Dil Se Dil Tak 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update; The trio lives in the out-house

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Teni asks Parth for a friendship hug and assures she will fix everything.
The next morning, Shorvari watches Dadi ji coming outside. She and Teni go to do the acting. Teni complains Shorvari about bring hungry, while Shorvari tells her to pray for Parth’s job, then they will get food for her. Teni stops Dadi ji and requests her to convince Dada ji let them stay here for a few days until Parth gets a job.
At home, Mohini brings tea for Dada ji. She says they are so shameless, they instead insulted him by moving into the outhouse. Indu comes there and says she also has an objection for them to stay here. Baa comes there and stops him, she says Parth respected him and is not a Bhanushali anymore. He is now looking for work and house, as soon as they find a house they will leave; until then they all must keep calm. Mohini says Indu has really been courageous today, she thought Indu would forgive him even if he kills. But she didn’t do so, it’s appreciable.
Sejal comes to Jagruti’s room, she finds her taking a bath and looks around for her cell phone. She unlocks it and reads Jagruti’s message to Rishab that she feels little love for him. Sejal texts Rishab for being together for a while.
Dada ji comes across Parth who was returning home with some food items for themselves. Parth goes inside the room. Shorvari watches his stained shirt. Parth asks about Teni. Shorvari says Teni was really hot. Parth watches Dada ji and says Teni must bear a lot now, they both will also have to work with him. Today, he got labor of washing a car today. Dada ji hears this, he asks if he has lost his mind as well. He is educated, can’t he find a good job for himself. Parth says he is no more a Bhanushali, he may get his work out of his personal contact and his name is mentioned as Parth Bhanushali; these certificates have turned useless now. Dada ji says he is an expert in getting his work done through betrayal. Parth stops him saying he doesn’t want to do something that hurts him.
It was night, Sejal was curtly waiting for any reaction from Jagruti or Rishab. She decides to wait before asking anything from them. Mohini comes to Sejal, she asks for her help about something. Sejal says this is a lie. Mohini asks who would know what is right or wrong. Sejal was worried what if Dada ji knows about it, Mohini assures no one would know about it. Sejal was still reluctant, Mohini says she has always been innocent throughout her life. These would benefit her in her life. If she wants to marry Rishab or not? Sejal nods. Mohini assures to get her married to Rishab. Mohini thinks she is doing this all to get rid of the three, she doesn’t want Dada ji’s heart soften for them. at all.
Teni was enjoying pizza, Shorvari warns her what if someone comes on the door. Teni tells her to enjoy the pizza. Shorvari was upset that no one even paid any attention to them. Teni tells them not to take tension, she handled everything. Soon, they hear some footsteps. Teni hides the pizza and opens the door. There lied a parcel on the door with bundles of money. Parth holds them wondering who left this. Teni was happy that at least someone thinks about them. They have to hold these hands and enter the house. Parth wonders who must be worried for them, Maa, Papa or Dadi ji. Sejal comes to tell them that Dada ji asked to vacate this place till tomorrow. They were shocked to hear this, Sejal leaves. Teni thinks they must do something to stay.
The next morning, Dada ji was pouring water into the plants. Teni comes outside and says she didn’t come to apologize. She says she heard a lot about his demand, Parth also looked for the house; and then she thought why she was so worried. Dada ji stares at her with fuming eyes, Teni says she can’t bear the sin to give birth to their grandchild at some slums. She says Dada ji has a lot of money, he owns a lot of orphanages; why doesn’t he buy a new house and move there. Parth and Shorvari come from behind.

PRECAP: Dada ji calls everyone and say its better they leave the house, because their grandchildren want so. Anyone who wants to live with him may come along.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Shit se Shit Tak

    Has someone read the spoilers? We gave the right name to the ho. Now parth had become shitty Teni’s bhakt and the ho a Mata! Next she’ll become his wife. These shitty mittals only promote polygamy and affairs. I think one or both of em have a mistress or second wife.

    1. Teni the goddess who cannot be tolerated

      Not only parth..very soon everyone will become the hoe’s bhakts…she is uniting the family afterall…i dont even get it as to who the f**k is she to bhanusali? Nothing…she being a surrogate shud have known her limits..but teni is goddess..bound by no limitations..she can lust on a married man..fool his wife..chase out the owner of bhanusali house..can perform herogiri and not faint..but will faint during her pheres..she does advance bookings of parath as her pati for next janam..and u also have some nasty fans who support every shit she does like the one who has commented below…parth and shorvari are mere puppets to teni mata’s orders…

  2. Angelk1

    Im loving it, great plan tení, lets see who will go with dadaji and who will stay and accept reality Of things.

  3. shut up angelik ji… it’s a really shit se shit tak story. It’s a story and not teni ji ki ghatiya soch. we don’t want to watch that. bt this is it. From beginning of story I liked the story so much that no one did before.bt when it changed into show good and play virtual music in ghatiya soch of teni , I stopped. what r they selling to society? dusre ke pati par dore dalna aur ye ek sahi chiz Hai. Teni ki kounsi mahanata they r showing in virtual music? ki woh mauke par chhake Marti Hai. Teni’s​ planned to make parth love her and busy in conveniencing him when Sarvori fell asleep or Sarvori’s away from him. Parth vi uski baaten main fasne lagna Kya sahi hai? ye heart triangle nahin jabki triangle ki har step without Sarvori phele se chupake decision liya ja raha hain. Teni ne surrogacy ke liye apni mahanata se to raji nahin hui balki 10 lakh rupees lene ko kafi doudaya Sarvori ko. sarvori ne to mahan kam Kiya ki Teni ki gandi adaton ke baren main jankar bhi parth ka khene par uski diye Gaye har musibat ko jhela aur use apni bacha ka surrogate banai. Agar teni ko lagati hain ki Parth usko pyar karte Hain to woh usko khud ki itni karib anne nahin Dena chahiye. Aur usko ye bolna chahiye ki app Sadi suda Hain to mere itna karib mat aiye ,kyun ki logon ko bura lagega, kahenge pyar Hain. ye Hai mahanata. par yahan teni khud pyar main pagal bankar parth ka karib ana chahti Hai aur galat kam Kar rahi Hain par directors to uski gandi soch ko mahanata kam jaise pradarsan Kar rahen Hain. Agar Jasmine ko Positive dikhani thi to use teni ki i character kyun Diya? manata hun ki teni unpadh aur gawar Hai lekin use sahi galat bhi samajh nahin ati . par galat to galat kam Hain aur app isse es tarah dikha rahen Hain jaise woh ek mahan soch main khoi Hai. dusre ke pati se pyar.. chi.

  4. Teni ab hamesha chance ki fayada Lena chahti Hai .use sahi galat ka fark nahin. yeh heart trio nahin jabki phele Tha. phele woh tenno ek ek anokha heart triangle main bandhe the. ek dusre ki muskil ko Bina kahe samajh jate thain. and teni was not loving parth for making him boyfriend. That was good love that tied heart trio. bt now Teni ne parth ko apna banana chahti Hain .and most of times they r making decisions without Sarvori and away from Sarvori and why parth has too much trust on teni when teni has already said that she loves parth?? doesn’t​ he feel love for Sarvori and doesn’t he feel teni want to separate Sarvori? pata nahin story ko aise kaise badal Diya aur galat chiz ko sahi dikha rahen Hain.

  5. Getting fed up with Teni… why is it every time Teni? Don’t know what message the cv’s want to give but got bored of this drama

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