Dil Se Dil Tak 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Khala finds out Teni’s medical history of child birth

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Dil Se Dil Tak 10th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rashida stops Iqbal from leaving and says she sent Teni with Khala for regular checkup. Iqbal could sense there was something wrong about Rashida’s expressions. Rashida says there is a lot of work at home and drags him inside. Parth comes to the hall worried about Teni.
After the checkup, the doctor informs Khala it’s done and the reports would soon be here. Teni wakes up and asks which reports? Khala goes to Teni and says it’s her reports. Teni wonders how she came here on the bed. Khala says it’s because of wedding preparations. The doctor convince Teni that she was unconscious because of some stress. Teni thinks it must be because of that Parth Bhanushali. Khala asks her to leave the hospital now.
Parth looks towards the preparations and thinks he and Teni won’t unite anymore. Iqbal doesn’t let Parth leave home. Rashida was worried that she let Teni leave with Khala; what if Iqbal finds out about it. Back home, Teni asks Khala not to share the news of her illness with anyone. Inside, Rashida takes Teni to get ready for Haldi function.
Iqbal was dancing and beating drum while he and Parth turn to see Teni come downstairs. Khala asks Iqbal about Sahira, Iqbal says Ammi is just returning from Dargah and it’s a ritual that mother in law doesn’t see a Haldi bride. Khala performs the rituals. Afterwards, Rashida conveys to Teni that Iqbal has challenged Teni she would apply the haldi over his face. Teni whispers something in Rashida’s ear who goes to turn the fuse off. Parth had already left the hall, Iqbal also sense the trick and leaves. Teni and Rashida come upstairs looking for Iqbal. Teni finds him standing at the balcony alone, she follows him and rubs the haldi all around his face. As he turns around, Teni was shocked to see Parth there. She was furious and asks why he doesn’t leave the house if he can’t see her happy? Parth holds her hand and says I love you Teni.
The doctor brings the reports. Khala takes her into her room. The doctor says there are no complications. Teni’s first delivery was also normal and there must not be any complications further. Khala was shocked to hear Teni already had a child and calls Ammi to inform her about it.
Teni feels disgusted over Parth for being disloyal to Iqbal. Parth says somewhere in the corner of her heart, Teni still feels for him and thus applied haldi over his face. There are many things she doesn’t remember but she holds feelings for them. Rashida calls Teni who replies she is downstairs. Rashida brings Iqbal downstairs for Teni to win her challenge. She leaves them alone. Parth stood outside in the balcony door. Iqbal sense the tension over Teni’s face and was worried what happened. Teni says Parth said… Parth looks towards Teni forbidding her. Teni says Parth complaint about his washroom’s geyser and the electrician denied coming. Iqbal and Parth were relieved. Iqbal then rubs her hand over her face but her hand was empty. He asks if she put his share of haldi on someone else. He laughs that he was only joking, he is sure Teni is the color of his life and this haldi means nothing for him. Ammi calls Iqbal upstairs. Parth comes to Teni and smiles that she was unable to tell Iqbal about the him. Teni says she only doesn’t want any ill omen destroy Iqbal’s happiness. Parth calls it a lie, she didn’t tell Iqbal anything because she also loves…. Teni slaps Parth, she warns Parth has fallen into her eyes forever today. She doesn’t know his intentions, but she wants him to leave before her limits are crossed. Teni leaves. Parth says he will leave today if she wish for.
In the room, Teni wonders what’s in her past which is connected to Parth, and for which she has been unable to speak to Iqbal about Parth.

PRECAP: Khala asks Teni why she didn’t tell them about being a mother already. Teni was clueless about it, but Khala hands her the reports as proof.

Update Credit to: Sona

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