Dil Mil Gaye ( A SwaSan Short Story) Part 10 {Dedicated to all of you..!!}

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Hello guys?? I’m back??!! So let’s jump to the next chapter??!! This part is dedicated to all my readers..!!

Here is the link to part 9 –part 9

Part 10

Happy reading!!

Swara was shocked at first but then she thought that sahil truly loves and would keep her happy..!! She also needs to move on in life, everyone was cheering for Swa_Hil..all were encouraging swara to say yes but she was in a delima..”Come on swara say yes..!!” The croud cheered..!!

“Yes..!!” Swara replies in a low and broken voice looking down and accepted only as she thinks sahil loves her and gives her hand in Sahil’s.. sahil stood up and hugged her..she didn’t hug him back..only the sound of claps was heard..!!

Sanskar was also in the ground..it was like someone snatched his life from him!! Fury enraged in him as he saw them hugging..”what the hell..!!” His mind shouted!!

He wanted to pull sahil apart from her but he couldn’t..he himself and seen her accepting his proposal..his heart broke into pieces seeing that..!!

On the other hand, swara thought sahil was good and would keep her happy..her heart hadn’t forgot Sanskar..!!

Swara’s eyes met Sanskar’s and it showed so much pain..his eyes were glassy with tears and  he stared at her with pain..swara looked at him with teary eyes and turned her face..!! Soon sahil came and held swara’s hand took her from there..

Sanskar saw her going away, and all his hope broke into pieces..he missed Swara like hell but he was not getting what was this feeling called..her bubbly talks, their nok jhoks, there drunk state, dance, movie, puchka everything was revolving in his mind!!

He was so disturbed and could not think of anything else..!! Swara was the only thing in his mind..!! She was in there, but he was not ready to accept?!!

Swara was with Sahil physically but her heart was left behind with Sanskar..she tried to be happy and had a fake smile plastered on her face..she hated this!! She hated how Sanskar owned her mind and heart but she had to move on!!

At the class:

Sanskar was sitting with Ajay and swara and sahil were sitting together..!! Sahil had held her hand..!! This irked him to the core..!! He turned his face and looked down..and ran his hands through his hairs in frustration??!! How his life changed in a few days..earlier, she was sitting with him all good but now, they didn’t talk even..he was so confused why she was affecting him so much!!

He saw them chatting and burned in jealousy..” idiot monkey huh..talking to her as if married her..!!” he wanted to rip that maron’s head apart for talking to her..she was his best friend, no one else’s..no he can’t let this happen!! He has to talk to Swara and he will..!! Yes,  he had decided and he would surely talk to her today at any cost!! The feeling was eating him inside!!

Things were not going good..!!

Locker room:

Swara was alone in the locker room taking her books from the locker…

She was about to open the door to go out but someone entered the room and in a swift movement pinned her to the wall and kept his hand on her mouth as she was about to shout..!!

His eyes met her’s and she stopped panicking..she always dreamt of drowning in those deep eyes but the things were not in hands now..!!

Both were lost..his brown eyes met hers and the magic happened!!

Sanskar removed his hand from her mouth and griped her shoulders tightly..

He was angry, damn angry on her for talking to him..!! How could she..??

“You are hurting me Sanskar!” Swara said angrily trying to get out of his grip..

“You are hurting me more damn it!!” Sanskar said gripping her shoulders more tightly..he was equally hurt..”you are doing this for me right by accepting that idiot..?? So that I come to you !!” Sanskar continued staring deep down in her eyes and she was looking at him with disgust..she broke the eye contact..

What he was talking he himself didn’t knew, the anger and jealousy were talking??!!

“Don’t assume things Sanskar!” Swara snapped back at him teary eyed..!! Swara was really hurt..how could he assume things on his own and think that she will play such cheap games so that he would come to her..He was wrong..

“Leave my way sanskar!” Swara said keeping herself calm while looking down as a tear slid down her eyes. If she would also lose control, things would go out of hands. She was really hurt by now and wanted to leave. He went more close to her and their bodies were almost pressing against each other..he wanted to hug her,console her, protect her but he can’t.

He had hurt her deeply..

He was missing their fun, friendship, dance, talks and everything. It was being difficult to control himself now. Her teary eyes were making him more weak.

“Leave him Swara” sanskar said in a very low voice engulfed with feelings and emotions. He was damn hurt by their closeness..!! Her heart picked up its pace hearing this and started beating wildly against her rib cage.

“Why should i leave him..??” Swara said staring in his eyes for answer..she still had hopes..

But he did not had any answer for this. He himself did not know what he was feeling..!!

“Because i’m saying you to do so..he will not keep you happy..” sanskar answers with a hope that she will leave him.

“And why should i listen to you Sanskar..?? What are you to me..?? I expressed my love for you and what you did..?? Just insulted my love. You did not cared for me even once. Then why should I leave him when he loves me?? I know I don’t have feeling for him but he will keep me happy..!!You not also left our friendship..!!” Swara said angrily and hurt..his grip tightened on listening this and his hope broke into pieces.

Anger took over him.

“You will not be in any relationship with him Swara and its final. You will not be with him.” Sanskar says in low dangerous voice.

“It’s my life and who are you to decide..?! I will be with him. You are not anyone who can decide what I will do.” Swara snaps back angrily. She was not scared..

“I am your friend Swara .” Sanskar says calmly..

Swara:(taunts) Oh really..!! You only broke our friendship that day..remember anything Mr. Maheshwari..?? Or i should repeat what happened..??!

She was equally hurt.

By now there was a knock on the door. “Swara come fast we have to leave.” Sahil said from outside.

“I am coming Sahil” Swara said to him, her eyes still locked with Sanskar’s.

A sudden fury enraged him hearing Sahil. His eyes became red and he was unaware of what he was going through.

Swara pushes him and leaves the room while wiping her tears. Sanskar bangs his hand on the wall and was fully frustrated.

He went out and saw them going towards the canteen..they sat together and kept on chit chatting..he knew the smile on swara’s face was not a genuine one. He burnt in jealousy seeing them together..”stupid monkey..!!” Sanskar said him in mind?!!

Sahil kept his hand on swara’s but swara did not liked his touch..she was damn uncomfortable by it..

Swara:(removing her hand) Sahil please..

Sahil: Ok ok..

Sanskar saw this but could not hear what they were talking..his heart twisted in knots seeing them together..

Sanskar:(in mind) It was my place. She was my friend and only i have the right to talk to her. Why are you stubborn swara..?? Leave him na..!! I miss you like hell Swara..it’s so lonely without you…is sahil ka toh muh todh dun main!! But why can’t i see them together..ughhhhh!! Why i am feeling so much hurt??

Sanskar burnt in jealousy everyday seeing them together. Sometimes in the class, cantten, sahil dropping her home…unknowingly he wanted to be in sahil’s place. Things were getting out of his hands now. He was being unable to control his emotions. Swara was in his mind everyday..whenever he thought that was it love, his mind would stop him making him remember his past.

He was going through all feelings..love, pain, anger, jealousy..everything!! If god will allow him to kill someone, he would surely kill sahil!! Right now he was standing at the window of his room, staring at the moon..a tear slid down his eyes silently..he could only see the face of swara in the moon..how she affected him!!

On the other side swara was in her garden staring the moon..remembering sanskar…

(Guys it’s a kind of heart to heart talk)

Swara:(looking at the moon) Why you did this Sanskar?? Look in which situation we both are in..(teary eyed)

Sanskar:(looking at the moon): I’m sorry swara..come back to me!

Swara: Nothing can be done now..

Sanskar: Just give it a chance..!!

Swara:But you broke our friendship also!! Whyyy??(crying)

Sanskar(tear slid down his cheeks): I am sorry yaar..

Both kept on looking at the moon and was letting out their pain..

Sahil’s Home:

Sahil wanted to go near Swara but she was reluctant. He knew somewhere something was wrong and a evil plan was playing in his mind.

Sahil:(in mind) Swara, why don’t you obey me..?? (Madly) Now you will have to face the consequences. I know, you have not accepted me from your heart but my this step will force you to do that..!!

He went to his Dad and told him something and he nodded in agreement..

Sahil: So miss swara gadodiya, be ready..!!

To be continued..!!

A/N: So guys..how was it..??!! Do comment, vote and share your views. What could be Sahil’s plan..?? Thanks for all the appreciations..!! Sorry was unable to thank all of you for comments on the last chapter..!! It’s all because of you all that I have reached till part 10, otherwise i’m a lazy fellow??!! Do vote and comment on wattpad too, and follow me there!! Love to all..?

Thank you!

Stay tuned..!!

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