Dil Se Dil Tak 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Parth and Teni come across each other

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Dil Se Dil Tak 24th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Teni buys an ice-cream for herself in the food court of the mall. Indu was sitting on a nearby table but couldn’t see Teni there. Parth tries to convince Ipshita that the lady must have left the mall. He promises to buy her a good bag in USA. Ipshita was irked at Teni. Parth takes Ipshita upstairs. Ipshita spots Teni on the escalator opposite to theirs. Teni looks back and recognizes Parth as the same person from the gang who kidnapped her. She makes face towards Parth and runs outside the mall. Parth leaves Ipshita in the food court and hurries out of the mall. He stops a lady in a similar dress, then apologizes as it wasn’t Teni. Teni decides to leave the mall as soon as possible, else she will be trapped in between the father-daughter duo. She hides herself from Parth.
In the food court, Iqbal waits for Teni and wonders why she didn’t call her. He gets a call from Ammi who scolds her where he has been, if he is helping Teni or is eating something spicy in the mall. Iqbal lies that he went to washroom, there might be no network there. After the call, Iqbal was still in the food court. Parth comes there looking for the girl. Iqbal asks if he is looking for girlfriend, Parth recalls his marriage with Teni and denies. Iqbal tells Parth she will come to him; his Ammi says if something is in his fate, it would come to him anyway. He says he waited for his girlfriend to accept his proposal for four hours, they are marrying in next fifteen days. He then asks Parth about his girlfriend. Parth says she was mischievous, full of life and always cheery; he hasn’t met her for last four years as well. Iqbal recognizes all the traits and was about to show him Teni’s photo but couldn’t find one. Iqbal shares his business card with Parth, and even presents his wedding invitation to Parth. When Parth has left, Iqbal prays he gets whoever he loves. He then thinks about Teni.
Outside the mall, Iqbal finds Teni already in the car. He gets inside calling her strange, he has been looking for her all around and she is here. Teni asks him to hurry out of here, a crazy man was stalking her in the mall. Iqbal says he wish to punch that man on face first. Teni warns if she goes crazy, they will have to spend their honeymoon in the jail.
In the room, Indu discuss with Parth where they must find Teni in this huge city. Ipshita finds the wedding card in the bag and inquires about it. Parth says it’s nothing important, he just met an interesting man in the mall. Ipshita reads, Iqbal weds Teni. Parth and Indu were shocked to hear the name. Ipshita calls Teni a strange name. Parth and Indu share a strange look. Indu was sure Teni loved Parth and is Ipshita’s mother, this must be another girl. Parth says Teni saw him in the mall and didn’t recognize him, this means she still suffers the memory loss. He decides not to interfere in their lives anymore.

PRECAP: Ipshita cries in front of deceased Shorvari’s photo that Parth cancelled the plan of Disney Land and returned home.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ooh wow ?did the writers really kill off shorvari…
    Poor shorvari probably died of a broken heart ? parth is such a terrible husband, an unfaithful lover, and a sorry excuse for a man. … Are they planning to give this disgusting serial a “kuch kuch hota hai” twist ????

    I still believe teni should stay with iqbal.. She deserves someone better than that shameless parth….. I still sympathize with teni, the only guilty player here is parth, atleast teni has resigned to her faith when she accepted parth was married, shorvari also played with her life by making her promise to stay with parth (during her hospitalization)!

    This serial promotes the sick romantisization of a unfaithful husband, fickle lover… And parth’s family are a sick bunch also, they’re all sobbing over teni when there’s no mention of the woman who was willing to give up everything for their heir ? it’s all like “shorvari who? “!

  2. kuch kuch hota hai was about true love. in this serial only shorvari knew the meaning of that. i wanted her to walk away and lead a peacefull life.

    1. Yeah agree but I meant that the creators are trying to take the superficial concept from kuch kuch hota hai, wherein it’ll be ipshita to unite that idiot parth and teni…. On the whole basis that only ‘teni’ can be a mother to ipshita ?… So it’ll be less selfish of teni to leave iqbal for ipshita rather than for her to just up and dump iqbal for parth ?? quite sick and agonizing… Don’t these creaters have any sense of morality, these storylines just showcases all the negative aspects surrounding surragacy, it’s further reiterating that women who fail to produce a heir is worth as much as air to the husband and in law’s ?…. This story makes the surrogate mother that concrete source of infedility, almost like prostitution wherein the surrogate becomes an almost permanent third wheel…. Where does thus story depict the positives of surrogacy to the struggling wife in dire need of a child? Where is the premise of this serial that sought to outline the modern form of surrogacy in a bright light to the almost impenetrable indian traditional society! ?? instead we’ve seen the absorption of the wife, the usurping of the motherly rights of this wife by the surrogate, the wandering stray eyes of the husband, the fickleness of the family and shift of loving ness to the wife transferred to that of the surrogate… So doesn’t the wife who’s incapable of procreating deserving of love?!

      1. @shorvari, I hate that her absence isn’t even acknowledged much, or that her death is being used to accommodate this treacherous husband’s wandering eye, her daughter isn’t even thought to carry her shadow, even in death she’s denied any link to HER daughter, …. Shorvari’s character teaches us rather that sometimes even all the love we give is never enough…. Rather her life was short, meaningless, for it was wasted on people who didn’t give two pennies for her…. It should’ve gone another way, her character should’ve left and started life afresh with her daughter away from her undeserving husband and in laws…… The writers are portraying women as weak, because they’ve become adamant that parth be with teni, was the character shorvari so weak she couldn’t just leave parth, and be strong enough to raise her daughter alone! Why did they make it seem, the wife who loses the husband’s love has nothing to live for ?so then kill off the wife’s character.

  3. Ridiculous! I what started with interesting concept of surrogacy now would discourage people to take that route. This serial no where is inspiring or interesting. In few months you fall for the surrogate mom and disregard ur wife. It’s all about the guy! No justice to the characters. Everything is undefined.. Lost interest totaly

    1. My point exactly, I think this is a show not worth even watching, at this point there’s no expectation for any sense of justice or morality to triumph. Like the only hope of redemption is for parth to die and ipshita to be raised by teni and iqbal ?
      Plus I read in the spoiler that parth would reveal teni’s ‘marital status” on the day of iqbal and teni’s marriage…. But what absolute nonsense like didn’t parth divorce teni ? these creaters are absolute garbage

  4. Now Iqbal is also gonna be cheated.. wasn’t shorvari enough to make parth and teni as true lovers now even iqbal’s heart is going to be broken ! Disgusting

    1. And don’t forget Aman, why aren’t sejal and parth’s sister shown anymore though like did they conveniently die with shorvari? I hate the fact that I’m these serials characters that are somewhat titular are just unaccounted for, and viewers are treated as if these characters never existed ?
      Every time teni is moving on, these bhanushali’s keep sucking her back into their ridiculous stupid backwoods disloyal family…. And indu is such a fraud, so much for her relation with shorvari, all she cares abkut is her son?the disloyal, unfaithful son, that couldn’t be faithful to his role as both a son and a husband, god forbids he be a good father, say him and teni were to actually have a child together ???disgusting characters, storyline, creaters and the sick fans who are actually supporting this serial

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