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Dil se: From the Heart Part4

Indumati:Why did you leave the hospital in a hurry Naina?
Naina cried:Raghav as Mayank loves me.But Raghav hates me.I can’t bear his hatred dadi.
She hugged Indu and cried.
Indu:No Raghav can’t hate you.
Suddenly somebody came there.Naina was shocked to see him.
It was Raghav.They looked at each other deeply.

O… (ek suraj nikla tha, kuchh para pighla tha
Ek aandhee aayee thee, jab dil se aah niklee thee
Dil se re…) – (2)(Dil se).

Naina shivered:Raghav!

Dil se re
Dil se re
Dil se re
Dil se re
Dil se re

He grabbed her hand and took her to Modi house.The tensed Indumati followed them.
Naina was surprised to see the decorated room.She looked at Raghav:Raghav…?

Dil toh aakhir dil hai na
Mithee see mushkil hai na, piya piya
Ragh:I am sorry Naina.I misunderstood you.

Piya piya piya na piya jiya jiya jiya na jiya
Dil se re…) – (2)

Raghav embraced her crying bitterly:When I became Mayank I realized how pure you are and whatever you said about your secret surrogacy was right.Please forgive me Naina.Please give me one more chance.I promise you that I will never let your eyes wet.
Naina became teary eyed.

O… do patte patjhad ke pedo se utarey the
Pedo kee shakho se utarey the
Phir utane mausam gujre woh patte do bechare
Phir ugsne kee chahat me woh sehrao se gujre
She wiped his tears.

Woh patte dil dil dil the, woh dil the dil dil dil the
(Dil hai toh phir dard hoga, dard hai toh dil bhee hoga
Mausam gujarte rehte hain) – (2)

N:My Raghav should never cry for me.I can’t bear your tears Raghav.

Dil se, dil se, dil se, dil se
Dil se re…
They embraced each other emotionally.

Dil toh aakhir dil hai na, mithee see mushkil hai na, piya piya
Piya piya piya na piya, jiya jiya jiya na jiya
Dil se re…

Modis and Indumati smiled seeing it.

Raghav brought Naina to an area where flowers were blooming in trees.

O… bandhan hai rishto me
Kato kee tare hain, patthar ke darwaje diware
N:Beautiful place.I love it.
Ragh:Me too.
He took out a red rose and gave it to her:I love you Naina.Will you marry me again?

Bele phir bhee ugatee hain, aur guchchhe bhee khilte hain
Aur chalte hain afsane, kirdar bhee milte hain
Naina took the red rose from him happily:Yes my dear.I will marry you again.

Woh rishtey dil dil dil the, woh dil the dil dil dil the
(Ghum dil ke pal chulbule hain, panee ke yeh bulbule hain
Bujhte hain bate rehte hain) – (2)
They got into a sweet embrace.

Dil se, dil se, dil se, dil se
Dil se re…

Flower petals fell over them.They got excited.

Dil se re, dil se re
Dil se re, dil se re(Dil se).

Raghav Naina’s marriage got fixed.

Ramakanth:Sita…get ready.We will go for a dinner date.
Sita:Wow..I will get ready now.
Sita came wearing a black frock.Ramakanth was lost in her beauty.

Deewangi awargi
tujhse hi hai yeh ashiqui

While walking she slipped,but he caught her.

They shared a romantic eye lock.

Deewangi awargi
Deewangi awargi

Ramakanth pulled Sita closer and rubbed his nose with hers making her blush.

Deewangi awargi
tujhse hi hai yeh ashiqui
(SNS RicIta song).

Rama:Sita…I was thinking if we can also get married again with Raghav bhai and Naina bhabhi.
Sita smiled:What?
Suddenly Ahem Gopi came that way.
Seeing them Ramakanth Sita got embarrassed and moved away from each other.

Ahem:No problem.If that’s your wish we are willing to make arrangements for your remarriage too.
Gopi:So double celebration.

Ramakanth Sita blushed hearing this surprise.
Ahem Gopi left the room.
Ramakanth knelt down extending his hand towards Sita:Sita..will you marry me again?
Sita held his hand:Yes my dear..
She pecked his cheek.They smiled.

Raghav Naina -Ramakanth Sita sat on the same mandap.

Ramakanth Sita wed each other.

Rama:Finally we got married again Sita.
Sita:Ya.And I never get tired of marrying you Ricky.I am willing to marry you hundred times.

Suddenly they became emotional.
Rama:I want you to be wife in all my births.
Sita:I too want that and I promise that in every birth I will be with you.

They shared a sweet romantic eye lock.

Deewangi awargi(SNS RicIta song).

Raghav Naina married each other.

Ragh:Naina…I promise you that I will be a perfect husband who will shower happiness on you in the form of love.

Dil toh aakhir dil hai na, mithee see mushkil hai na, piya piya
Dil toh aakhir dil hai na, mithee see mushkil hai naNaina:I also promise you that I will never give you any chance to be upset with me.

Piya piya piya na piya, piya piya
Jiya jiya jiya na jiya
Piya piya piya na piya
Ragh:I know that you will never do anything to disappoint you.I trust you.

Dil se re…, jiya jiya jiya na jiya
Dil se re…
They shared a sweet eye lock.

Dil se re, dil se re
Dil se re(Dil se).
Raghav Naina took Ahaan in their hands pampering him.

Indumati:God…bless them always.
Gopi was smiling tearfully.

Ahem:Now all are happy.Then why are you crying Gopi?
Gopi:No Ahemji.These are the tears of happiness.

Ahem smiled.
Gopi:Kanhaji…always make both the couples happy.
Ahem held Gopi closer:Your Kanhaji will always hear your prayer Gopi.

Gopi:Ahemji…I can’t thank Kanhaji enough for giving a happy life to my children.

Ahem:Ya Gopi.Kanhaji solved all the problem and gifted us a blissful life.
Gopi stood close to Ahem smiling.

After 2 years…

Raghav was feeding Ahaan and Naina was feeding their baby Raina.
Raghav:Naina..look at Chottu.He is so happy to get a little sister.
Naina:That’s right.Raina is lucky to have a lovely brother like Chottu.

Ahaan kissed Raina’s cheek.Raina smiled cutely.

Ahem Gopi smiled seeing their cute family moment.
Gopi:I am so happy for Raghav and Naina.They faced so much to be one.
Ahem:But their love won.They gave a perfect name to their daughter.
Gopi:Yes Ahemji.Raghav’s Ra and Naina’s Iana combined together and became Raina.They can’t get a better name for their daughter.
They smiled.
Raghav’s phone rang.
He picked up the phone.
It was Nupur.
N:Hi Raghav.
Ragh:Hey Nupur.How are you?
Naina:Nupur?What is the news there?
Nupur smiled:Anshuman and I went for pregnancy test and it is positive.

Nupur blushed.
Ragh:I am so happy for you Nupur.You got your soulmate and now your love’s symbol is coming.
Nupur smiled:I am grateful to you for finding Anshuman for me.
Raghav smiled:No need to thank me.When I saw my friend Anshuman after along time I felt that he suits you.Anshuman too liked you,so I proceeded with the proposal.You too liked him.That’s how you and Anshuman became a perfect jodi.
She smiled.

Nupur played with a teddy dreaming of her baby waiting for Anshuman to return.


Anshuman came home with fruits.
Nupur:So many fruits..
Anshu:It’s for our baby.
Nup:Oh My God!I need to eat so much.
Nup:Don’t think I will eat all this.Understand?
Anshu:Hey..you need to eat them.It’s my order.

He started feeding her fruits with his hand.She smiled.

Ya rabba de de koi jaan bhi agar
Dilbar pe ho na dilbar pe ho na koi asar

Nup:I am lucky to have a husband like you.
Anshu:You are God’s best gift for me.

Ya rabba de de koi jaan bhi agar
Dilbar pe ho na dilbar pe ho na koi asar

They both shared a sweet romantic eye lock.

Ya rabba de de koi jaan bhi agar
Dilbar pe ho na dilbar pe ho na koi asar (Salaam-E-Ishq )

Ramakanth was holding his daughter Ricita in his arms and Sita was holding their other twin Rita in her arms.
Ricita peed on his shirt.
Rama:Oh no..Ricita passed urine on my shirt.
Sita went near Ricita:Ricita…did you pass urine on dad’s shirt?Naughty naughty…
I will give you a beating.
Ramakanth moved away with Ricita:What are you saying Sita?You can’t beat her.I will not allow it.
Sita:You were complaining about her now.But you don’t want anyone to punish her.

Ramakanth kissed Ricita:What does this innocent child know?
Sita:Ricky..I never thought that you would be such a sweet dad.
Ahem Gopi came.
Gopi:Parenthood changes people.
Ahem:yes.Anybody will get mature when they enter parenthood.
Ramakanth Sita smiled.

Ramakanth changed the shirt and started playing with Ricita and Rita.
Raghav Naina too came there with Ahaan and Raina.All the 4 kids were jumping and playing with joy.
Indumati visited them.They all hugged her happily.
All were very happy.
Gopi:Ahemji…why can’t we have a family photograph?
Ahem:Yes..a family photograph is a must.
They all stood together and clicked their family photograph happily.

The End

  1. Wow couldn’t thank u enough lovely ff I loved the way raghav proposes naina and naming their baby girl as raina I completely loved it will be missing raina updates thanks for putting ur efforts and time into this:)

    1. Jasminerahul

      thx a lot.plz write your favourite jodi,fav character,fav scene n y u like them.

    2. My favourite jodi:-Raina
      My favourite character:-Raghav
      My favourite scene:-Raghav proposing naina
      I love raghav innocence and naina simplicity I’ve never come across a character like raghav in any series I’ve watched I loved thevery scene where raghav proposes naina to naina it reminds me of their painful separation ur ff just made my day thanks a lot:)

    3. My favourite jodi raina
      My favourite character raghav
      My favourite scene raghav proposing naina
      The scene reminds me of their painful separation they had before the leap when raghav decorated rooms to propose naina I have never seen an adorable and sweet character like raghav so refreshing I can’t get enough of it:)

    4. Jasminerahul

      Thank you very ugh.your comments only made me write more on raina.I will pm you the IF link soon.there you can read it with pics

    5. I just read ur ff on india forums with pictures u have cropped it beautifully and the overall dp was so unique I’m totally loving this I read ur updates all over again thank u for ur efforts:)

    6. Jasminerahul

      Thank you very much.please comment on IF too and keep messaging me on IF

  2. awesome ff . as usual u gave a beautiful and perfect ending for this ff too . raghav accepted naina , their hug was so emotional . ricita and raina remarried . sita saying that she can marry him hundred times was cute . their eyelock was cute . wow raina naming their daughter raina was cute , they r bringing up ahan as their son . ricita also blessed with twins , so cute .the ending scene with family photo was cute and nice . there was a short and nice scene between nupur and her husband , it was beautiful , glad that u showed her too . superb ending . will miss this ff a lot . my favourite pair:ricita (never watched their scenes on the show , but here i could imagine all their scenes ,actually i liked both raina and ricita very much in this ff ) , favourite character was of nupur , she was so understanding .i liked all scenes very much but sita supporting ricky when sameera accused him was nice

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanks a lot.this time you commented before getting my message.so I got surprised

  3. Riana

    It was a Very Tremendously Romantic Superb episode…???????????…

    Loved everyone and all got married…???

    Nupur got married to anshuman and she is pregnant too…???

    Finally Raina & Ricita are having sweet babies…???

    Ending was verygood…gohem pic was matching well…it remind me of saathiya’s last episode…??…

    But loved it a lot…This FS was really close to my heart…

    Ricita were my favourite couple
    Raghav recalling his memory was my favourite scene
    My favourite character was Naina…

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanks a lot for the lovely comment

  4. Svetlana Kapoor

    Hi J di??how are you??Episode is average….

    1. Jasminerahul

      I am fine.thankyou

  5. Shakaib

    Glad…That Raina solved their matter and Raghav came back and Naina going to him and Kal ho na ho playing was melodious. Felt very sad that Naina while gonna Raghav fell down the stairs…..and it was more sad that Naina met with miscarriage..I was sad but get glad later when Both Naina and Shivanya delivered the babies big/girl… loved it. and you wrote their scene perfectly…YamIndu sadness and gladness was admirable..will gonna miss this SS a lot.Di….if possible..when you get time… can you write a ss similar to this or start its season 2. but will miss it.
    *Every character is my favourite. each character portrayed very well. which is biggest achievement of any writer. well done.
    *AnYa/Ankush-yamini, Rehana, Raina, Rivanya are my favourite couples.
    *Every scene is admirable but my fav. scenes are Raina disco meeting and confession, NaYa/Naina-Shivanya patch up with their father, Rivanya confession, And rehana cameo are my favourite.
    *I loved the edited pic of Rehana as well.
    * and every image at IF was superb.
    Every part is memorable. will gonna miss it Lot.
    * Do you watch IB thoroughly now or not? Do u watch IPPKND 3? Which shows you watch and had watched in past..??
    * you said ur next work is on rikara… so I’ll like to suggest you Including Rumya. Because Rumya has more demands which Ruvya hasn’t.

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanks a lot for the comment. I missed your comments. please comment on dil se and ye jawani which I wrote specially for you.please.
      right now I have no story in my mind.but if I get a story I will write season2 of kuch khatti.
      I have watched many shows in past.I do watch ipk3 sometimes to see barun. do you watch ipk3?though I watch IB I don’t focus on shivika.I watch IB for rikara.I watch ruvya scenes too as I like rudra and bhavya.but I don’t enjoy ruvya Jodi.
      my next ff is on rikara.but sorry.there are no other characters from IB

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  7. Hiii jasmine I’m terribly missing ur raina updates i hope u come back with a new ff:)

    1. Jasminerahul

      yes.I am coming back soon with my new ff kyunki tum hi ho which is a collaborated work with tvfan1.

    2. Thank u so much I thought I would never see ur updates anymore I feel relieved now good luck with that I’ll be waiting:)

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