Dil Se Di Dua… Saubhagyavati Bhava 7th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Se Di Dua… Saubhagyavati Bhava 7th January 2013 Written Episode, Dil Se Di Dua… Saubhagyavati Bhava 7th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts off with Ananya, her mom, Raj and Mrs. Vyas listening to live recording of Viraj through a tape recorder where Viraj is determine to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Viraj is narrating his plan to Unniyal that its now about Jhanvi. He adds that he’d already sensed the faking done by Mrs. Vyas long ago and he didn’t leave Ananya on Mrs. Vyas’s behest. In fact, he wants Ananya to feel and think Viraj as a changed man now so that he can enter and carve a niche for himself in Ananya’s life. He vows to take revenge from everyone involved with Ananya.

After listening, Ananya confirms that leopard can never change its spot. She’d the feeling of Viraj cooking up something fishy but now its confirmed. She explains them through a flashback where she had called someone to obtain a recorder used in sting operation. She’d then placed it in the bouquet in Viraj’s home from which Viraj’s true color has been revealed. It was his entire plan, says Mrs. Vyas. Now he wants revenge from everyone. Ananya decides to sneak into Viraj’s life, befriend him and play along with him to gain his trust and confidence. Firstly she wants to find out the location of Jhanvi’s dead body. Viraj on the other hand, says he’ll get J’s heart at any cost as this is going to be the end.

Ananya suggests Mrs. Vyas to leave the town as now Viraj knows her reality and he’ll definitely try to get back to her. Mrs. Vyas refuse to step back and decides to support Ananya in getting justice to Jhanvi. She says its every woman’s plead for justice and she won’t budge when they’re close to complete their mission. Raj questions her that now Ananya knows Viraj’s entire plan, why she wants to put herself in danger? Ananya retorts that she wants to find out some secrets including the one of Jhanvi’s dead body. She assures to end Viraj’s game very soon.

Raj is sitting alone and recalling the flashback of the recording today where VIraj wants to seek revenge from them and Ananya is determined to fight back. Raj gets a feeling of something going to occur bad. He decides to become Ananya’s shadow to prevent her from Viraj’s harm.

In the morning, Ananya is dumbfounded to see Viraj at her door. She politely invites him in. He greets her mother in Bengali and she nervously replies. He returns a medicine Ananya forgot at his place. He plays innocent that he doesn’t deserve any sympathy or softness from them. He only needs their support. Before leaving, he invites Ananya for a cup of coffee in a caf if she’s not comfortable at his home to which Ananya agrees to meet him at his home. He leaves. Ananya’s mom shows her concern to which she assures her of taking care of herself.

At Ananya’s cabin, Raj enters in a good mood and shows her couple tickets for a play tonight at 5 pm. Ananya refuses as she’s promised Viraj to meet him at his place. She explains how Viraj tries to lure them into goody good talks today. Raj expresses his displeasure of her not including him into this plan. She tries to reason with Raj to accompany her and keep an eye from outside at Viraj’s home, which Raj refuses. He disagrees to let her go alone. After a little argument, they both decide to go by their own plans and leaves.

Mrs. Vyas is speechless to see Viraj at her door step. Viraj tries to puzzle her more by disclosing her occupation to which she replies confidently, trying to hide her emotions. Viraj asks to be invited inside the home, she relents. Viraj expresses his concern for Mrs. Vyas being nervous at his arrival to which she denies and fabricates her health not being well. Viraj looks at her sarcastically. He tells her that he’d spoken to Jhanvi last night and she is happy over Ananya and Viraj reunion. He appreciated Mrs. Vyas concern for him, sarcastically and thanks her. He invites her for lunch at 2 pm today at his farm house, which she tries to politely deny but upon his insistence, she agrees. As soon as he leaves, she calls up Raj to inform him about today’s invitation. Raj discourages her from going at his place but she’s determined. He decides of placing few of the Sanjay’s men at Viraj’s farm house and this way she could remain safe. Mrs. Vyas asks him and Ananya to go and search at Viraj’s place for Jhanvi’s body as Viraj just left. Raj agrees but considering Ananya being busy in a news bulletin, he decides to go alone.

Raj breaks into Viraj’s place slyly through the window and finds nobody home. Suddenly he hears some ambiguous noise and follows the direction. Meanwhile Ananya finds 20 missed calls by Mrs. Vyas and calls her back, but couldn’t get connected. She calls Raj but he couldn’t see as his phone was on vibration. We see Viraj sitting besides the box and talking to Jhanvi’s body. (They still haven’t shown the body yet).

PRECAP: Raj hears and sees Viraj talking to Jhanvi’s body that after few hours, he’ll get the heart back. Raj hits a chair accidentally, alerting Viraj.

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