is she, tell me. Madhu talks to a couple about Rocky’s alliance. She accepts the alliance. The girl’s parents give her sweets. Simmi looks on and cries.

Smiley says Happy called at night, she was scared. Rocky says see Happy called to ask for help. He asks RV to say the truth. Inspector says don’t break the laws. Rocky scolds RV for hitting a woman. Sandhya says I won’t spare you. Inspector says I want more force, seal this hotel get the warrant, we will investigate. RV says don’t get me in custody, my wife is missing, don’t think of forcing me, I m a reputed lawyer. He gets arrested.

Rocky says he is behind it all, make him admit me. Inspector asks him not to worry. Sandhya cries. Rocky consoles her. Madhu and Simmi argue. Madhu says Rocky will move on with Harleen. Simmi prays for Happy. Rocky says we can’t trust RV, he is very clever, something is wrong, he did something wrong with Happy. ACP says let us do our work. Rocky says I was in lockup all night, Happy would have been safe. Rocky and Sandhya complain about RV, he was torturing Happy. Smiley shows the evidence posted on social media. Rocky says RV gave her drugs last night, you will find its proof as well. ACP nods.

The police investigates and gets proof against RV. The lady says we have seen RV beating Happy, she was much scared. The neighbors give statement against Happy. Doctor also gives statement about Happy’s injuries. Inspector gets the reports. Rocky asks what’s this. ACP says our team had detained you last night, it was our mistake, you were right, RV had the illegal drugs, we got RV’s fingerprints on it. Rocky says you have proof, arrest RV soon. Rocky goes out. He sees Happy’s pic going far and runs to pick it. He saves the pic from getting burnt and says I won’t let anything happen to you.

RV gets interrogated. He says I don’t know anything, give me my phone. ACP beats him and says you think you can beat women, women can’t beat you, you have harassed Happy. She hurts him. She says call anyone you want, you will need help today, you will be charged for domestic violence, we know you have given drugs to Happy, Rocky said the truth about you, where is Happy. RV says I don’t know. Rocky says I will find you Happy, where are you. He sees her pic.

ACP says there is no good news, an accident happened, you have to come to identify the body. They get shocked and cry for Happy. Rocky goes with the police. Inspector says the body is completely burnt, we got this necklace from the body, I have seen this in Happy’s neck that night. Rocky says this isn’t Happy. ACP shows the necklace. Rocky says it belongs to Happy, this can’t be Happy, trust me. ACP says contact the forensic team and match the dental records, we will know whose body is this. She says we will inform you after the results come. Rocky says she can’t leave me, she isn’t Happy. ACP says even I pray that the dental records don’t match, who will support her family, be strong. Rocky asks what will I tell them, none of us can live without her.

Rocky hears the inspector’s words. ACP says this body belongs to Happy.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Frosties

    I can’t believe Rocky will marry someone else in the leap story? Happy will be settled in Mumbai! Why writers why?!

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. This show never explain its name ..???
    2. Painful episode..?????
    3. This much fast track case, wish this use to happen in reality too..?????
    4. Good to see RV in trouble????????
    5. Rockey mom and grand mom is such a pain???, the day Happy was hurt badly and Sandhya got her home, Rocky Mom and GrandMom supported her seeing happy condition, I felt they hate happy for whatever happened with rocky, but they have little humamity being female, but they are happy even knowing critical situation…??????????

  3. @Froties yeah even I can’t believe tat???
    And i read in a spoiler tat Rocky will hav a son in post leap?

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