Dil se dil ka Rishta (C 2) Pt 6

Let’s begin….

Ragini couldn’t concentrate on work once she got to know about sanskar’s marriage

So she goes out and cries..hot tears passes by her eyes

Ragini held: i lost him again! I lost him again!Why God why? Why i can’t get him?
She writes her tears and goes from there


Ragini goes to grace’s house she directly goes and hugs from back


After some minutes

Grace:Ragini don’t cry.. Wait let me talk to Radha and sanskar
Ragini who was crying: no no..aunty!!myrah di is a good girl and she deserves sanskar,i can’t go and break her marriage dreams.. Whatever be happen i would keep everything on fate aunty but please don’t tell this to sanskar or Radha aunty or myrah di..promise?
Grace nods to her: ok.. atleast you can talk to sanskar
Ragini wipes her tears:i should leave now

She comes out of her house and sees Sanskar

Sanskar who came to meet grace

Grace too comes: sanskar..
Sanskar: aunty,maa wanted you to know when you are coming to the community

Ragini goes from there

Grace sees Ragini going she feels bad for her

Ragini goes home and sits sadly

And she gets a call and she sees Aman’s caller ID

She picks
Aman: looks like someone is too busy with their love that they forgot this fellow friend
Ragini: nothing like that Dr Aman
Aman: then there’s something, what happened?
Ragini:no.. there’s
Aman interrupts: what happened? Did sanskar again..
Ragini interrupts:no
Aman: then?
Ragini: he is also going to get married in the community marriage
Aman Shocked: what?
Ragini: and now i have lost him and i would call you later Dr Aman
Aman:but Ra…

*I was sooo depressed..one side it was my love and the other side it was Myrah di’s future but i still wanted to…*

3 days passed

Ragini goes to community office

And she directly goes to sanskar
Ragini: sanskar, i want to say something
She says something to him
Sanskar’s lips turns into a small smile

Ragini nods smiling:and for that we have to go now and later you can surprise aunty
Sanskar: but,i still can’t believe it
Ragini: we should go now

She looks at his bike which still doesn’t have the back seat!

She then looks at him who came with car keys

Saanson se rishta tod bhi loon
Tumse tod na paungi hmm..

They were moving in the car and the was only and only silence, she looks at him and smiles Sadly

They reach Mr.sharma’s house who is a poet and a musician

Mr sharma:long time Ragu
Ragini: didn’t got time uncle
He looks at sanskar
Ragini: this is sanskar,uncle
Mr.sharma smiles and gives him the book and a cheque
Mr.sharma: this is for your mom
Sanskar smiles seeing the first copy of his mom’s poems
And a cheque
Sanskar: thankyou so much sir
Mr.sharma:aha, don’t thank me..i should thank your mother for amazing poems and if you want to thank someone then thank Ragini, who has given me the poems from your mom
Sanskar looks at Ragini being grateful to her
She smiles at him

Later they takes a leave
While moving to the car..
Sanskar stumbles due to a stone

Ragini worried:sanskar ji

Sanskar controls himself and stood and sees her and reflects a small toothless smile

Later they were in the car where Ragini sees sanskar who had a small smile in his face and a great happiness

Main phir bhi tumko chahungi
Main phir bhi tumko chahungi
Iss chaahat mein marr jaungi
Main phir bhi tumko chahungi

Sanskar stops the car infront of a tea stall

And Ragini sees sanskar’s purse in the bench,she sees sanskar waiting for the tea
She immediately takes it and sees his and his mother’s photo in it she immediately steals it and keeps inside her bag
And places his purse back

While he takes the tea and gives her
She drinks it

Sanskar goes to pay the bill

Ragini takes out her mobile and about to click his photo but it was too late he turns to her
She immediately acts like searching for the network
Sanskar smiles…

Ragini:yeh network bhi na
Sanskar smiles: chale?
Ragini hising her embarassment nods

Later they goes to Sanskar’s home
Sanskar shows the first copy of the book to his mom and also gives her the cheque
And he tell about the help of Ragini

Radha caresses her hair and thanks her
But Ragini smiles and nods in no

Ragini sees sanskar smiles and taking with his mom

She excuses herself lying about the call..
She directly goes to her home by giving them the moment

*I had decided it was the last day that i would…khair leave it,i had lots of memories in one single day and may be this is my first wise decision.and next day i went to church*

Ragini has kneel infront of Jesus and was praying

When she heard a voice:Ragini

Ragini immediately opens her eyes : God?

Voice:nahi tere ek lautha tommy bhaiyya

She turns and sees tommy standing

Later they were sitting out

Tommy:please baccha only you can help me
Ragini was thinking about the matter

Ragini:how about talking to sanskar ji
Tommy: do you want me to die? No
Ragini:but i think only he can help us in this matter

Ragini:ok give me two minutes

She immediately grabs her phone and moves aside

Here Aman on call:everything is fair in love and war,you should take help from sanskar and you should not have any second thought in this matter
Ragini: thankyou Dr Aman
Aman:i am always there for you

Aman disconnects his call
He takes back his seat in viva
And a girl was sitting in front of him

Aman:take one

And the girl looks at the gooday biscuit placed on table

Aman immediately takes the packet:now take one

Here sanskar:who basheer sahab’s daughter? didn’t you had any other girls in this land?
Tommy:please understand bro..i love her and i have changed a lot you know that and it’s only because of her
Sanskar:no, I can’t support this basheer sahab is very respectable person..

He goes

Tommy looks at Ragini
Ragini immediately:we thought you would know the value of love, how it pains and hurts to lose your love..but i think we expected this from wrong person!we just asked help to join the 2 lovers but it seems you are not understandable

He stops listening her,he turns to her

Tommy: please yaar sanskar,Ragini would bring her you just have to help us get out of this land

Sanskar:hmm… okay


A soft 60’s song was heard
It’s sanskar and tommy who was waiting

Tommy changes the song into rock music
Sanskar glares him
Tommy looks other side being attitude

Ragini comes with a girl in burkha
They sits

They reach the border of the town where a car was waiting

Tommy:bass…here only

Sanskar stops the car

Tommy comes to sanskar and his him tightly: thankyou.. This Thomas Fernandez will never forget your this help

Sanskar smiles a bit

Tommy composes and gives him a letter:i have poured my heart out and my grateful words for you in this,please do read it once I leave

Sanskar nods

Tommy goes and sits in the car

Sanskar opens the letter

“Kutte kameene…”

Sanskar angrily looks at tommy who is in car. He continues to read

“At that day in the bus stand you spoiled my plan of wooing myrah and then you handovered me to police when i opened the cyber just for myrah and with hard work i could finally make myrah to love me and you again in the name of community marriage you were going to become mahaan and snatch my myrah,tujhe mein apne zindagi mein grahan ban ne kaise de sakta hoon..”

He angrily looks at tommy

And the girl peels out the window and removes the niqab and was revealed to be myrah

Tommy:kutte… Don’t you dare to give that look

Sanskar angrily: you…
He was about to go
Tommy gets scared and tells the driver:kameene gaadi nikal
They leaves

Sanskar continues to read
“And please think that i just never existed in your life and never ever cross my path”

Sanskar throws the letter and was silent for a moment

Ragini was smiling and looking at him

*Till now tom..ahaan Thomas Fernandez was a useless person but from now on he is the place of God..*

Ragini herself: i think he may propose me now
She looks at sanskar expectantly..
And sanskar who smiled remembering the incident happened few minute ago

He looks at her with a small smile

Ragini crosses her fingers and was praying that he should propose her

His expression changes: come i will drop you to your home

Ragini’s face fell

*Every expectations on water?*

Shekar opens the door
Where Ragini was standing sadly

Shekar:what happened to your results,you told there is some result that you are waiting for?

Ragini sadly gets in

Shekar:no problem baccha don’t worry you will do it next time

Ragini moves to her room

Shekhar to janki:janki i think we should proceed about sunny’s talks

Ragini feels sad

2 days passed

Ragini goes to grace’s house
When Grace: Ragini come with me i want to take you to some place

Ragini: which place..?
Grace drags her to the car

Ragini sits in car

Ragini:but where are we going?
Grace: talk to sanskar
Ragini immediately: no i am not going to…
Grace interrupts:ok don’t,but atleast go to him
Ragini: but why?
Grace: he wasn’t to say something to you

Within sometime Grace drops at some place
And Ragini recognise it to be the same place where sanskar rejected her

She slowly goes in and sees Sanskar whose back was faced to her

Ragini annoyed: same place and only waiting for the rain

She looks at the surrounding and remembers when sanskar rejected her it was raining heavily

Ragini thinks to let him know that she has came to get rejected again..

She cleats her throat

And sanskar didn’t turn

Ragini acts coughing and he turns and the cough turns real one

Sanskar: Ragini are you ok?
Ragini composing:hmm..

He smiles a bit

Sanskar:Ragini you know that i am a simple man, a farmer

Ragini looks other side being annoyed: started..now will say,Ragini ek badiiiiiiii ghar ki ladki hai

Sanskar: aur Ragini ek badi ghar ladki ho

Ragini nods like understanding: hmm..
(In low voice)you have to reach height’s and make your dad proud

Sanskar: and you have to reach height’s and make your father proud

Ragini nods like understanding with bored smile on her face (murmurs):and we many differences

Sanskar:and in many things we have many differences

Ragini acts to be understanding and bent her head being annoyed

Sanskar looks at her lovingly: but i don’t mind it!

Ragini shockingly looks at him: haan?!

He pulls out the locket from inside the shirt

Ragini was shocked to see the same shell locket

Sanskar smiles and held her wrist

Ragini was not understanding

He then entangled his fingers with her and takes her along with him

Ragini was rubbing her eyes
She looks at sanskar
And her hand where her her fingers were securely entangled with him

Sanskar takes her to the bike and removes the jacket which is placed above it
And points to it

Ragini was shocked actually shocked to hell
Seeing the backseat in his bike

*Yes..yeh Mera hero ka thareeka tha to propose me and silly me samajne mein bohoth dher laga di*

Sanskar sits in the bike and signs her to sit

*Oh no..this serious hero of mine can be romantic tooo..shocked..me too and this moment was real and i was shy blushy blushy in real it was not a dreamy blushy*

She sits and back hugs him by locking her hands through his stomach

Sanskar smiles

While driving,sanskar remembers the first meet when he saw Ragini for the first time fighting with the goons
And then in Myrah’s home where Ragini was teaching her cycling where he smiled seeing hey cuteness
And then in the shop where Ragini was looking at him in between diksha in the middle ,he smiled when she was trying to see him
And when he went to her home and she hiding behind the pillar and was watching him,he smiled
And when she wanted to gain his concentration and seeing that he didnt look at her she angrily went inside her home
And he smiles seeing her angry cute expression
And when Ragini lied him telling that she came to see Rain after she went he smiled seeing her cute lie
And when she came to propose him she left the box there he takes it and opens the box and sees the shell locket
He smiles
And all his reaction that’s smile were unaware to Ragini

Sanskar smiles
Suddenly Ragini pats him points to the beggar

And the beggar smiles happily seeing them together
He was the same beggar fir whom Ragini gave money to gain his concentration

Sanskar smiles

And there comes grace’s husband prakash who saw them together

He directly went to shekar and told about it

Prakash: why are you silent?i am telling you something!for this only you called me India.. India has beautiful surrounding,is this a beautiful surrounding

Shekar was silent
Janki and sunny were looking at him being helpless

Prakash goes from there angrily

Janki places her hand on shekar’s shoulder: don’t be tensed we will talk ..

Shekar interrupts with wide smile: why should i be tensed?

Sunny and janki looks at him shocked

Shekar:i knew before itself she won’t agree for any arrange marriage and she is my daughter and she know what is best for her!

Janki smiles

Shekar:and she chose sanskar for her and he is matured and gentleman see he would definitely come here now

She smiles

And they listen the sound of bike

And they see sanskar and Ragini coming in bike

Shekhar: see i told you

They goes down

RagSan comes there

Sanskar: doctor..i want to ask…..
Shekar interrupts: wait..
Sanskar looks at him
Shekar: that i have to give my daughter’s hand to you…ok i will give

RagSan smiles

Sunny: how’s this possible?
Shekar: and where is impossible here?

Sunny:we are Christians and he is Hindu

Shekar:did Jesus created this world for only us?

Shekar looks at him annoyed while all laughs

*And then everything goes well and we got married on the next palm sunday(oshana)*

*Dad found the new medicine on his own finally but..*

Shekar was adding one final ingredient on the medicine

Where behind janki tasting her own food;arey waaah…

Shekhar gets scared and the medicine’s falls and the flask breaks

He looks at janki
Janki: sorry!

*And Samiya got married to a fitness freak….*

Samiya was seeing the delicious cake and was about to eat it
But someone pulls it

And the person is sameer samiya’s husband

Sameer: it’s 8..no carbs after 8

Samiya angrily glares him: i hate you

Sameer:but i love you!!!samii

Sami smiles because even if he controls her food but she loves him more than the food?

*And Thomas bhaiyya and Myrah di lives happily..tommy turned responsible person all thanks to myrah di*

Tommy and myrah were together running a coaching classes for the boards srudents

After that tommy:i am lucky that i got you
Myrah smiles
Tommy:i should really thankful to Ragini gor my this beautiful life..

*Pleasure is always mine tommy no no thomas bhaiyya and then sunny who started his new matrimony that is intercast marriage beauro*

*And then diksha,after finding grooms and she finally endup with…*

Diksha was typing the laptop
When someone hugs her from back

Person:i love you jaan

Diksha smiles: I love tou too Yardley

*And diksha and yardley are expecting their first baby..*

*And at last this was my story and as i thought i found my man and got married to him and in this my support was my best friend Dr Aman for me he gave me best advises he even talk to sanskar too but..*

Scene shifts to a car
Where sanskar and Ragini were going
And they have a toddler

Ragini looks at sanskar smiling

Sanskar looks at her smiles

They reach Dr Aman’s house

*Dr Aman..*

Aman opens the door and he smiles at them

*If you thought his help was all for me..then a big NO..keeping cat’s innocence face but a evil minded behind*

Aman :Ragini

And from Aman’s behind there comes Saher
Who smiles at them

*If you thought he saw me lovingly no.. it’s a no but a person stood next to me*

When aman and Ragini were talking he was taking a glance of Saher

And then when aman gifted Ragini
Aman’s gaze was fixed on saher
He was seeing her reaction

And whenever they were talking aman was only staring saher
Fb ends

All 4 talks and has a good time while eating
Aman feeds to saher
Saher gets shy

And RagSan adores them

*And it’s said whatever may happen boy’s can’t forget their first love*

Aman: what did you keep the name of baby

Sanskar smiles:Shiny…

Sanskar playing with baby:shiny..ale le le..shiny…

Aman and saher smiles

Ragini smiles being annoyed

The end

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