Dil Se Di Dua… Saubhagyavati Bhava 16th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Se Di Dua… Saubhagyavati Bhava 16th January 2013 Written Episode, Dil Se Di Dua… Saubhagyavati Bhava 16th January 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with Ananya lighting the pyre which Viraj, in a police custody, gets agitated with anger and the feeling to lose Jhanvi. Raj, Ananya and Jhanvi’s mom looks on. He grievously pleads Jhanvi to come back and tries to put off the fire with his bare hands which gets burn in the process. Upon seeing this, Ananya rebukes Viraj that his so called pure love for Jhanvi gets scared by a mere fire. Instead, he should’ve jumped in this fire if he’d loved her so much. She quotes an example of a woman becomes Sati when gets burn in the same pyre as her husband’s and only a woman has the guts to do it. Unlike you, who has treated his own wife like a doormat and a constant subject to domestic violence and finally ends up killing her. Viraj refutes that he has not killed Jhanvi. He only tried to poison her with an antidote as a backup but Jhanvi refused to drink the antidote. He painfully says how could he kill her own Jhanvi? Ananya says perhaps you were the reason of her death. All these years, you’ve never let her live in peace and shattered all her dreams. Viraj gets reminded of his atrocities on Jhanvi through a series of flashbacks. Rape scene, locking her with cockroaches, forcing her to eat flowers, splashing cold water through a pipe, mercilessly hitting her with a bet and dragging her on the floor. Ananya continues that Jhanvi tried to change you as a person indefinite times but when she gave up, she tried to run away from your hell, a flashback is shown Jhanvi getting into the car with Geeta at their 2nd SR. Ananya says, when Jhanvi met with Raghav, you tried your best to keep them both apart, even you’d killed him. Viraj refutes this again and Ananya replies, you were the reason behind his death. She goes on, Viraj was the one who got dadi paralyzed, killed his own mother Geeta and his own child in Jhanvi’s womb. Viraj reretfully cries. She goes on, When all this was not enough, you killed Jhanvi by injecting poison, flashback is shown Viraj giving her poison and Jhanvi breathes last. Today, finally she’s going to get salvation from you. All she’d wanted to have a happy and peaceful life but you didn’t approve of it. She adds a social message that We girls are taught from the beginning to obey her husband whether she likes it or not, whether her husband treats her nicely or not. She addresses today’s woman to voice your concerns and never suffer any kind of atrocity. Jhanvi would’ve been alive today if she’d mustered courage and voiced her opinion.

Viraj tries to walk upto the pyre once again to take the body out of it but obstructed by Ananya. She says she wants Jhanvi to take birth as a woman again and live life whatever she couldn’t attain in this lifetime. Viraj asks Ananya to get out of her way and tries to put off fire which resulted in his hand burn again. Ananya twists his hand so he could feel the same pain when he’d burnt Jhanvi’s feet, a flashback of the very first episode occurs. How he’d forced her to smile in pain, a flashback of her smiling while in pain. Viraj couldn’t hear anymore, kneels down, calling Jhanvi repeatedly. He apologized to Jhanvi’s pyre.

After the ceremony, Pandit ji brings a pot contains Jhanvi’s ashes and instructs Ananya and J’s mother to immerse it after 13 days in Ganges. Meanwhile, police takes Viraj away.

In the police jeep, Viraj recalls whatever Ananya told him on the ghat. Suddenly police jeep stops when they spots someone lying in the middle of the road, covered with blanket. Some officers get down and found someone unconscious. They hands him over to the bystanders to take him to the hospital. In the police jeep, a constable warns Viraj not to run and he gets down to see what’s happening outside. While officers get back into the jeep, they gets surprised when they didn’t find Viraj in it. Police sees ,the unconscious person, Unniyal running away and chases him.

At Ananya’s home, Raj appreciates her effort of giving an end to Viraj Dobriyal. Ananya says it will be complete when Viraj will be awarded a justified punishment. She then thanks Raj for believing in her and supporting her selflessly in every turn. They share some cute moments together when Ananya receives a call that surprised her.

At the police station, officer explains to Ananya and Raj how Viraj escaped with the help of Unniyal, who got out on bail this morning. Ananya and Raj fears of Viraj coming with something big and dangerous this time. Police assures the of putting high alert in the city and on every checkpost. To everyone’s surprise, Viraj enters. He says he’s not here to harm anyone but to surrender himself. He asks the constables not to handcuff him as he knows his way. Police, Ananya and Raj wonders why Viraj didn’t run away when he had a chance. Ananya and Raj leaves.

Precap: In the jail, officer brings in a file of papers and explains Viraj it’s his confession papers of all the crimes he’s committed till now and must sign it. Ananya calls the police officer to confirm and is stunned to know Viraj has signed it.

Update Credit to: MahinK

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