Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: RV makes romance plans

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the man stopping RV from checking the Janitor room. Happy hears them and asks Rocky to just go. Happy gets ready. RV makes her wear the necklace. He tries to get close. Happy asks him to step ahead slowly, so that their relation gets firm. He says fine, I will wait for you outside. She calls Grover and says we are leaving now. He says don’t worry, I m reaching Shimla. RV says I can’t wait more, I will make you mine tonight, Happy. He has some drugs bottle. They come for dinner. She says its amazing, you booked the entire place for us. He says just for you, your planning is always perfect, always ten on ten. He says I can pass any test of life. She thinks you have ruined my life, I will ruin you.

Rocky comes there and sees them. RV insists her to have a drink. He says I always wanted to propose you. He proposes her with a ring. She asks what do you think of my wish. He kisses her hand and makes her wear the ring. Rocky looks on. RV says I love you, I will prove it today, that I love you a lot. They drink. Rocky says please take care of yourself. Happy says sorry, I was very thirsty and had it. RV says not bad. RV serves her more wine. She says sorry, I got a call, I know you don’t want anyone to disturb us, let me talk to mummy, she will get tensed. She answers the call. Sandhya asks where are you. RV spikes Happy’s drink. Sandhya says I m so worried. Happy says we are fine, RV is taking much care of me, I feel relaxed. RV thinks you will be more at peace after having this. Sandhya prays for Happy.

RV says I have a surprise for you. The men come and play music. Happy smiles. RV and Happy dance. Khamoshiyan…plays… He tries to get close. She acts dizzy. Madhu sees the pics of girls and says its good, I wills how the pics to Rocky when he comes. She shares the good news with Sandhya. She sends Simmi to room. She says I m finding an alliance for Rocky, I want a good bahu for this house, you made me the villain of Happy and Rocky’s love story, the ones who love truly fight the families and society for each other, like Rocky fought for Happy, your Happy just loves herself, money and status matter to her. Sandhya says Happy isn’t like that. Madhu says you are her mum, I want such a girl who loves innocent Rocky, and doesn’t depend on money. RV asks are you okay Happy. Happy says I will feel better if I rest. Simmi calls Rocky. He answers and says I m busy, I can’t talk. She says Madhu will fix your wedding. He says I will handle her, I will talk later. He sees RV and Happy gone.

RV says I love you a lot and this time I will prove it. She says I m feeling dizzy. He goes to her and says you trust me right, just be with me, relax, I want to show you how much I love you, just I will have right on you. She says just call the doctor, get away. He says relax, I m with you. Rocky asks the manager about RV and Happy. The man refuses to say. Rocky scolds him. The man says the madam got giddy and Sir took her to the room. Rocky breaks inside the room door. He catches RV and beats him. He asks Happy is she fine. They fight. Manager stops them. RV says make this man out, I paid the money. Police comes. RV and Rocky complain about each other.

RV says Happy is my wife, why will I hurt her. Inspector asks who are you to come between husband and wife. RV says Rocky is a psycho, he is following my wife, I m a lawyer Ranvijay, its our duty to control such people. Rocky says he is lying. RV says I have to take my wife with me. Rocky says Happy needs my help. Inspector catches Rocky. RV and Happy leave in the car. RV says you are still in love with Rocky. She names Rocky. He says police have taken Rocky, you just have me, I love you a lot, I will do what I want, you don’t have the strength to stop me. Happy opens her eyes and recalls dumping the drinks.

Police finds a dead body and says its burnt. Rocky sees the necklace and says this belongs to Happy. He sits crying.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Frosties

    Hopefully, and I mean hopefully writers keep the storyline realistic and I would love to see RV going insane.
    What will happen to Rocky, will he get married to someone else to get over happy? The plot will thicken… can’t wait to see what’s the leap?

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    This is going tooo dramatic, I doubt that this plan of Happy and Grover will be not easy and will create more hurddles, as I doubt that later or eventually before plan goes to its final destination that is before RV confess his crimes, he will know Happy plan…
    I feel bad for Anaya she died without any reason, she was soo cute and nice… And somewhere grover is too involved in her murder as he supported RV in wrong thing, and its famous saying parents deeds are fulfilled by children weather right or wrong

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