Dil Se Dil Tak 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Indu prefers Teni over Shorvari

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Mohini comes to arrange for Pooja with Indu. She says their Shorvari is against what they had heard about Bengalis, she took it a responsibility to give the family an heir. But she agrees Shorvari must not have hidden the truth from Indu, she lied to her about her pregnancy though Indu always considered her a daughter. Indu was curt, she watches Shorvari coming downstairs and takes a leave from Mohini. Mohini lit a matchstick and hopeful to see the fumes between Parth and Shorvari. Indu comes to Shorvari and asks her for the bangles she had gifted her. Shorvari was reluctant, Indu complains she didn’t think twice before planting her husband’s heir into someone else’s womb. Shorvari remembers Indu gifted these at the time of her pregnancy announcement. Indu tells Shorvari she did what she thought was right, now she will do what she considers right.
Rishab was on a phone call with Sejal confirming their meet up. Jagruti comes from behind, she says she doesn’t feel good that he is angry. She asks what happened that he began to hate her so much. Rishab turns to leave but Jagruti stops him. Rishab says he doesn’t even want to speak to someone as cheap as her, Jagruti asks him the reason. Rishab shows her the messages from her number. Jagruti says she didn’t send the messages, she shows her phone to Rishab saying she has saved all the conversation between them. Rishab understands someone played a prank with her then. Jagruti explains she can’t even think about sending such cheap messages, Rishab apologizes. He offers her a seat and brings her a glass of juice. Jagruti says Rishab is a really different from others. Rishab tells Jagruti he has left the matter of his marriage over his parents, and they have even selected a girl. Jagruti drops the glass of juice in hand as Rishab brings the photos. She looks towards them, then hurries outside without saying anything. On the door, she turns to Rishab and asks if he is really going to marry her?
During the Pooja, Dadi ji asks Teni to begin the Pooja. They unveil the idol and begin the celebrations. Pandit asks for parents of the child to come and pray for its health. Indu stops Shorvari and says Teni bears the child, this shows she is the mother. She must do the Pooja with Parth. Parth and Shorvari were shocked, Indu looks towards Shorvari victoriously. Parth was taken aback, confused. Midway, Teni burns her hand and drops the plate but Shorvari comes and holds it with Parth. Teni smiles. The trio does the Pooja together. After Pooja, Indu makes Teni sit for a special Pooja. Dadi gives her some money blessing her. Indu gifts her the bangles. Everyone recognizes the bangles as Shorvari’s, Indu says when she can share her husband with Teni so can the bangles. Mohini thinks Indu is in hatred, and she will pour oil over this burning fire. Indu says she gave these bangles as a blessings to Shorvari but when she doesn’t bear the child and Teni does, these bangles must also go to Teni. Shorvari nods with tears in her eyes. Indu says Shorvari herself said she can give the bangles to Teni. Shorvari forces a smile over her face.

PRECAP: Shorvari insists on Parth she will only wear her beloved bangles. There, Teni tells Parth she saw love in Indu’s eyes for her, though the bangles are tight but she will wear them anyway. Later, Shorvari watches Indu taking Teni and Parth somewhere together.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Really feeling bad for Shorvori. Mohini get a life.

  2. The great adarsh pati is quiet here…amazing..wat happened to for you i can leave the whole world he was talking about? And Indhu…she is slowly proving that she is indeed poyni’s sister..vicious b*t*h..in all this the love starved street urchin is enjoying..and the wife who did all this for this f**kall family is exploited and insulted…now why the f**k is that b*t*h taking this hoe and parth somewhr in the night now…and parth agreed to go with her..amazing…thats how husbands shud be

  3. Shit se Shit Tak

    Wow look at the bit*h Indu’s logic! What an uneducated brute. She thinks a surrogate is one who shares husband with the couple! WTF is going on in this serial? Just end it. Shit head pea brained writers and knucklehead directors! Sony is better than colors! It pulled off pehredari piya is serial in the beginning. But here colors wants to tie up with this dumb serial to glorify second marriage affairs lust and verbal abuse of a married childless mother! Way to go Colors you just gained -100000x shit headed serial under your wings which doesn’t give two hoots about surrogacy but glorifies affairs! Wow just wow. Colors representative if you’re reading this just think logically and morally for once and pull the plug off this serial!

  4. Poor Shovori, I understand each of their worries. Indu shouldn’t have given teni the bracelet, but she felt betrayed by Shovori because of mohini words. At the same time , they should have told the truth from the start . honesty is better than lies.

    If family is important they should have discuss it with the family before doing the surrogacy, but they didnt. So they are to blame with indu .

    1. Its not betrayal..indhu never liked shorvari..parth shorvari wanted to tell the truth..but it was indhu who stopped thsm from doing so..she tortured shor like hell in the beginning fr a baby..tat led shor to take some stupid decisions…and those chain of lies became more with teni’s entry..indhu is being unreasonable…let the baby come out…even teni will be treated as shit…shorvari’s real struggle starts now

  5. End the crap. Don't make us puke!

    Wow now this ho indu feels love for a wh*re called Teni! Kill this indu! She abuses Shorvori in her ego but likes this street ho who’s just carrying the couple’s child? f**k this serial! I feel frustrated just by reading! Shorvori is being turned into a villian. Just stop it! We consider Teni a villian. You dumb head makers are glorifying her obsessive idiocy as love! Get a life writers. For you guys abuse of a married woman seems great! Why is your serial titled dsdt? Change it to patni se wh*re Tak! Cuz that’s what’s happening in this vilest stupidest effing serial. Guys can we please complain to colors channel? Can someone create a poll or forum and send it to colors? You have my vote! Let us take this serial our of the face of digital media.

  6. True they should have told the truth. Parth and shorvori was ready but Indhu stopped them. She thinks only about her son Parth. She doesnt feel the pain of a woman. Poor shorvori she did everything she could to bring the family their happiness. But now what is happening? I totally felt it when shorvori said in the previous episode ” im incomplete and now everyone will start to love teni” …… This rude attitudes of the families should be changed. Dil se dil tak is the worst serial ever. What new concept have they really brought rather than showing a thrid person between a couple and what a mother in law Indhu desrves to be thrown out of the house. And poyni should suffer the punishment for everything in the upcoming episodes…… this serial better go off air rather than telecasting on tv. Even if we complain nobody will care friends coz end of the day they get their money. Better we stop watching the serial that would be a bettr choice ☺

  7. SO CHEAP……so that means teni has ultimately become goddess…as presumed…such a b*t*h. Do kodi ki whore.
    Indu also does not love shorvori…..pagal log saalon ko pata nahi ki baccha toh shorvori ka hi hai.
    Aise hi ghar barbaad vote hain!!!! Feel like literally killing bloddy teni.
    It will be best if teni dies in accident or during child birth.
    Surrogates ka naam duba diya Randi ne.

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