Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 12th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Kumar reveals his evil side

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 12th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rocky and Happy crying. She calls him. He doesn’t talk to her. She rests in Sandhya’s lap and asks what would I do, I did this to save you all and Rocky, did I do anything wrong, Rocky is very upset with me. Kumar goes to some place and asks the men to cover up for him. A lady comes to meet Kabir and Meenu. The lady holds Kabir’ neck and scolds them for making mistakes always. Meenu asks how did you know this. The lady says Charlie is the mastermind behind this attack, he knows everything. Kumar comes there and shoots the lady down. Kabir and Meenu get shocked. He says take a good look ar me, I m Charlie. He recalls meeting Rocky. They get shocked. Kumar says you know the cause of her death, I don’t like people who make mistakes, it was her duty to stop you from making mistakes, how could you not tell me that Happy and Rocky know each other. Meenu asks who is she.

Kumar points gun and says you don’t know that Khushi is Happy, whom Rocky loved a lot. Happy gives medicines and makes Sandhya sleep. She thinks of Rocky. She says once I tell everything about Honey to Rocky, I will go away. She goes to check the door. She sees Rocky and gets shocked. Kumar says you have a chance, this miss is imp. She shows the video of a minister, telling them about painkillers used by pregnant women. Meenu cries seeing the news. The minister says I will try to pass the bill. Meenu falls down crying. Kumar says now you know why this mission is so imp. Kabir says we lost our child because of this pills, Meenu was addicted to this drug and didn’t know the side effects, Meenu can never become a mum now. Kumar says you lost your child, many people lose lives because of drugs, we have to eliminate the greedy ministers and end this drugs racket, let few innocent people die for a big motive, we have to deal with Happy.

Rocky says this is your hideout, you are hiding here since six years, I have to talk. He gets venting anger on her and says you did what you wanted, you thought you saved my life and slept in peace, you didn’t think that I won’t be able to love without you. Meenu says last time Happy acted to die, shall we kill her, she is dead for the world. Kumar says no, Jyoti will become suspicious, if Happy dies, Rocky will get mad to find the murderer, we have no option than to plan the attack, the minister will be at Amritsar, to inaugurate the new wing at Honey’s school, some innocent people will lose their lives, it will be a sacrifice from them, its been 10mins, the other agents will come. He gives the gun to the lady’s hand and sits there. The agents get in and asks are you fine. Kumar says if I didn’t kill her, she would have killed me.

Rocky says I took drugs when your memories didn’t let me sleep, I just wanted to sleep peacefully without thinking of her. He talks in drunken state. Happy cries. He says I used drugs for the first time and then I kept on using them for three years, did you think to ask me, I would have done something of RV, you didn’t trust me. She says you think I have spent these six years in peace, RV would have killed everyone, please listen to me. He says everything changed in 6 years, Kulwant and Biji passed away, Kulwant died in his coma state and Biji died in her sleep. She gets shocked and cries. He says you would have feeling this pain, I m bearing this since six years. She says I was also going through the same pain. They sit crying. He rests in her lap. They sleep. Its morning, Rocky wakes up and sees Happy. She wakes up. He asks how did I come here. She says I have to talk something imp, Honey has threat from his teacher. He says let it be, we will save Honey you actually destroy people thinking you are helping, stay away from Honey.

Happy gets rusticated from her job. Honey calls her out. Rocky comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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