Dil Se Dil Tak 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Parth and Shorvari try to convince their family

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Parth, Teni and Shorvari sat in the room. Parth was sure no one is ready to opt their child today but everything will be fine when he is born. Teni asks Shorvari why she is crying so much, is she still thinking if she gives birth to her child, would anyone take him into arms. Shorvari may live into such fantasy and dreams but she has decided to leave this house. Parth and Shorvari were shocked. Teni says it’s none of Shorvari’s mistake, if a respected woman bear the child everyone must have accepted him. She says even Aman wasn’t her side today, only they stood with her. She must go back to her slums and will bring their child up as a gentle man. Parth tells Teni to hear him now, relations are connected at heart and always stay by one’s side. God connected them and their relation, it doesn’t matter where they live but they will always live together. Shorvari holds Parth’s hand, Teni also places her hand over it. Shorvari tells Teni that they will speak to family once again, maybe they accept this time.
In the room, Dada ji was enraged about using the womb of a bar dancer. He wonders who showed them such a way. Indu asks Ramnik what should she have done if not to force them conceive again. She couldn’t see Parth leave for America forever. But she never thought they would take such a step.
Baa accepts that Parth was afraid of being disconnected to their family forever. But at least Parth could have shared it with the family. Dada ji says Parth has proven they couldn’t bring their children up well. Indu was sure its Shorvari responsible for all this, Parth can never think about such an act. Ramnik says Indu may blame Shorvari, but Parth was equally involved in the lie. They were shocked to see Shorvari standing at the door. Dada ji says he was proud he couldn’t let any sins in the new generation incorporated in their family, but Parth and Aman’s mistaken has proven he was wrong. Parth comes to Dada ji’s room. He asks him for forgiveness for breaking his trust. He recalls when he was a child, he ever held his ears to Dada ji and was forgiven. He holds his ears again and asks to hug him. He asks Dada ji if their relation is so weak that a blow of wind scattered everything.
Indu questions Shorvari if she is relieved to have snatched Parth from his family. Shorvari says she can never think about taking Parth away from his family. Indu asks when she suggested to hide about miscarriage then why they hid the truth with her. Shorvari asks if the family had accepted her after the conditions she and Parth were married. Indu says they must have accepted they will never get a grandchild but they can’t accept the child borne from the womb of a dancer.
Parth kneels in front of Dada ji and asks for forgiveness. Dada ji says when different sized fingers unite they become a fist. Similar is the family, which is made by combining thoughts of all the members. In their case, their thinking doesn’t match. They will never be able to accept his child, its better for Parth to leave this house. Teni heard this from outside.
Shorvari returns from Indu’s room broken about her words. Parth comes to her and finds her crying, she says they lost, everything ended. Parth says they tried to fight their fate, but now its time to face the reality. He looks around and says they must pack their bags, they need to leave the house tomorrow. Shorvari nods. Teni was saddened hearing this.

PRECAP: Teni holds Parth and Shorvari’s hand, she says they can’t give birth to the child anywhere. He would be born and brought up here. They must trust her now.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. PaRi❤️❤️

    Loved parth today…specially when he said no relationship be it family or any damn thing in the world is more imp to him than shorvari??the real parth is back…the story is now back on track..hope these stupid makers dont start their shitty triangle and parth teni shitty rishta again??‍♀️This track is much much better than they showed in the last few months

  2. It’s nice. Hope the track will soon become good

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