Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 15th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir reveals Laila and his affair

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The Episode starts with Rehaan messaging his feelings about Ahana and thinking about her. He writes…. I know what’s wrong, even then I m saying we are not wrong to be together, I have realized my feelings, I need to tell this to you, I spoilt your life by hating you before and now I m spoiling it by loving you. He gets shocked seeing the message sent to Anant. He worries and leaves from the hospital. Rehaan reaches the office and looks for Anant’s phone. He learns Anant is in conference room. He gets the phone and deletes the message. Anant asks what are you doing here.

Rehaan says I came to meet you. Anant goes for conference. Rehaan gets relieved and thinks why am I feeling this about Ahana. Ahana scolds Kabir for killing her dad. She says Laila killed my dad, her disloyalty killed him. She says Laila just cared for money, not her children. He says you don’t know your mum, she has supported your dad in bad times, I asked her to elope with me, she refused to come for family respect, she left her happiness. He asks her to forgive her mum. She says she is my mum, you don’t teach me, you will know she likes to play a victim. Ahana argues with Kabir. She says Laila’s mistake was she was in love with someone else than her husband. He says love is not a sin, it doesn’t see anything. She thinks of Anant. He says your mum loved me. She says don’t tell me what she did, I know it very well, I keep thinking and praying that if my dad hadn’t seen you in the farmhouse, he would have been alive. He says Laila’s condition is critical, let me meet me. She says shut up, she can’t meet you, I m the one who takes the decisions here, I will never allow you, just get out. He leaves.

Saloni sits by Laila’s side and cries. She thanks God that Laila has come back to them. Laila says I went home with Rahul and you both, I had told you not to wear yellow dress, you didn’t listen to me, we were very happy, Rahul…. my two daughters…. you should have let me stay in coma. Saloni cries and goes. Rehaan asks Ahana what happened. Ahana says I don’t want to talk, look I m sorry. He says its okay, it happens sometimes.

She says you can go home, Saloni is with me, Tarun has also come. He goes. Saloni cries and says mom had regained consciousness, doctor said she will get fine, go and meet her. Ahana goes. Tarun comes to Anant and says Laila got conscious. Anant says its good, Saloni was so worried. Tarun says Saloni and Ahana were worried, come along, I m going to hospital, Ahana will need you in such situations.

Anant imagines Ahana and his child. Hamari adhuri kahani….plays…. He gets sad seeing the empty cradle. Anant cries. He says no Tarun, you can leave, I have some imp work, I m busy. Tarun says but you can come. Anant makes excuses. Tarun says I feel you don’t wish to go, Ahana is not emotional like Saloni, even strongest person breaks finding dear one in pain. Anant asks Tarun to leave. Tarun goes. Rehaan comes home. He finds Roshni taunting and says you seem very different today, what’s the matter. Karan looks on.

She says you have gone on Ahana’s side. She gets Anant’s call. Anant says tell Yamini to send clothes and food for Ahana, she will stay with Laila at the hospital. Roshni says its a request from Ahana, she is going to stay with her mum, she will pretend to be worried, why should I bother Yamini. She asks Karan to tell Uma to send food for Ahana, its not her headache to send Ahana’s clothes.

She plays piano and makes Karan hear her tune. Rehaan goes to Ahana’s room and gets her clothes from the cupboard. He thinks of Ahana. He thinks what’s wrong with me, why can’t I see you sad, how are you related to me.

Ahana says its not good to run away from situation. Anant says you are mistaken. She says I can understand everything, why are you punishing me, I said I m sorry. Gupta warns Ahana. Rehaan comes in between and pushes Gupta away.

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  1. Now that it’s confirmed this is going off air.. I just wish they never bring rehana together and close the serial on happy note..

  2. Exactly…. Its really sad to see a unique storyline getting scrapped…. I really don’t get why Indian audiences are so obsessed with the illogical saas bahu melodrama that they refuse to accept any show with a different genre……
    The main story hasn’t even started and the serial is going off air… Hope they will atleast give a proper ending..

  3. I thinks lits like hostory repeat itself. As per kabir words, Laila was in love with him, but never leave Rahul, the same, they will make Ahaana will get in love with rehan, but to retain on her own decision of marriage, she will not leave anant, and this will become triangle love story ir-respect of age. Lets see. 🙂

  4. Where is 16th January 2018 written update?

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