Dil Se Dil Tak 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Teni comes to know about her past

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Dil Se Dil Tak 11th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Khala asks Ammi if Teni never shared with them that she is already a mother. She was never married, then where came this child. It must be an illegitimate child that Teni never shared her past with her. Ammi was worried what to do, there is no time in Nikah. Khala tells Ammi to go and inform Iqbal about it, they can’t make Teni a part of their family. Ammi says they must tell everything to Iqbal, they took Teni to hospital without her consent and now. Iqbal stood at the door and asks what then?
Parth speaks to Indu on phone that his heart can witness Teni still has his love in her heart. He is sure she will soon remember everything. Indu prays for a miracle that her son gets all his happiness back.
Iqbal doesn’t let Khala interfere and asks Ammi what happened in the hospital. Ammi says Khala was betrayed by her own daughter in law and got Teni’s checkup now. Khala tells Iqbal that Teni is already a mother of a child, their family will never accept an ill character girl like Teni. What if her dark past ruins his present and future life? Iqbal leaves the room. Khala boasts in front of Ammi she handled Iqbal, they go to witness the drama now created.
Teni sat in her room taking off the functional jewelry. Iqbal walks to the room. Khala wonders where Iqbal is going. Iqbal walks to Khala’s room and packs her luggage. Khala wonders what he is doing. Iqbal says if someone has to leave the house its Khala, if someone doesn’t respect Teni can’t stay in his house. Khala says Iqbal must be thankful to her that she saved him from the disgrace. Iqbal says no one has a right to blame Teni, she must have hidden the matter with him because she wouldn’t have considered it important. He trusts Teni completely. Iqbal says if Khala has a problem with his marriage, she shouldn’t be a part of the marriage. In the corridor, Rashida apologizes Iqbal for all that happened, she knew all this.
Khala turns to leave the house angrily. She stops by Teni’s room and calls her ill character girl. Teni was clueless. Khala asks how it is possible that she doesn’t know about her past pregnancy and shows the reports to Teni. Teni reads the report and call it fake, it’s not possible. She doesn’t remember anything like being a mother. Rashida comes to take Khala away. Khala insults Teni while Teni explains this isn’t true, she doesn’t remember anything like this in life. Khala wasn’t ready to leave with Rashida and says a woman can never forget a feeling of motherhood. Teni thinks about Parth and his insistence to try and remember her past life. After Khala has left, Teni thinks this means Parth is right. She has a past and only Parth can reply to the questions about it.
Ammi comes to Iqbal in his room. Iqbal complains Ammi broke Teni’s trust. How would they face her that they got her tested without her consent? Ami regrets listening to Khala. Iqbal says every relation is based on trust, especially marriage. Ammi asks Iqbal if it really doesn’t matter to him that Teni is a mother already. Iqbal says he loves her dearly, he isn’t concerned of her past. If she decided not to tell him about her past, he supports her decision. He asks to be left alone for a while, then requests Ammi not to share anything with Teni now.
Teni comes to Parth’s room but he wasn’t there. She decides she can’t let Parth leave without getting her answers. Parth was getting into the car. Teni stops him and asks what her past is. Parth says he can’t tell her, she won’t believe; to know the truth he must come to Baroda. There are a few chains of relations that she completely forgot about. Its better for everyone that she knows about the truth before she gets married. Parth leaves. Teni wonders where is she stuck.

PRECAP: Teni asks Iqbal what he would do if he knows about her past. Later, she asks Iqbal she must go to Baroda. The decision of their marriage rely on her visit to Baroda.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ..Ab toh bndh kro es bkwass serial ko..hadh hoti hai hr cheez ki..

  2. I am very exited about what will happen next in the show

  3. Part was just using shovari and teni

  4. finally this stupid serial is going off-air… its not worth our time .. as the concept has become non-sense

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