Dil Se Dil Tak 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Dada ji decides to leave house with family

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Dil Se Dil Tak 23rd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Teni tells Dada ji to go in the court if he wish to, but if he screams he would get unwell. But even they can go to court. Shorvari whispers to Parth that this can ruin the situation. Parth assures Teni would handle the situation. Teni tells them to leave, as they are coming in to the house now. Dada ji announces that he can’t share this house with these shameless people anymore, those who want to stay may live here. Baa announces they will all come with him. Dada ji asks if Teni wanted this. Teni smirks as they all walk into the house. She tells Parth and Shorvari not to worry, she will take care of everything.
In the room, Mohini was upset about the ruin of her plan. Sejal thinks about calling Rishab. Mohini snatches the mobile and tells her to think about something now. Sejal says she dug the hole for herself, she only cares for house politics. Now she found a way to get Rishab by himself.
Sejal calls Rishab, he sounds upset. Sejal inquires about the matter. Rishab says he is upset, if girls only thinks filth in the name of love. He says he was shocked to hear this. Rishab says he would throw the girl out of his life, he deletes Jagruti’s message.
In the room, Parth and Shorvari were worried if they did something wrong in trusting Teni. Teni tells them to be strong and understand the matter. She says they must first spy where they are going, Parth asks how they would know about it.
Dada ji informs the family the house has been arranged. They will get a duplex to live. Indu cries that she never thought her son and daughter in law would be the source of such trouble. She apologizes Dada ji and Baa. Dada ji says there is nothing of her mistake. Mohini was worried for leaving the house and thinks about an idea.
Shorvari and Teni discuss if Mohini would spy what’s going in Dada ji’s mind. Teni was sure Mohini was never ready to leave Bhanushali house. They spot Mohini coming, pushes Shorvari aside. She comes to Mohini and says she knew already Mohini had a soft corner for them, she must have sent them money. Mohini says she wants to show much more love to them, she wish Bau ji drops the idea of leaving the house and she is able to play with Parth and Shorvari’s kid. Teni says Dada ji won’t leave the house, he must have said this in anger. Mohini says the deal is done, Dada ji asked Vivek and has hired a house. Teni signals Shorvari about Vivek.
In the room, the three cheers for the mission. Shorvari boasts about being an expert in changing get ups. They all set to work. Shorvari says this time they must go as husband and wife, Vivek has seen her well in the house. He doesn’t recognize Parth. Parth agrees. Teni cheers.
Shorvari was passing by Jagruti’s room and spots her crying. She comes inside and holds herself responsible for the tears. Jagruti says she has some other problem. She says Rishab isn’t attending her call since last night. Shorvari tells her to go and speak to him face to face, relations must not be left in misunderstanding. She must not repeat their mistakes. Jagruti agrees. Sejal hears this from outside, she thinks Rishab is waiting for her.
Vivek was getting the house emptied. An old man reminded Vivek their agreement is going on. Vivek says he has sold the house to Bhanushali family and doesn’t care about any agreement.

PRECAP: Teni comes to ask Dada ji if his plan of house shifting delayed. Dada ji shouts at her, Teni minds Dada ji that she is bearing the heir of their family.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Shit se Shit Tak

    Wow now this ho’s bearing khandani child and she considers herself as a mother and bahu of the family. Leave mother she considers herself as Pati vratha even though she’s lusting after a married man!

  2. Shit se Shit Tak

    Why is this show not going off air? Wasn’t it announced that due to low trp ratings it’ll go off air? Don’t tell me people support this shit! Polygamy affairs lust!

    1. why are always commenting if u hate it so much?

      1. dil se dil tak lover


  3. dil se dil tak lover

    yeh kya hai
    kush asha vasha to karo
    par plz band mat karna
    bhagvaan ke vaste
    ouur etna time hota hai pregnancy ke liye or aagar teni ke baccha ho gaya to family aapne aapp oonko accept kar legi
    nice characters means choosen good models but timing as it should come at 4 30 also
    pehle aata tha
    oor abh nahi

  4. dil se dil tak lover

    par plzz band mat karna
    kya aap mujhe bta sakte hai ke aap yeh show band kyu kar rahe hai

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