Dil Se Dil Tak 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update: The family reconcile with trio

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After the Pooja, Teni distributes halwa as Prasad to everyone. Everyone eyes Dada ji when she comes to him, he forwards his hand to take it, and takes a bite. Baa was shocked as it tasted like hers. Dada ji questions her about it, he asks if she was already involved with them. Dadi was about to explain, he says if nothing has changed in life is the taste of her Halwa. Dadi says she is telling the truth. Teni cheers about making the right Halwa, she says she already told her she would prepare the Halwa with her taste. She tells Dada ji that Baa had only given her the recipe on a paper. Teni says she didn’t intent to defeat her in any challenge, she only wanted to show no matter whose hands, the recipe gives the same taste. Similarly, no matter whose womb, the child is an identity of Parth and Shorvari. Like she chose a utensil, they selected her to give the family an heir. She apologizes them, as they won’t be able to live away from the family. Dada ji walks towards Teni and asks if he can get some more Halwa. Teni was elated. The family cheers. Dada ji gives Parth a stare then takes his place near Dadi ji. Dadi ji comes to give a bite into Teni’s mouth and hugs her. Everyone patch up with Teni, but gives angry looks to Parth and Shorvari. Parth tells Shorvari a man is angry at the ones he loves. He says it was Teni’s trust to get their baby family’s love. Dadi ji looks towards Parth and Shorvari and says children learn from elders. We remember what they have done for children but they dislike when this is done with them. They must also think how much children love them, they do this to keep them happy. She hugs Parth and Shorvari and take them to Dada ji. She advocates and asks Dada ji to forgive Parth and Shorvari as well. Dada ji goes aside but brings Halwa from Teni and feed Parth with his own hands. Both touch his feed, while Dada ji hug them. Teni was happy. Dadi ji was happy to celebrate Naik Chaturti event together. Parth was excited to make arrangements with Dadi ji. Indu angrily says no, then qualifies Shorvari already did a lot of preparations for Pooja today. She and Mohini will prepare for the Pooja tomorrow. She goes to Teni and says she will prepare a herbal wash for Teni to beautify her. Dadi ji says Chandan will keep her happy. Parth was worried and forces a smile towards Shorvari. Shorvari was lost in some thoughts.
In the room, Parth and Shorvari were excited. Shorvari says she had no trust over Teni’s plan but she did it. Shorvari asks why she talked about utensil, she is special for them. Teni says she didn’t think much. Parth says Teni smiles at every situation is a special quality of hers, he wish their child opt this habit of hers. Teni says this is their child, but Parth explains that everything poured into a utensil takes its shape. Similarly the child effects Teni’s moods, and he is also effected by Teni’s conditions. Teni cheers expecting the ladies fix their marriage and hands her the keys to their safe as well. Parth doesn’t take it seriously, however Shorvari thinks she is incomplete, everyone would now begin to love Teni.

PRECAP: In the Pooja, Pandit calls the parents to begin Pooja. Indu stops Shorvari and says Teni is the mother of child and she will begin the Pooja with Parth. Parth and Shorvari were shocked to hear this.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. I feel bad for Shorvori. It wasn’t her fault that she cannot conceive. Indu cursed her. And now the behavior of Indu irks me badly. I just wish nothing bad happens to Shorvori and she must stand for her own self respect if anything evil happens to her.

  2. Stupid indu how can teni be mother of the child,? Baby’s parents are shorvari and parth only no matter who gives birth

    1. Correct Sushmitha, I agree with you..

  3. Shit se Shit Tak

    Just as I predicted! The entire family started worshipping shitty Teni Mata. Now they consider her as a wife of parath and the mother of unborn child! This indu is the most dumbest vilest annoying character! The makers found a way to taunt a woman who is legit wife and cannot become a mother! Way to go pea brained writers and knucklehead directors! You deserve a clap on your cheeks! Wish I would be the one giving it in person! Just pack up and end this stupid shitty dumb serial!

    1. Listen u if u dont wna watch Dil se Dil tak then y daduq u bothered watchin it if u hate it.. Its not the producer,writer or director hu’s stupid its u hu watches it nd then always gives a abusive review abt da drama… Concentrate on summit else…

  4. Poor shorvari

    Harsh reality..tats how woman who cant give birth to a child is treated…Indhu is a b*t*h..she has always been one..she cursed shorvari that she will lose her child someday..tortured her more after the miscarriage and forced her to do something to get a waaris..and now suddenly she hates shor and loves the sadak chaap…lets see if parth stands by her or if he still runs behind that whore teni…the torture for shorvari will increase..from indhu poyni..and maybe even teni..i hope shorvari stops being meek and stands up for her own self respect..even if that means leaving parth(he isnt any great either..runs behind teni and ignores shor because of the child again) i wont be surprised if indhu forces parth to marry teni in future..my heart goes out to shor…she represent majority of indian wives who are treated like shit for various reason..

  5. This show became crap. End it.

  6. Oh Craps!!! Indu is really mad. Out of brains.

  7. End the crap. Don't make us puke!

    Well not long before they turn Villian out of Shorvori! End the crap! This serial is like a burnt garbage! Only poisonous smoke comes out, nothing good! They support a supposedly pitious victim teni, not the rightful wife. Guys expect a marriage of stupid parth and Teni arranged by biggest witch Indu!

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