Dil Se Dil Tak 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Teni reaches dance bar

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Dil Se Dil Tak 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Parth comes to Shorvari. She was concerned about Teni as she can do anything at any time, what if something from past comes to her front.
There, Teni was ready to leave for bar job. Chutkan comes to her and forbids her to leave home for at least a few days. Teni was worried about losing her job. Chutkan goes outside to get ready.
At Bhanushali house Shorvari tells the family that she requested the people at Chawl to take care of Teni’s request. She gets a call from Chutkan who informs Shorvari that Teni is ready to leave for bar, it would be a trouble as everything at the bar has changed. She and Parth were ready to leave for bar. Mohini was curt that Parth and Shorvari had to go to bar behind that Teni. Parth forbids Shorvari from stepping into the bar, as the place isn’t safe and he can’t let Shorvari step into the mud he pulled Teni out from.
At the Chawl, Chutkan tries to stop Teni for a while. Teni wasn’t ready to listen and leaves alone. Chutkan calls Shorvari as Teni has left. Shorvari tells him to stay with Teni until Parth reaches. Chutkan comes behind Teni to accompany her. Teni asks a driver to reach Bulbul bar soon. The driver apologizes, but Teni warns to complain against the driver for harassment.
Chutkan texts Parth on the way conveying they will only take fifteen minutes to reach the bar. He tries to take the longer route. Teni instructs the driver to go straight, as she will be the one paying rent.
Parth’s car stops in the way. Chutkan was worried about Parth, and wonders what he must do now. He requests the driver to stop nearby, he wants to buy a cold drink for himself. Teni was in a hurry and says he can satiate his thirst in the bar. Parth texts him his car is out of order and requests Chutkan to take care of the situation. Teni snatches Chutkan’s phone and asks for the password.
At the bar, the guard was shocked to see Teni, then sends them inside from the back door. The waiters discuss that Teni had to return to the place, she was caught in an affair with a rich man but he must have left her. Teni was shocked to see some new girls dance in the bar, he was curt over the owner. He was happy to see Teni in the bar. Teni says she has only taken a leave for two days and he hired these new ladies. The owner reminds she left the bar two years ago already. Teni calls him drunk while she goes towards the dance floor and gulps his drink as well. Chutkan texts Parth about it. Teni sends the dancer girls down the stage. The owner speaks to Chutkan that people are still equally attracted towards Teni, like two years ago. Parth had reached the bar and finds Teni dancing on the floor, collecting money.

PRECAP: Parth fights with a man in bar and takes Teni outside. In the corridor, Teni questions if Parth is taking a chance over her; she isn’t concerned about love and only cares for money. Parth must leave her alone.

Update Credit to: Sona

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