Dil Me Mere o Kanha tu hi tu (Episode 4) (kriyam) by jaspinder

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Hello friends sorry for yesterday, it was littlr description.
story continues….

suddenly a gentleman came to birla house and shake hand with sayiam and on the spot krishna came with dropy face too.

everybody was happy to see krishna and sayiam asked about her suddenly absence and asked r u ok..
she said i am fine, sayiam please don’t worry. but pratima said,u r not looking okk i guess something is wrong with all of us.

sayiam asked to gentleman about his identity then he replied your wife knows everything..

Dadi asked krishna about the whole matter..
she replied quickly by saying they need my dancing school place..so they accused me to stop the school..
Dadi replied this is not possible as this is our property and we made the school for children where krishna is teacher so how dare you to touch our krishna..
i can call the police and they will arrest for for your misbehave..
but the gentleman laughed and introduce himself in front of everybody..
he said my name is krish and i am son of the The MLA.. so don’t ever dare to me talk in loudness..
everybody shocked to knows the truth..

sayiam said whoever you are but we cannot give you the place as we already construct our school and interested children are coming daily to dance and we cannot spoil their future..

krish offered double money for that place..
suddenly krishna asked why you want that place as you r minister ‘s son so you could have alternative too.
but he replied we have alternative also but this place is perfect for our wine shop..
dadi noded and tell kriyam to stop this and sell it in double amount as i can’t bear the loose..
suddenly krishna said how can you take this decision dadi..you know it is a future of children and very next month there wil be an international competition where our school is going to participate..

pratima said yes dear you are right…
krish told them to think on this as you have time till tomorrow or give them alternative condition to save the school..
Sayiam asked about options.

krish said as you know the school is in between the town and the village and i know the villagers are old cultured and they don’t like dance so just aware them about dance and make a team abd perform in front of everybody..

you have time till next week and if you succeed then all is ours otherwise you will lost you SUHANI school forever..
he goes…
dadi asked them to stop behave like a immature.. just give them what they want..
suddenly rax replied dadi in contradictory residue

we have to fight and it is only possible when we r together..

pratima, sharad,bhavna said we all are with u kriyam and rax..
dadi also agree..

PRECAP…everybody on the way to village.. they announced about the dance competition but suddenly some old man were replied so rudely and ordered them to go back..
later a little dusky girl agreed to joined them

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  1. Shaani

    Woow… Nice… Well said rags… ? superb… Very nice…
    Nice update… Waiting for the next one… Update when u get a time.. Keep writing… Ur story is going good…

  2. Jazzmaan

    Thnx g.. Regards

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