Dil Mil Gaye ( A SwaSan Short Story) Part 13

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Part 13

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Next Morning:

It was a new day, a new beginning, a new journey in the lives of Swara and Sanskar. Both were equally happy and got up with a smile on their faces..!!

Sanskar got up and stretched his arms and smiled thinking of the last night..!! He ran his hands from his hairs and smiled idiotically..!! He went to washroom to get freshen up!!

He was brushing his teeth when he looked up to see his face in the mirror but was shocked to see Swara standing behind him folding her hands..!! “Hain..!!” Sanskar said amused and then started to brush again..!!

“Toh koi izzat nahi rahi ab meri..!!” Swara said glaring him!!

Sanskar:(spitted the toothpaste??)You are in real..??!!

Swara twisted her lips indicating she does not know..!! He went near her and touched her arm with his index finger scared like she will eat him !! The toothpaste was still smeared on his lips??!!

He touched but she did not vanish..he went to hug her out of excitement but collided with the wall instead!!

Sanskar(shocked): Aaooo!!(rubbing his forehead) Abhi toh yahi thi..

He again smiled thinking that he has gone mad in her love!!??

He had his shower and came out in a towel to choose his clothes..!! Now he twisted his lips thinking what to wear..??!

Some one tapped his shoulder and he turned and was again shocked to see Swara standing their raising her eye brows..!!

He touched his whole face with his hands in order to check he was fine or not..!!

“You are fine..!!” Swara replied..”Sachi..??!” Sanskar asked still confused..!!

Swara came forwards sanskar was still standing their confused without blinking his eyes..!! “Wear this one..!!” Swara said choosing a outfit for him..He took the outfit and turned to the other side but again he turned to look at Swara and she had again disappeared..!!

“I need to go to a doctor..!!” Sanskar said to himself!! He was utterly confused!!??

He came down and directly sat on the dining table..!! There he saw swara sitting beside him and smiling at him..!! He rubbed his eyes and opened them again she had disappeared!! Now he saw her serving him.!!

“Main pagal ho jaungaaa..!!” Sanskar said shouting!! Ap and dp were equally confused??

Sanskar(realising the blunder he had created..!!) : Vo, nothing Dad..!! Was just thinking something??

He got up and directly went to a hallucinating centre??!!

At the doctor’s cabin:

“Doctor i don’t know mujhe kya ho gya hai..!!??Clothes choose kerte vakt bhi bas vahi dikhti hai..!! Am i suffering from a very dangerous disease..??!??” sanskar said to the doctor panicking ??

Doctor(smiling): Be calm Mr. Maheshwari..!! There is only one disease which has affected you..!!

Sanskar: (shocked) What is it Doctor..??!

Doctor: Loveria..!!??

Sanskar: Hain..!! Vo toh bohut der se hai??

Doctor: Sanskar be calm..!! Don’t think much about it..!!

Sanskar went out and smiled idiotically and scratched his back of his neck..!!


Now it was time for Swara’s surprise..!! He went to settle the things at the surprise venue..!!

Swara’s side:

“Huh..this Sanskar na..!! Not picking up my calls and yesterday was saying surprise surprise.!! Huh..pagal..but i love this pagal??!!” Swara said smiling and looking at her phone and waiting for it to ring with flashing the name of Sanskar on the screen..she so much wanted to talk to him!!

Now it was becoming impossible on the both sides??!!

Then only her phone rang with Sanskar’s name!! She picked up the call in no minutes and shot her bullets of questions??!!

Swara: What sanskar!! Why were you not picking up my calls..?? You have find someone else..??!(angry)

Sanskar:(smirks) Actually swara i was busy somewhere..!! (We all know where!!) Ha actually i called you tell you this only that i have find someone else..!!

Swara(shocked): WHAT..!! How could you..??(about to cry)

Sanskar: Calm swara..I was just kidding..!! Ok now, get ready..!! I will come to pick you up in 30 minutes for the surprise!!

Swara(happy): OK!!

Sanskar: (laughs)Please wear something good ok..?? You everytime look like a witch!!

Swara(angry): Hawwww!!! Sanskar..!! You are so bad!! Do i look like a witch to you..??!

Sanakar: Hehe, nothing like that?? be ready my princess!!

Swara: Hmm..

Sanskar: I love you..!!

Swara: Hmm..

Sanskar (fakely sad): You will not confess na..ok then be ready and bye..

Swara: Wait..!! I love you too..!!(smiling)

Sanskar(smiling): bye..

Swara: Bye..(cuts the call)

After 30 minutes..!!

Swara was giving last touch to her make up when she heard the horn sound!!

“Finally he is here..!!” Swara said smiling and went out getting her clutch..!! So much excited she was??!!

It was when Sanskar’s breath stopped !! She came out from her house wearing a knee length black dress with a side bun looking extremely beautiful..!!

He was just bowled by her look!! He kept staring at her without blinking his eyes while her cheeks flushed into a deep red colour of red as she was burning under his intense gaze..!!

Ab se koi khushi nahi
Jiski tum wajah nahi
Ab se koi din nahi
Jiski tum subah nahi
Ab se koi baat nahi
Jo tumse na hogi shuru

She came in front of him as he was standing with the support of the bonnet of the car..!!

Swara: Sanskar…

No response..!!

Swara: (little loudly) Sanskar..!!

No response..!!

But Sanskar was in no mood of coming to world..!! Swara snapped her fingers in front of him and he came back in the world..!!

Sanskar: Won’t you vanish again..??!??

Swara: Sanskar..you have lost it totally!!

Sanskar: Hehe..nhi nhi bs tumhare pyaar ka asar hai yeh..!!(pulling her closer)

Ab se koi raah nahi
Jo tum sang main mudhoon
Abh ke abhi yeh ho gaya yakeen
Yeh zindagi meri ho gayi teri

Sanskar pulled her closer by her waist registering that she won’t go away now..!! She was his, only his and nobody had that right he had on her!!

Swara was yet again lost in his touch, she felt so good being​ in his arms, and there was no arkwardness now..!!

She was blushing thora thora, after all he was so close to her..He was also looking so hot and handsome that swara also wanted to lose control??!!

Abhi ke abhi yeh ho gaya yakeen
Yeh zindagi meri ho gayi teri
Tumse hi tumse har baat
Har baat hai
Jab tum ho saath
Tumse hi tumse har baat
Har baat hai
Jab tum ho saath

He cupped her face and leaned towards but before​ he could reach her lips, swara got guts and she kissed his cheek tightly and ran away..!!

His hand was on his cheek and he was smiling idiotically standing alone??!!

In the car:

“Swara you are looking so breath taking today..let’s cancel the plan and enjoy at home..!!” Sanskar said leaning towards her smiling romantically..!!

But our Swara is very Sanskaari..!!

“Bas..i want my surprise..!!” Swara said scolding first and then squealing like a child..!!

But sanskar was not going to listen..he leaned further towards her and she started breathing heavily..!!

Sanskar was smiling seeing the effect he had on her..!!??

Swara closed her eyes as she thought he was going to ? her..!! Sanskar smiled teasingly and kissed the corner of her lips teasing her as she frowned..!! While his hands took out the pin which was keeping her hair in a bun..!!

Swara moved back and her hairs fell down till her mid waist..!! She was looking more breath taking now..!!

“You look more beautiful now..don’t tie them!! Let them be free..??!!” Sanskar said being dangerously close to her..!!

Swara smiled and admired him..!! What was this man..??! Sometimes so serious and sometimes funny!! She felt so blessed to have him in her life??!!

“I am also blessed to have you Swara..!!” Sanskar said smiling mischievously and getting himself back on his seat..!! Swara was shocked hearing him..!! As far as she remembers, she said in mind??!! Did he knew face reading..??!

Swara:(in mind) Did I said that loud..?!

Sanskar: No..you said that in your mind!!

Swara(staring him): How do you know then haa..??! You did not tell you knew face reading..!!

Sanskar: (looking at her smilingly) I don’t need to know face reading to know what is going on in your mind..!! We are connected by heart swara..!! Which will never be separated..!!

Swara smiled and rested her head on his shoulder..”lets go..!!” Swara said unknown of the fact that sanskar was leaning towards her to kiss her..!!

Sanskar(concentrating back?): Ok then..!! (In mind): Yaar so unromantic..everytime she spoils it..!! Dhat??!!

After a drive of around 30 minutes they were on the destination..!!

Swara was literally shocked to see the destination and tears welled up in her eyes..!!

Swara(almost crying): Sanskar ye..

Sanskar turned towards her and saw tears in her eyes..!! He felt so bad to see her in tears and hugged her immediately..!!

Sanskar: Swara…don’t cry..!! I know these tears are just because of me!! I just wanted to start our new relation from the place where I did the biggest mistake of my life..!! Sorry swara..i’m sorry..ok, we will go from here..!!

Yes, they were on the beach..

Swara stopped crying and broke the hug..”No sanskar, you are right, we must mend our mistake..!! And i also want my surprise na ??!!”swara said getting out of the car..!!

Sanskar smiled and blind folded her..!! He took her towards the beach..the place was all decorated by red and white balloons and clothes and in the middle a table was set for the lunch..the path was all decorated by roses..!!

Sanskar opened her eyes and she was shocked to see it..!! Happy tears came in her eyes..!! She smiled and ran towards the water..!!

Sanskar:(shouts) Arrey btati toh ja kaisa lga..??!??

Swara: (shouts back) I loved it Sanskar just as I love you..!!

Sanskar smiled..

Ishq ki dhooni roz jalaaye
Uthta dhuaan toh kaise chhupaaye
Ho akhiyaan kare jee hazoori
Maange hai teri manzoori
Kajra siyaahi, din rang jaaye
Teri kastoori rain jagaaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Bas tera naam dohraaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Tera naam dohraaye

Swara went little ahead and was shocked to see the sand !! She looked at Sanskar who was standing their smiling putting his hands in his pocket??!!






As she completed reading it, her hands automatically went to her mouth in astonishment..!!

Chaahe bhi toh bhool na paaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Bas tera naam dohraaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Tera naam dohraaye

She was so so so happy that she couldn’t just explain..!!

She ran towards Sanskar and threw herself in Sanskar’s arms..!! He stumbled a bit due to the force but hugged her back with the same passion..!!

Swara: I love you too..!!

After 5 minutes, sanskar tried to break the hug but she didn’t him do so..she just tightened her grip..!!

Jogiya jog lagake
Makhra rog lagaa ke
Ishq ki dhooni roz jalaaye
Uthta dhuaan toh kaise chhupaaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Bas tera naam dohraaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Bas tera naam dohraaye

She was finding so much peace and solace in his arms..it was just the safest place on earth for her..!! She was feeling just awesome..

Sanskar: (lovingly) Swara…

Swara: Hmm..

Sanskar(checking her forehead): Are you fine..??!

Swara: (smiles seeing his care) Yes..

Sanskar: Then let’s have lunch come on..!!

Swara(nuzzling in him more): But i don’t wanna leave you..(childishly)

Sanskar: But i’m with you only..!!

Swara: No..i won’t leave you..!!

Sanskar smiled teasingly and picked her up in bridal style..!! She rested her head on his shoulder..!!

Swara also smiled seeing him..”yeh hui na baat..!!” Swara said winking..!!

He took themselves towards the table and sath on his seat with Swara on his lap still hugging him..!!??

He smiled seeing her innocence and arranged to food in the plate..he fed her lovingly while she was just smiling..

She did not had a bite herself..sanskar lovingly fed her while she was still on her lap..!!

It was just like a dream for both of them..!!

She wrapped her hands around his neck as he carried her towards the water..!!

Sanskar: Swara now you have to get down for the next surprise..!!??

Swara: (smiles) Sure..!!

She got down and felt so light..!! “Now what Sanskar..??!” Swara said excited..!!

Sanskar:(wrapping his hands on her waist..!!) Just wait and watch darling..!!

Swara blushed by the name given by her..!! Sanskar was feeling so much good and peace to have her in his embrace..!!

Soon a jet ski arrived there and swara started to jump in happiness..!!

Swara(full excited): Wowww..!! Jet ski sanskar..!! I always wanted to ride it..!!

Sanskar smiled at her excitement and asked the driver to leave as he will ride it himself..!! (Privacy bhi chahiye hoti hai bande ko..!!??)

Sanskar sat on the jet ski while swara was standing there confused as she twisted her lips..!! “What happened princess..??! Come na..!!” Sanskar said confused..!!

Swara(still confused): Main aage baithu ya piche..??!

Sanskar slapped his forehead on her silly question..!!?

Suddenly swara shouted..!!”I will sit at the front..what if i fall in the water from behind..!!”??

Sanskar laughed at her and made sit at the front..!!

The journey started and they were just enjoying it to the core??!! “Liked it..??”sanskar said nuzzling into her neck..

Swara shivered under his closed proximity but loved it..!! She was just lost in his touch..!!(koi mauka nhi chodhte..!!??)

Swara(closing her eyes): Yes..!!

Swara’s hair were flowing in the air making her look way more breath taking!! Sanskar was losing his control now??!!

Swara saw the fire in his eyes..she turned and kissed his cheek tightly to which he smiled whole heartedly..!! Her back was caressing his hard toned chest as she rested her head on his chest and sighed in contentment..!!

What else they wanted..??! Both were so so so happy in each other’s company..!!

Soon the ride came to an end..!!

Sanskar came out of the jet ski but Swara didn’t..!!

Sanskar: What happened..??! Come na..!!

Swara: Godi..!!(pick me up..!!)

Sanskar chuckled and shaked his head and picked her up in bridal style..!! She felt so peace being in his arms again..!!

He took themselves towards the car and put her gently on the passenger seat..!! He felt like she was so delicate and even if she got scratch, he would not be able to forgive himself..!!

Swara smiled seeing his care..!!

“What next..??!” Swara asked looking at sanskar..!!

“Echoes..!!” Sanskar said started to drive..while swara remained confused..!!

“What echoes..??” Swara asked..

“Wait na..!!” Sanskar said chuckling..!!

Swara wrapped her arms around his arm and rested her head on his shoulder..!!

The rest of the journey continued like that..!!

After a drive of around 1 hour, Swara and Sanskar were standing at a hill top, with trees all around them and mountains in the front..!!

A river was flowing calmly between the hill top and the other side where were the mountains..!! Clouds were covering the whole area making it look more enchanting??!!

Swara was flattered seeing the beauty of nature in front of her..!! She just hugged Sanskar..!! “Thank you for all​ the surprises today..!!” Swara said breaking the hug..

Sanskar: It’s the last one..!!

Swara smiled and now understood what he meant by echo at that time..!!

“I LOVE YOU SANSARRRR..!!!!” swara shouted looking towards the sky??!!

It echoed three times..!! She was so amazed and felt the mountains were imitating her??!!

“I LOVE YOU TOO SWARAAAA..!!” Sanskar shouted this time..!! It also came back three times..!! Both smiled looking at each other..nobody was ready to break the eye lock..!! He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer..!!

He tucked a hair strand behind her ears and cupped her face..!! She felt so good in his arms while he was felt lucky..!! She was already breathing heavily..shivers went down her spine due to his gaze..!!

Before he could proceed further, swara smashed her lips on his. She so much needed this..!!

He was shocked at first and then responded her slowly..it was sweet, passionate lip lock??!! They were once again tasting each other’s mouth, sucking the life out of each other’s petals?!!

He caressed he waist while her hands ere on his back pulling him more closer..!!

They broke the kiss and rested their foreheads on each other..!!!

SwaSan(unison): I love you..!!

Both smiled whole heartedly and went towards the car..!!

They were returning back home when it started to rain heavily??☔☔!!

Luckily the way in the front was all damaged as the logs of trees were fallen there and it was the only one way to go back to Mumbai ??!!

Swara: (not at all worried??as her hero is with her..!!??)What to do now..??!

Sanskar: What can we do else to wait..??! (Leaning towards her) Or you want to do something else..?! (Smirks)

Swara pushes him and laughs..!! There was silence for a few minutes..!! Sanskar went out in the rain after a few minutes..!!

Swara went out running behind him..!!

Swara(worried): What are you doing Sanskar..??! You will catch cold..come on lets go inside the car !!

Sanskar: Kya swara..come on it’s so amazing to be in the rain..it’s the blessing of god and we should enjoy it..tu bhi aa ja..!!

(Guys in every story, swara plays in the rain and sanskar gets attracted..lets try something different?? do share your views..!!)

Sanskar looked towards the sky and the rain drops started move down his body as he closed his eyes..!!

Swara was seeing this shade of Sanskar for the first time and could not help getting herself lost in him..!!

She went towards him with baby steps and caught his hand..!!

Chehre mein tere
Khud ko main dhoondu
Aankhon ke darmiyan
Tu ab hai is tarah
Khwaabon ko bhi jagah na mile

He looked towards her and smiled..he pulled towards himself and she happily obliged..!!

His hands were on her waist and her’s around his neck..

Yeh mausam ki baarish
Yeh baarish ka paani
Yeh paani ki boonden
Tujhe hi to dhoonden

They started move along with the beat of their hearts being lost in each other..!!

Swara was looking deeply in his eyes where she could only find love for herself??!!

Yeh milne ki khwaahish
Yeh khwaahish purani
Ho poori tujhi se meri yeh kahani

He twirled her around and her back crashed on his chest..she closed her eyes and smiled feeling his touch??!! She only wanted this..

They were swaying slowly while he turned her and cupped her face..!! Water drops going down her face was just inviting him??!! He kissed her forehead, cheeks, then the tip of the nose and all this while her eyes were closed enjoying his love on her??!!

She was just intoxicated by his touch..

Kabhi tujhse utroon
To saanson se guzroon
Th aaye dil ko rahat
Main hoon bethikana
Panah mujhko pana
Hai tujh mein de ijazat

He looked in her eyes for permission which she happily gave him??!!  He placed his lips on her’s and sucked them slowly..he was kissing her upper lip while while she was kissing his lower one..!!

Na koyi darmiyan
Hum dono hain yahan
Phir kyun hai tu bata fasle

Swara bit his lips lightly and he gasped in shock..!! She entered his mouth and started to fight for dominance??!! It was wild kiss unlike the others !! They were kissing each other just forgetting about the whole world and place they were in..!! Her hands in his hairs, his on jer waist..just enough..!!

Yeh mausam ki baarish
Yeh baarish ka paani
Yeh paani ki boonden
Tujhe hi to dhoonden

Swara pulled out sanskar’s jacket without breaking the kiss while he just allowed her what she wanted to do??!!

She put the jacket on both of their heads and continued their love..!! She held his hand and interwined it with hers..!! So romantic??!! Aashiqui 3 has just begun??!!

The rain still continued while our love birds were still busy in each other and finding solace in each other’s arms..!!

Yeh milne ki khwaahish
Yeh khwaahish purani
Ho poori tujhi se meri yeh kahani

It was right that they had fallen in love at the most unexpected place and at the most unexpected time??!!

To be continued:

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