Dil Se Dil Tak 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Shorvari upset about Parth and Teni’s closeness

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Dil Se Dil Tak 31st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shorvari insists she would only wear her own bangles, he must bring them if he can. Parth was upset wondering how she would ask Teni, he finds Teni listening to songs and looking at the bangles with love. Teni cheers watching him there, she says today she realized what family means and why were they upset. She felt great when Indu gifted her the bangles. She says its because of him that her life changed. When he met her, she got Shorvari and then this family; she sometimes felt Shorvari is dumb who is spending so much for her family. But today she realized what real family value is. When Indu gave her the bangles these were tight and it ached, but they reflect the love of Indu. Parth tries to speak but Indu comes to call Parth and Teni downstairs for dinner. She takes Teni, then stops for Parth but Teni holds Parth’s hand.
In the room, Shorvari was waiting for Parth. She comes out of the room and watches Indu taking Teni and Parth downstairs hand in hand. She was upset while Parth watches her there.
Sejal complains Rishab for making her wait and spend time with Jagruti. Rishab says it was his mistake, and a misunderstanding. He couldn’t realize he spent hours with her. He tells Sejal soon that girl would be his life partner, he discussed about her with his father and he would bring his proposal. Sejal sits on the couch, Rishab brings her salt water for get over her low BP. He holds her hand and asks if she is fine. Sejal asks if he believes in love. Rishab says he doesn’t, his parents insisted on him to marry and he thought Jagruti was a nice girl. Sejal thinks this means he is under his parent’s pressure, her chance is still there.
On the dining table, Teni cheers watching every of her favorite dish. Baa says it also tastes good. Shorvari comes to serve Parth but doesn’t look at him well and appears angry. Mohini was worried about Sejal when she returns. Baa asks where she had gone, they even asked Mohini. Sejal says she went to meet a friend. Baa asks how her friend is. Sejal says initially they thought it was worst, but now there is some hope. Mohini comes to take Sejal to have some food but she denies. Mohini qualifies she is upset because of her friend.
During the dinner, Teni aches due to stomach ache. Indu hurries to get a cushion to ease her. Teni says her baby sometimes play football and she has to bear his kicks. Indu laughs that he is exactly like Parth, he also didn’t let her sleep. Baa says Indu used to suffer a lot when Parth was a child. Teni was worried if she would also have to sing for him whole night? She can’t even sing. Indu says Teni must have some quality to bring good habits in the baby. Teni says since childhood she was fond of drawing, she will do painting from now on. Indu says she will bring her everything needed for painting. Mohini smirks watching Shorvari upset. She says Teni didn’t finish her Paratha, Teni says she will eat it. Baa tells her to keep it back, she will get a hot one for her. Mohini asks Shorvari to go and get a hot Paratha for Teni. Parth was about to go behind Shorvari. Teni whispers to Parth she must have been left alone, upset and wonders if she is dreaming. She never thought of getting such a huge family. She asks him to pinch her, Parth pinches her on the leg while Shorvari watches this. Teni asks him to pinch again, he does this again. Shorvari was gloomy. Teni thanks Shorvari but Parth notices she was gulping her anger.
Late at night, Mohini assures Sejal she will marry Rishab. Sejal says Mohini doesn’t understand, she warns to suicide if she can’t marry Rishab. Mohini was sure she won’t let the past repeat itself.
There in the room, Shorvari was tensed as she thinks about Teni and Parth. She wipes her tears.

PRECAP: Teni makes the family do yoga. Shorvari watches her help Parth take his yoga place and get close to Parth.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Shit se Shit Tak

    Wow shit got an all time low! What sort of idiots are these people? How will the baby inherit this shitty character when it has parth and Shorvori’s DANA? Guess knucklehead directors didn’t attend a single biology class and didn’t research anything before making a serial as dumb as Dsdt. What sort of a husband pinches an unmarried surrogate in front of his wife? And he pinches this Shitty Teni on leg. Isn’t that inappropriate? And this so called Teni is manipulating the idiot called parth in leaving his wife. Fed up of Indian concepts of polygamy, two wives, lust, affairs and obsession!

  2. Shit se Shit Tak

    Guys please please let us file a petition. This is major flag! This serial glorifies affairs and polygamy. It shows inappropriate touches between a married man and a surrogate. They literally support married woman’s abuse by in laws and there are people who are easily influenced by this serial and think it’s okay to abuse the daughter in law if she’s childless. Trust me guys there are a hell lot of people who are easily influenced by media and are brainwashed. Let us put an end to this brainwashing that it’s okay to abuse your daughter in law or wife and it’s okay to marry a surrogate to the husband cuz she’s carrying the couple’s baby!

    1. SHITSESHITTAKtoomuch


      Indian Govt has made commercial surrogacy illegal. And 1. this is encouraging commercial surrogacy 2. Illegitimate Relationship with Surrogate 3. Polygamy and extra marital affairs!!

      I have stopped watching this serial. IF EVERYONE STOPS WATCHING THEN TRP WILL GO DOWN


  3. Shit se Shit Tak

    I request those who are watching this serial to stop watching this logic less crap and boycott the serial. If any of you can write to colors directly or provide me with the link to do the same I would be very grateful to you. Colors calls itself a family channel but it’s supporting this serial which supports inappropriate relationship between a married man and the surrogate. Let us highlight this to them. Hopefully they pull a fast one like Sony channel and ban this serial. If not I’m sure colors channel will get an early enclosure if people stop watching the channel.

  4. Shitty show...

    I am hating teni more and more with each passing day
    Parth saw his wife’s disappointment but dint bother to do anything…wat sort of a story is this? Glorifying a third woman who is a sl*t and treating the wife like her naukrani? And husband just gives pathetic looks…he can oblige go teni and pinch her(tat was soo disgusting) and he doesnt care what his wife is feeling or wud feel when people are making her do seva to this whore? And teni…she just needs a chance..and all those who say its not teni’s fault..can u justify her behaviour now? She has many people to take care of her(all this is temporary i am very very sure) but shorvari suddenly has no one..not even her hubby…and tat precap…tat b*t*h needs a reason to go and be all over parth…i have never seen a more cheaper character than teni…third rated sl*t

  5. Clapping for teni and Parth. ?????? Does Parth care even a bit for his wife? Or his life now revolves arround Teni the great? Is he the same parth who went against his Family to marry Shorvori? Now he can’t even stand up for her, he can see her hurting, he can see she is angry but no he wont do anything. I hope Shorvori won’t turn negative and start plotting against teni and parth to get parth back because seriously Parth is not worth it. I hope she will just leave these sick people and start a new life. I know nothing like this is going to happen but its just too frustrating.

    1. Me too…i want shorvari to leave and start her life..coz neither parth nor his family is worth it..she doesnt have to be treated as shit for no reason..let them do seva of the great baby generator teni…and let parth continue to run behind that whore…shorvari needs to move on..this isnt wat she deserves at the end of the day for all her sacrifice…she deserves better..i am seriously hoping they send her away..let parth teni live happily ever after…and i am sure shorvari’s every single drop of tear will blo*dy make them pay for thenrest of teni’s life…

  6. This is a. Ten I the family dont love you but the child. Please leave and stay at the house Parth had bought for you. Once the baby is deliverd they will try to take it from you, than you will be left with nothing and broken. This could go two ways for Teni, she dies during child birth or she sues the family to keep her child.

    Shovori wants her right, and Teni wants Parth. At the end the looser will be Teni. I dont like the family leading her on like they like her. I really feel bad for her because she can’t see the big picture. Indu is seriously wrong for this.

    1. Teni shud die..

      Hope she dies…after all tat she has been doing and how selfish she can get for getting things she likes..she doesnt deserve any happiness nor the right to live..i hope she dies…cant stand tat character anymore….she is the most cheapest character i have ever seen in tv..worser than any villain

  7. There is no need of blaming teni when parth himself is allowing teni to dream more about him. When he knows what teni is thinking about him he should distance himself from her and allow shorvari to take of teni but now every one forgot shorvari

    1. Really? Did parth say tat he will pinch her in her legs? Did parth say to
      His mother tat put the bangles to teni? Did parth ask his mom to put his pics in her room..or did parth ask teni to teach him yoga? Teni is oly taking advantage of it all…i am praying hard tat she pays for it all brutally..for breaking shorvari’s heart..and trying to replace her as a wife and bahu…and i jope parth also pays for it…if this guy wudnt live with a wife like shorvari..where will he manage to live with a creature like teni…impossible

    2. Shit se Shit Tak

      Well if your Teni Mata had the brains she wouldn’t have gone behind a married man! Do you really the sequence when Shorvori was making shitty Teni get ready for marriage? This so called Teni sent her out and made parth get her ready! What sort of woman with self respect allow someone else’s husband to touch her often? And don’t give me “but she loves him, you can’t blame her if she’s in love!”, Yes there is a thing called attraction but there is also a term called off limits. Ever heard of it? Surely you must have a solid point to defend for someone going after a married man knowing he’s married and uses baby as a bait to trap him to get close to her. Did you seriously compare her lust and obsessive behavior to love of a childless mother and wife? I’m not just blame her but also the dip sh*t of a husband who hurts his wife’s feelings by hugging, pinching and getting close to a unmarried surrogate! If I recall correctly parth did warn her to stay in her limits cuz he loves only Shorvori, but madam Teni Mata didn’t get this point into her thick skull and kept obsessing over him. I guess she’s winning cuz her lust is pure than the wife. She didn’t even return the Bangles even when she saw Shorvori cry. You know why? Cuz she doesn’t have damn self-respect. She’s now demanding parth not to go behind his depressed wife even though she knows the family is treating her as shit.

    3. Shit se Shit Tak

      *Did you see the sequence or scene when Shorvori was making shitty Teni get ready for marriage? * I’m not just blaming her but also the dip sh*t of a husband who hurts his wife’s feelings by hugging, pinching and getting close to a unmarried surrogate!

    4. Exactly.. Not like some people will understand…

      1. Shit se Shit Tak

        Some people throw logic out of the window and wind up selling the same insane point. People naturally assume when a man says No it means Yes cuz he’s a man he’ll come around for an affair. The concept of No applies to every person. And if Teni had an ounce of respect she would’ve avoided parth like a disease and only talked with Shorvori. But no she wants the effing guy to feed her, hug her, pinch her and later marrying her. She doesn’t want him to go console Shorvori. She clings to him like a blood sucking leech and at times like chewing gum stuck on hair or shoe sole.

      2. Wow like im interested.. f**ken hell u spend all dat tym writing this paragraph.. Uno what, ur opinion is urs so I dont wna fight anymore.. Allow da bullshit between us.. Lets sort stuff out.. If ugm..

  8. Wowwwwww applause ????????????
    Sor so so stupid he got angry because indu brought teni with parth . she did not know that the husband she loved so much deceived her . he is a fool so naive that he does not know what he is doing parth with teni .. ?? LOOOOL sor

    1. Shit se Shit Tak

      Yeah Shorvori is stupid cuz she got angry when she saw her husband go with an unmarried woman in middle of a night, just as a wife feels angry when she sees the love of her life going with someone else IRL! Yeah let us all laugh on the poor suffering wife and celebrate victory of a second characterless woman getting a hold on married husband by the support of his family. Let us glorify obsession as love and turn a blind eye to how this serial is literally supporting abuse of a married woman and painting her sadness, anger and jealousy as a negative trait and the obsessive, manipulative, lusty, betraying wife behind her back, breaking someone’s marriage, attention seeking traits of the ho called Teni as positive.

    2. Shit se Shit Tak

      Well I’ll applaud to that. If i happen to meet any of the makers of this shitty serial IRL I would give a thunderous clap on their cheeks! ?? Well done you did a great job of making a serial so inspiring that husbands get inspired to go behind their wives back and touch a woman inappropriately and have an affair with her cuz she legit wants to have an affair with him(due to his financial stability) and the family abusing daughter in laws cuz she’s not able to become a mother and encouraging the son to getting married to a new woman who can get pregnant. Wow, just wow! So inspiring. The tale of Dil se Dil Tak or should I call Patni se ho Tak or Shit se shit Tak!

  9. This serial iz being such a boring n feel irritate to watch coz of shity teni n the going on serial track the character teni is disgusting n now its my 1 of the hatest serial.

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