Dil Se Dil Tak 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Teni decides to visit Baroda

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Dil Se Dil Tak 14th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

On the way in his car, Parth wish Teni decides to come to Baroda. She might get her memory recollected there.
At home, Iqbal decides Teni must never find out about this medical investigation. He was determined to stay normal. He comes to kitchen where Ammi brings food for him. She was guilty and apologizes Iqbal for listening to Khala. She isn’t concerned about Teni’s past if it doesn’t matter to him. She calls herself and Teni lucky to have someone like Iqbal in their lives.
Teni lay on a couch in her room, still upset about Parth. She hears someone coming towards the room and lay on the bed posing as if asleep. Iqbal had brought the tea into the room and find sun litting her face and close the curtains. He thinks Teni is so innocent and shouts a good morning to wake her up. Teni asks what happened to him so early today. Iqbal was a little poetic, then tells Teni that Khala and Rashida have left early this morning. Teni looks towards the reports lying on a couch nearby, then takes Iqbal’s attention to tea and hides the report. She asks what Iqbal would do if he finds out that she had a past. Iqbal assures Teni he isn’t concerned about her past at all, and leaves calling her for breakfast. Teni was thankful to God for gifting Iqbal in her life, he has such a huge heart.
At the breakfast table, Iqbal goes to call Parth. Teni says Parth got a phone so he urgently left last night. Everyone was asleep, he only informed her. Iqbal decides to call him in a while, then serves her the paratha he made by himself. Teni decides she doesn’t want to find about her past anymore. She was afraid what if her past interferes with her present and future life. She must know about her past for Iqbal. She asks Iqbal to let her go to Baroda. Iqbal was worried if she knew about the test. Teni says it’s important.
Indu forces Ipshita to eat the apple. Baa also convince Ipshita to eat the apple. Ipshita insists she would only eat an apple when her papa is here. Parth reach home. He sends Ipshita to finish the apple. Indu asks if Teni also came with him. Parth was sure she would come here.
Teni convinces Iqbal that she must go to Baroda. She needs to invite her relatives and friends who are angry with her. Ammi objects that Teni can’t leave the house after Haldi. Iqbal was convinced that they must let Teni go. He promises to book a five star hotel there and the next flight. Teni place a hand over Iqbal’s thankfully.
Parth says he is sure Teni won’t stop herself from coming here. Mohini asks why Indu is forceful to bring that trouble back home. Indu says she wants the happiness of her son back. He is only alive today because of Ipshita’s responsibility, else he lost himself. Teni was his wife after all. Mohini smirks that Parth didn’t have the peace of wife in his life, he married twice still none of his wife could stay. Baa scolds Mohini for speaking so bitter. Mohini asks if Parth would even be able to marry her again. Baa agrees to Mohini but Baa was hopeful. Parth had an idea if Teni comes here.

PRECAP: Teni tells Parth to be straight forward and tell her about her past. Parth tells her to wait for next 24 hours. Teni deters if the time limit exceeds even a second from 24 hours, Iqbal would come here with Police.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I am exited to see when teni will get her memory back

  2. Enough is enough. How good iqbal is! Teni n parth both are playing with iqbal and his mother. Parth shouldn’t tell teni about her past because of her medical condition but he could have tell to iqbal everything clearly m leave him to decide. Even parth wants teni at any cost. He is also selfish!!

  3. finally this stupid serial is going off-air… its not worth our time .. as the concept has become non-sense

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