Dil Se Dil Tak 4th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Teni getting some clues about her forgotten past

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Parth grabs his phone at once and says it’s a private thing. Teni grabs his collar angrily. Parth screams out of ache, Teni was concerned if it bled and peek into his shirt. They share an eye lock, Teni looks away and forbids her to stare her. Parth walks towards his bed and sips from the cup.
Ammi was tensed about the preparations for guests. Iqbal comes to help her. Ammi was tensed about his Khala’s arrival, she hadn’t taken her permission before fixing his proposal. She tells him to explain to Teni not to speak much in front of Khala.
In the room, Teni asks Parth to tell her clearly why he posed to be a driver when he was Parth Bhanushali, why his family wanted to send her to Delhi and then why he put his life at stake for her. Parth asks what does she think might be the reason? Then compliments the soup. Parth asks Teni why she saved his life by throwing a shoe over him. Teni says he must first reply to her question. Parth says if she replies to him, she will herself get the answer to her question. Teni leaves the room curtly. Parth says he only wish Teni remembers everything by herself. He is aware she is happy here, but if she recollect her memory would she still remain happy. He won’t be able to see her upset in any time.
Teni comes to Iqbal, he says he has to introduce her to his Khala. He warns that she is a little strict, Teni says she isn’t easy as well and will handle her. Ammi welcomes Khala home. Khala returns the servant with the glass of water and looks around taunting over the dust of table. Teni says even Khala’s dupatta has a mark and might not go. Iqbal introduces Teni to Khala who is the senior most in their family. Teni touches her feet but Khala stops Teni. She says in their family one must bend in Salam for respect. Teni says respect has to be paid through heart and bends for Salaam to Khala. Khala dislikes her way of respect and was angry over Ammi for choosing Teni as Iqbal’s life partner. She scolds Ammi for not teaching her the manners, then asks Iqbal to pick Rashida who will arrive tomorrow. Iqbal was shocked to hear about Rashida. Iqbal gets a call from sweet vendor and scolds him for a stupid question. Ammi takes Khala inside.
Iqbal was in kitchen when Teni comes there and asks about the matter. Iqbal was hiding something then explains to Teni that he was about to marry Rashida, she might feel bad as he is now marrying and she is still unmarried. He asks Teni to not be suspicious of him, he will also trust her for life. Teni was upset thinking she is hiding the truth from Iqbal that there might be a past she can’t recall. Iqbal makes up Teni that he might show some dislike for Teni when Rashida is around. Teni asks if Iqbal still loves Rashida and goes to find a photo of Rashida in his room.
Parth comes downstairs to ask about Iqbal. A servant says he is in the room. Iqbal tries to stop Teni from searching his room, and hides the cupboard. Teni insists there is nothing private between them and tickles Iqbal. Parth leaves watching them playful together. Iqbal stops Teni from touching an album, Teni was touched finding a beautiful album of her and Iqbal’s memories together. Teni was emotional and says she won’t mind anything in front of Rashida, she has realized he got a huge heart.
Teni comes outside to find her dupatta on the sofa. She turns wearing it but it was stuck. Teni at once calls Parth to leave it, then realizes it was only stuck in the corner of stairs. She wonders why she called Parth.

PRECAP: Parth stood close to Teni and touch her face asking if she can’t understand how important she is for him. Teni pushes him away and questions how dare he got so close to her. Parth tells her to question herself for everything she wants to know. He will get her answers.

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