Dil Se Dil Tak 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Parth-Indu-Ipshita’s vacation

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Dil Se Dil Tak 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Iqbal was dancing in the hall. His mother drags him through his ears and scolds him for dancing as he is the groom here. She applies perfume over him, Iqbal resists as he is allergic to it. His mother says people sacrifice a lot for love, and his love took four years to accept the proposal. She is still unsure she would come for Nikah. Iqbal says he is sure about it, and goes to join the dancing gang again. He was left awestruck to see Teni arrive home. Iqbal’s mother hugs her, he drags Teni to the middle of the hall. Teni and Iqbal dance together.
Later on stage, Iqbal says Teni made him wait so long. Teni tells him she was busy with a client and couldn’t leave her commission. She says his work and their relation are different matters. They ask for rings of engagement. Teni tries to get her already worn ring off her hand. After the engagement, both like each other’s choice of rings.
Parth sat in his room upset. Ipshita speaks to a cushion considering it her mother. She discuss about completion of her packings. She promises to get a gift for her mother and turns to leave. Downstairs, everyone was happy that Parth and Indu are going for a vacation after long. Ipshita comes downstairs with her bag packed. She instructs Baa to take care of herself, take medicine in time and walk regularly. Baa advices her to take care of herself and her father and granny. She then asks Ramnik to take care of himself and not overwork. She then asks Mohini to come closer and bend. She forbids Mohini to touch her chocolates in the fridge. She was excited to go to Disney land and runs outside.
The next morning, Iqbal was asleep. Teni comes to the room draped in saree with a cup of tea for him. She wakes him up by rubbing her wet hair over his face, and tickles him. Iqbal soon realizes it was a dream and only his mother sat on the bed. His mother complains he never dreams for her. Iqbal butters his mother that everything he owns belongs to her. His mother was in a hurry for him to get married. She had brought a bitter gourd juice for him and stuffs it into his mouth forcefully. Iqbal boasts about the four shops he owned at Chandni chowk, still this is done to him. His mother complains that only fifteen days are left for his marriage, still his wife works at the shop. Iqbal promises she won’t anymore.
Teni was looking for her keys in the room. Iqbal comes in and says he has the key. Teni asks if he named the shop after someone else. Iqbal says shop will remain closed for fifteen days. Teni says their business would go to a loss and she is also a partner of 10% in the shop. She tries to forcefully take the key. Iqbal clutches her hand. Teni shouts Ammi! Iqbal won’t leave her hand. Ammi comes to the room and scolds Iqbal for teasing her. Teni asks if Ammi told him to keep the shop shut. Ammi tells Teni to enjoy for the next fifteen years, and spend a lot of money shopping for her wedding. She must learn some work of household as well. Teni still counted the loss. Ammi says Singh, their manager will take care of everything. She also hands a list of cards to give them to the relatives on the way.

PRECAP: Teni was in the same mall as Parth, Indu and Ipshita. She replies to Parth from the next changing cabin, Parth hurries out and spots her going on the next floor.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Aha… Now I can predict how this story will go forward…
    1. Ipshita and Teni will start bonding daily. One day, Parth will spot them together and will get to know that it’s Parth’s daughter. First she’ll be miffed, but slowly become friends with father-daughter duo.
    2. Teni will slowly get her memories back. Thanks to being in their company.
    3. Somebody will leak out the fact to Iqbal’s ammi that Teni was a surrogate, who gave birth before marriage and already was married to Parth. Teni will remember fully now. Ammi now will be angry, even though Teni lost her memory, she’ll think Teni not fit for their family.
    4. Teni, will now try to go back to Parth and Ipshi. She’ll be remember her deep love for Parth. And they’ll start living happily.
    5. Either, Iqbal will follow Teni and try to make her as his wife, maybe like a villain. Or let Teni go.
    Once again a love triangle will start – Parth, Teni and Iqbal.
    Sigh, don’t know whether to be happy that Rashmi Desai can do better show or sad that Iqbal Khan chose this show. Perhaps, this is just a cameo for him? To make it like Salman Khan of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? If its cameo, its better. Otherwise, he’ll be stuck in this role with no growth. Or perhaps, they’ll turn his ammi into villain? Take revenge for her son’s ruined life?

  2. But where is shorvari.? They dint mention anything about her.????

  3. Where is shorvari….its not fine with her…its wrong……love looks here like …..a fun……….

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