Dil Se Dil Tak 8th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Teni confused between Parth and Iqbal

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Dil Se Dil Tak 8th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Parth supports Teni as her head bangs. He touches her face while her eyes were closed. She thinks about her confrontations with Parth, then looks into his eyes. He asks if only this is what she remember. Teni asks what else she should remember. Parth says they have to feel some memories by themselves, she must understand why he put his life at stake for her. She will recall it if she tries to. Teni pushes Parth away at once, questioning how dare he touched her. Parth says she even didn’t stop him, he tells her to question herself and she will get all her replies. Teni feels helpless and walks out of the room annoyed.
In the hall, Teni wonders why she didn’t stop Parth. Parth comes out recalling about doctor’s instruction that if Teni stresses her mind, she might get a brain stroke. He comes to calm Teni down and says he will give her some clues, if she remember them they are important; otherwise not. Most importantly he wants her to live happily, and pours her a glass of water before leaving. Teni throws the water behind and leaves the hall, the water fell over Khala who was angry at her.
In the room, Parth tells Indu he is trying to help Teni regain her memory but doesn’t want her to stress her mind.
Both Parth and Teni lay in best restless. Parth walks down the stairs and finds Iqbal practicing to be angry. Parth thanks Iqbal for taking care of him. He asks why Iqbal is being angry, Iqbal says he is only practicing being angry. Parth asks why is he doing so, won’t it cause a heartbreak to the one he is going to be angry at. Iqbal was sure there is no chance, the person loves him. Parth says even he had someone in life, but he lost her. Iqbal advices not to leave the hands if he finds his love of life again.
The next morning, the rose bouquet fell off Iqbal’s hand watching Rashida. She complains him for welcoming with dried flowers and asks to meet Teni. Iqbal asks why she wants to meet her. Rashida says she needs to see why he rejected her, who he selected over her. Iqbal says she is an ordinary girl. Teni walks downstairs, Rashida says she is really pretty, only he is keeping her light. Iqbal walks to Teni and murmurs she must take care of the matter in front of Rashida. Teni greets Rashida, Iqbal was annoyed at Teni for not learning the Salam well. He takes Rashida upstairs.
Parth was having a cup of tea when Teni comes there and orders a cup for her as well. Parth says Iqbal was right, a man never forgets his first love. Does she remember her first love? Teni was curt over Parth but when he walks away she wonders if she had a first love as well.
Ammi was busy with work in the room. Khala comes to ask her if she focused on her advice. Ammi was reluctant to do so. Khala says after Haldi, Teni can’t step out of the house; why not do this before wedding. Ammi was fearful that Iqbal might dislike this, Khala was ready to take Teni to hospital and will handle everything. Iqbal comes there asking what she would handle. He then leaves Rashida to them.
Downstairs, Parth had asked the servant to prepare a cup of tea. Iqbal also brings a cup for Teni thankful to her for the acting, but watching Rashida he strictly tells Teni he isn’t used to much questioning. Teni was upset and silently turns to leave. Another servant bring the tea which Parth had asked for. She looks towards Path, then his thinks about the two men she stood between. She slaps the magazine on the table and leaves. Iqbal understands she must be angry as he is scolding her pointless. In the room, Teni was furious over Parth. Iqbal opens the door but then leaves watching her upset.

PRECAP: Khala pays a bundle of money to doctor. The doctor gives Teni a tea with medicine, when she was unconscious they did the inspection well. At home, Khala asks Teni why she didn’t share with them she was already a mother of a child. Teni was clueless herself.

Update Credit to: Sona

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