Dil Se Dil Tak 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dil Se Dil Tak 17th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Teni sings and teases Parth and Shorvori for Shorvori getting proposal, Parth says i will handle everything, Teni says groom is coming to take your wife away, she dances and leaves. Shorvori says what will we do? Parth says we can tell Dada that Teni has gone back to her house. Shorvori says where will we hide her? Parth says we will think about that later, lets go to Dada. They come out of their and hear Suyog shouting on Forum that she has habit of doubting everyone, forum says there is something wrong, Parth doesnt want Teni to get married, he always stop it, Suyog says its nothing like that, Forum says you will see this proposal will be broken by Parth too. Parth and Shorvori gets tensed hearing it. Parth says if we go to Dada now then Forum’s doubt will become true, Shorvori says what we will do now?
Teni is in her room and says he was shouting on me? i would have broken his legs. Shorvori and Parth comes there. Teni says baby get ready, your papa is getting your mommy married. Shorvori says Parth was nervous and scolded you, we should help each other. Teni says i dont like you tensed, tell me what happened? Shorvori says Forum and Suyog has doubt that we are stopping your wedding, Teni says fine, i am here so not to worry, i will find some solution before groom comes here, let me think, Teni thinks of some idea.

All family members are in lounge. Parth is tensed. Groom’s family arrive there with groom. Parth gets tensed, dada welcomes them. Mohini thinks that all are finding good matches for proposals for Teni and nobody cares about my Sejal. Forum thinks that if there is any problem because of Parth in this relation then Suyog will have to believe me. Groom says I have studied medical from London and handling my family hospital. Parth says that doctor is fool, she couldnt see difference between married and unmarried woman. Dada says i will tell you about Teni, she is very nice, always smiling, she saved my life too, she is very mature, Groom’s father asks what happened to him? Dada tells how nut was stuck in throat and Teni punched him to save him. Groom’s mother is impressed and asks to call Teni here. Parth thinks that no one can save us now, i never thought our lie will come out like this. Parth looks at stairs and sees Shorvori and Teni both dressed as bride for proposal, their attires are almost same too, Indu says see Teni is here, Groom looks at Shorvori and thinks she is Teni, Baa says our Teni is looking beautiful, groom is drooling over shorvori, Teni winks at Parth and hint that everything is under control. Parth thinks that everything is in God’s hand, save us. He sees groom eyeing Shorvori and gets angry. Shorvori and Teni stands together, Groom’s mother asks groom if he likes her? he says she is fabulous, very beautiful more than you told me. Parth is jealous, Teni whispers to Parth that her couple with that groom will look good, Parth glares at her. Dada points at Teni and Shorvori and says this is Teni and this is my daughter in law Shorvori, Shorvori and Teni stand together swapping places constantly so groom’s family dont get to know who is real Teni. Groom’s mother says you are looking good Teni, Teni says we sisters are born pretty, groom’s mother asks her to sit with her, Shorvori gets tensed. Teni holds her Shorvori’s hand and makes her sit with groom’s mother and sits on otherside, Indu says to Baa that why did Teni make Shorvori sit in her place? Baa says i think Teni is nervous thats why keeping her sister with her. Teni and Shorvori both touches groom’s mother’s feet. Groom is ogling at Shorvori(thinking she is Teni), Shorvori hints at Parth that he is making her uncomfortable. Parth comes to groom and puts water glass infront of his eyes and asks him to drink, he takes his eyes off Shorvori and drinks. Baa says Teni bring tea for everyone, Shorvori gets tensed as she is playing Teni for groom’s family, Parth says Shorvori you go with her too, it will be helpful, they both go together. Forum thinks that Parth is not doing anything to break this proposal, Suyog says I told you are doubting him for nothing, Parth smirks.

Shorvori is filling tea in cups with shaking hands, Teni comes there and says why you are shaking? Shorvori says what if er get caught? Teni says you get tensed easily, i am enjoying this so much, Shorvori says i am not mad like you, Teni says you take too much tension. Parth comes there and hugs Shorvori, he says i am not fine, that groom doctor was eyeing you so much that i wanted to kill him, Shorvori says awwh so cute Parth.. Teni says you both can give kisses and hugs to each other later, we have to take tea to groom’s family, Shorvori says but who will serve tea to them? Teni thinks about it.

Parth comes in lounge, Indu says why Teni didnt bring tea till now? Shorvori brings tea tray there, Baa says Teni should have brought tea, now Shorvori. Teni comes there with another tea tray, she winks at Parth. Shorvori and Teni both start serving tea to everyone. Suyog says to Forum that see how nicely Shorvori is handling everything and you were doubting her, Forum feels bad. Groom’s mother says i want to ask some questions to Teni. Shorvori says sure, Dada is confused why Shorvori is answering. Groom’s mother asks Teni what are your hobbies? Teni starts eating somasa, Shorvori says cooking food, handicraft, gardening is Teni’s hobbies. Dada asks Parth why Teni is not speaking? Parth says she might be nervous thats why eating too, he says okay. Groom’s mother asks if she likes to read books? Teni nods and Shorvori says yes, i have read bengali literature. Groom’s mother says we like Teni but it will be good if groom and bride meet alone once as they have to live together, Teni coughs hearing it and Shorvori gets tensed, she gives water to Teni, Dada says i agree with groom’s mother. Parth says no.. i mean I think meeting just here in garden for 7minutes wont be enough so they should go out sometime together and meet alone to get to know each other. Groom’s mother says okay, we should start leaving. They are leaving. Teni says to Parth and Shorvori that i told you i will handle everything. Groom Rohit whispers something to her mother, she asks if he is sure? she nods. Groom’s mother says to family that Rohit and Teni doesnt have to meet alone now because Rohit already likes Teni and we like to roka with Shorvori, Dada says thats great. Shorvori, Parth and Teni stands there in shock. Groom’s mother comes to bless Teni, she is about to bless Shorvori thinking she is Teni but Teni takes her blessing too. They leave, Parth, Shorvori and Teni are tensed.

PRECAP- Teni comes to Dada and says I am not ready for wedding now, Dada asks why? Teni says i am not ready for wedding because i love someone. Dada says you must have his picture, bring it, Teni goes and brings some picture, Dada gets angry seeing picture.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Iam very much exiceted to watch next episode its really very much entertaning n iam just loving it

  3. Shaani

    Who’s picture is that. omg… Eagerly waiting for the next episode

  4. Whose picture is that

  5. Is there any new hero’s entry in dsdt for teni ???why God…….I don’t want anyone else except the trio…..???. ..please …?

  6. Hi freinds . Saw in todays paper that KUNAL VERMA OF DREAM GIRL FAME WOULD ENTER SHOW. HE WUD BE PARTHS CHILDHOOD FREIND. i feel this pic wud be of him only.

  7. And teni reminds me of our lovely twinkle ?….When she wears suites????????

  8. Totally enjoying the comedy behind the seriousness

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