Confusion is happiness✨🌟
Kunj reached Sarna’s mansion waiting for the twinkle in his Car he pressing horn finally she comes with a small bag.
Sorry baba I’m coming she said And open the car door and sit beside Kunj keep the bag in the back seat.

Chale Mrs. Sarna Kunj said.
Yup, Mr. Sarna, she replied in the same tone..
Kunj gives her cheesy smile starts the car and they leave for farmhouse which little away from city hillside types of.

Twinkle looking at outside view windows fully open she smiling while Kunj just looking at her. His heart smiling after seeing her so happy..
Kunj closed the windows.

Areyy twinkle murmured she looking at him why you closed the window huh she said.

Because you are busy more outside what about me he said.. she arching her eyebrows while Kunj arched better than her.

Is it really she said he nodding in yes.she blushed fully.
Than awesome she added and resting her head on his shoulder.Kunj kissed on her forehead.

Did you inform maa we are going he asked her.
Haan, I informed mummy ji she get happy after what you have done she said and facing him.
Sorry, he murmured..
it’s okay she muttered..

Kunj driving while twinkle teasing him not lettering him drive.She takes out rolls which she brings from home..
She unwrapped the roll and started having Kunj seeing her. He was waiting she will feed him but she itself enjoying 👅. She giggling inside because She Loves to teased Kunj.

So mean Kunj said.
Did you say anything twinkle asked him? Innocently He giving her a drastic look.
You wanted to have it’s really yummy she said take near his lips before Kunj can open his mouth she away and teasing him like this.he get frowned turned his face she held his chin. Lonely roads.
She gesturing him to eat he open his mouth and take a bite of roll..
how’s it she asked. Kunj making yucky face 😂she give him to look while Kunj laughing this time after she too along with Kunj.Both enjoying like this their car journey. Kunj opened sunroof twinkle stand..

Twinkle sit Kunj said he pulled her down.
Kunj gets a call and replies just in yes and no.

Fit one thing in your mind once we reached farmhouse you will not going to touch your phone sadu because you are my it’s my day she added.

I know meri maa please tell me your all plan don’t eat me like you used to 👅he said.
Twinkle pulling his hairs.Twinkle accident ho jayega kunj said.

Great na Amar ho jaoge mere saath hi she added Kunj looking at her.
Arey Arey Marne ke baad bhi mere peecha nahi chodegi kya 😝he said in a very funny way.
Nope I will not leave you ever Mr sarna you are stuck with me for your rest life we will be together till our last breathe she said with all emotions and love..

Itna pyaar mujhse pagali he said..
She doesn’t know now what to say.
Answer me Kunj said..

She cupped his face and kissed him against
His lips. I can go on kissing you till we both go breathless and even that wouldn’t be enough for me.I NEED YOU TILL MY LAST BREATH she added looking into Kunj’s eyes while he too least bothered about they were in the car he is driving most.

Kunj captures her lips both kissing each other’s Kunj put the break on the car with sudden from side a car passing.

Oyee Romeo Juliet Road hai accident Karega a man said loudly. This brings twinkle and Kunj in sense and they break the kiss and looking at that man both started laughing very loudly..

Again siyappa 😂Kunj murmured he pressing his forehead with her.

Kunj starts the car again twinkle blushing she looking other-side.Kunj held her hand entangled their fingers..song playing in bg ❤️

{Mila hoon ab jo tum se
Hai dil ko mere kasam se
Sukoon mila, sukoon mila.}

Both of them smiling like anything their lips dancing cheeks shinning.By the time they reached farmhouse finally.

Guards opened the door and Kunj takes the car inside twinkle seeing outside its very beautiful house and view coming as well.

Finally, Kunj said
Yup, she said. Kunj stops the car and gesturing he comes out of the car and opens the door for her and gives her his hand she keeps her hand in his and comes out. both looking at the house.

Very pretty twinkle said while lost in the beauty of this place.
But less than you Kunj said his all mind on her only..
haan she asked.
Nothing let’s go inside he added she nodded in yes.They process ahead..

Servant already cleans everything and set all things as per kunj Oder while sara did whatever Kunj has told her because he itself not good enough but for his wifey now he learning..

They entered inside twinkle looking here and there.While Kunj settles down on the couch. Servants come with water for them.

Sir, I did everything servant said Kunj nodded in yes and give him some money.
You go now he said and the servant went from there after all they will be all alone here..

Twinkle swirling in happiness Kunj pulled her hand she sits beside him.

{Tujhe hai paaya Rab se,
Hai dil ko mere kasam se
Sukoon mila, sukoon mila.}

Sit down my girl just lost in this beauty he said.
I love this all things don’t you she said.

Nahi I’m not like you lost beauty he added,
He gives her water glass she drink from the same glass..

Where is servant she asked?
I send him to give him a holiday today he said.
But why? She asked.
Because I don’t want any disturbance I think you too m I right he said.

Hmm, but who will prepare the food she said.
You bothered about food such a foodie girl you are he added.

I’m going to get freshen up she said and went
Upstairs in the room.Kunj gets a call from Malika.
Haan Malika he said.
Where are you man today she asked?
Today I’m with twinkle I told Rahul one day off he said.

Hoo, my hero takes off what so special she said.
Hai, he said both giggles.they were good friends but when on work mode Kunj is taking their class like anything 😎..

Enjoy she said in teasing tone..
shut up Kunj said and hang up the call..

By the time twinkle come down after get freshen up wearing shots and crop Top looking hot as usual..

You still sitting we are not come here for sitting twinkle said..
hmm, he hummed and went into the room.

Till than twinkle preparing coffee and something to have she went in the kitchen and get busy..

Kunj was in the Washroom getting freshen up while twinkle went into the room.She found Kunj laptop on.

This man brings his laptop here too annoying man she murmured and went towards table about to closed let’s see what so important in his laptop he always stick to it she said and try to check but can’t open his laptop fails disheartened.

Just than Kunj comes out of the Washroom after taking a shower twinkle stand..
twinkleee he called she turned.
Yes, Kunj she said..

Kunj looking at her then here and there. Twinkle did anyone was here Kunj asked her..

Nope Kunj i was in the kitchen preparing coffee and snacks for us why?? She said..

Nahi bas aise hi she said..

She went near him wiped his face water.Wear your clothes you will catch cold here a little cold she said he nodded in yes. Twinkle give him his clothes.

Kunj wears his clothes after both sit in open balcony cool breeze coming. Enjoying hot coffee and snacks. Kunj lost in something twinkle snaps the finger.

Oye lost beauty is me why you coping me she said Kunj comes in sense and giggles.
You only lost beauty not me he said.
Amazing coffee I must say he added she give him a toothy smile..

Let’s do something she said and went downstairs while Kunj went into the room and looking at his laptop.He opens his laptop and gets suspicious.he keeps back his laptop very important thing of his this..

@garden twinkle brings Kunj in garden weather was so beautiful and cloudy twinkle running while laughing Kunj capturing her smile on his phone..

She sits in swing enjoying the ride like a small baby Kunj come behind her pushing swing.

Aha Kunj more she said. Kunj pushing more in full speed than she started screaming.

Please not more I will fall down she shouted.
Okay, he said giving slow pushes. He is so close he back hugging her.

You too come it’s so amazing I enjoyed Lott in childhood now after ages she said.
Ho, you do I’m fine here he said.
Don’t be sadu remember my demand she said.

Okay, my majesty Kunj said..he comes in front she gives him swing.
I will give you jhula she said and giving him pushes Kunj just normal he never enjoyed these things after with her he gets chance exploring all small, small things which giving immense happiness..

Maza aaraha hai she asked.
Na 👅he said.She comes in front and sits on his lap.
Ab aayega she said and winked at Kunj..

Both enjoying swinging Kunj pecked at her cheeks from the back.Kunj lost in the moment with

twinkle laughing with her..

Their giggles sound echoing so loudly.Both fall down on grasses and giggling still. Twinkle admiring Kunj laughs because he hardly smiling always in his serious and intense look..

{Har pal haseen sa huaa hai
Saanson ko tune chhuaa hai
Badhi tujhse nazdeekiyaan
Sukoon mila, sukoon mila. mm.}

Kya hua why you looking at me like this Kunj asked her.
Nothing just adoring your smile you look so good why you do not smile sadu she said.
I’m not like you na 24/7hours showing her teeth he added.both get up back.kunj pulled her cheeks

Than they playing cricket Kunj just balling twinkle bating.she get irritates because can’t hit the ball.
Kunj I’m not cricketer please slow she said loudly.He following her each demands just making her happy.

Than Kunj turned come Kunj hitting the ball like the expert she hooting loudly for him also bringing the ball get tired finally Kunj for her happiness lost the game just wanted to see her while she started dancing with the bat

See Mr great Kunj no one can beat twinkle she said proudly..
no doubt in this he said.
Are you sad she asked?

Nahi toh I’m happier for your victory after all Teri Jeet Mein meri jeet hai he said.
Aww, my sadu even knows philosophy she said and pulling his cheeks he gets irritates with this lot..

They walking exploring the place more Kunj breaking the flowers for twinkle from the garden there were beautiful flowers greenery everywhere long tall trees..

He collected them went near pat on her back she turned and found him standing having flowers in his hands his face hiding behind flowers.
She smiled and immediately take it from his hands she smells them.
So beautiful for me thanks she said.

Aur koi hai yaha he said chuckled.
Yup, she added and throw the flowers in the sky which falls on her face in return. Kunj lifts her up she kissed on his forehead. Kunj kissed on her hands

Holding each other’s hands and walking she resting her head on his shoulder.Their bare feet’s and cold grasses soothing their all tension relaxing them totally.

Sun is sinking view become now more beautiful both twinkle and Kunj enjoying sunset their face glowing up..

{Jab se juda tujhse jiya
Chain o qaraar dil ko mila Jab bhi rahoon sang tere
Bhoolun har gham shiqwa gila
Tere ishq ka hi nasha hai
Meri rooh tak mein basaa hai
Tune aankhon se jo chhuaa
Sukoon mila, sukoon mila. mm.}

After they come back inside twinkle went into the kitchen she looking here and there. Kunj was already presented wearing a chef hat and apron looking extremely cute.

What are you doing here she asked.
Can’t you see making dinner for you panda he said?
Ho,😮I’m panda really look at my figure she said. Kunj looking at her head to toe..
hmm but still he said and cutting the vegetables she comes and stands beside him.

Any help I never knew you even know cooking she said.
You don’t know anything about me still he added.
What else is hidden from me she asked?

Joking it’s normal twinkle only girls have right to know cooking can’t man I did when I’m in the hostel now happy he said..

Hmm, she said helping him both making dinner together while twinkle increasing his work more She slightly cut her finger Kunj shouted at her and take her finger immediately in his mouth she can’t get enough of Kunj..

Both went in the living room and falls down on the couch after getting tired..both run in the kitchen back food about to burn quickly off the gas stove Kunj clean mess not lettering twinkle to do because of the finger she quietly standing..

They Take dinner and went in garden twinkle stunned to see little bulbs hanging on the tress decorated romantic ambiance totally she just blinking her Eyes Kunj can see her reaction.
Inside matrix placing on grasses cushions around aroma candles she closed her mouth.

This you have done really Kunj she said..
yes, how’s it do you like he asked?
What like In fact I loved it man she said and jumped in his arms.

Twinkleee holds on your emotions Abhi your food will fall down what you will have than he said she broke the hug and looking at him.

Don’t worry I will eat you she said and bite his cheek.
Impossible girl he murmured both went settle down cherry on the cake is the stars whole sky filled with stars making the view more and more romantic..

Let’s have twinkle said.Both having dinner in the Same plate feeding each other.
Yummy she said making tempting faces.

A shadow keeping an eye on them…

After done with food both laid down there only under the sky gazing stars twinkle resting her head on Kunj tummy laying across she holding his one hand while Kunj caressing her hairs complete silence their breathing sounds.

It’s so beautiful and soothing Kunj she said.
Yup, I just like peace but life just fills with noise and crowds he added..

I always dream I will do this and that with my partner she said.

You tell me kunj how you wanted your to be spouse? She asked him Kunj paused.

Well, I never think about this I believe you can’t decide anything in your life and fixed you will never get as per your wish list or demands so better why making plans later you will get sad if you do not get what you dreaming he added.

Ho aisa but I did Lott my spouse will be like this he having these qualities she said.

Great aur kya plans hai tere he asked her.
Not much just wanted to live my life happily with my husband jo tum ho she stated and both smiling he tickling in her bare tummy she chuckles back.

Still, Kunj tells me koi toh wish hogi tumhari she said at least about me what you don’t like me she added.

I wanted my partner like me totally confident independent she doesn’t need anyone help for herself she can handle like one-woman army he Sum up..

Hoo got it she murmured.
But got sad I got you jhalli who always create siyappa’ s and I have to solve them every time he added and giggles she frowned. And looking at him.

You are this much unhappy with me she said with pouty lips.
I’m kidding siyappa queen as I already told you. You never get what you want from your life he said blinking his eyes.

She comes closer to him his hands went on her back.Cool breezes started twinkle shivering because of her cozy clothes.Kunj wrapped her in his embrace..

I wish this night never end she whispered in his ear.He smiled and caressing her hair.

I’m impressed with you today this all things are so beautiful she said.
I’m happy after seeing your smile because of me. Tears come in your eyes I don’t want to hurt you twinkle he said.

I know this I can see in your eyes forget about that but I have one question why you said those words to dadu I mean he giving me that you stop she said..

Do you want he asked?
Na but she said.
He giving you fine but for the world eyes. He doesn’t have any emotions and feelings for us in his hearts that he have for advik and yuvi parents so why we take his things with a heavy heart he said.

Right absolutely you are very matured Kunj but I feel bad sometimes why dadu doing you are his own grandson still unfair she said.

Koi baat nahi one day he changes or not then also no problem you don’t know when your life end he said she covered his mouth.

Don’t say this please You live long she said.
Acha so you will eat my head fully he said and giggles..

Kunj rolled down her and come above twinkle.
You speak too much he said.

Any way, she said.He went near lips and this is the way he murmured and grab her lips..

Both started kissing each other’s exploring each other’s Kunj bites her lips while she too in returned after lax of oxygen break the kiss Kunj giving her kisses on her neck and giving lovebites she just moaning his name.

He sliding her Top to get proper access.
Kunj yaha nahi she said he looking at her she can see desired for herself in his eyes.He nods in yes and picked up her in his arms and went to their room continued their romance room filled with groans and moans..

At morning.
Kunj was in the balcony was on the call with Rahul while twinkle sleeping still she woke up with a smile and finding him she went to the balcony and give him back hugged shirtless he is.

Kunj understands who she is he smiled and cut the call and found her..
twinkle you woke up she blinking her eyes.
Hmm, what you doing she said.
Nothing just Rahul call he answered.
Kitni thandiii she said and cuddles Kunj tightly he too back her and went in the room…

After getting freshen up they had breakfast together while Kunj takes twinkle permission he went into the garden while twinkle watching a movie.Kunj comes and see her what she seeing take a seat beside her she having popcorns he too having.

What you watching he asked.
See she said. She watching thrill full action movie hero fighting with goons she laughing.
See Kunj I loved it how he beating all criminals she said.
Acha kunj said and watching with her aur kya acha lagta hai tujhe twinkle he asked.

I’m so Fancy whenever I watched these types of movies I wanted someone would to be on secret mission because she is a fan of these deactivate types things she said and this makes Kunj stunned..


Tumhe hona chahiye tha looks at yourself perfect height mind top always carry this suspicious look she murmured and turned off the tv while Kunj did not say anything..

When we leaving she asked.
In sometimes he said.
The best day ever she said and went into room.
Twinkle words puzzled Kunj..

Twinkle changed her clothes and packed the things they went outside and Kunj brings his car twinkle to come sit beside him.

They leave for Amritsar back. Kunj driving while lost in his thoughts twinkle busy in outside view after she looks at Kunj.

When signal off. Kunj kya hua? She asked.
Hmm, nothing why you asking? He said.
Bas aise hi I feel she said.

Soon they reached sarna mansion both went inside while everyone having their lunch together twinkle and Kunj entered.

You both come Avni said her eyes fall down on twinkle. Twinkle went towards them.

How’s your one-day honeymoon yuvi asked? while twinkle giving him look.all giggles.

Did you enjoy it or not?? Avantika asked.
Very much one day we all will go mummy ji she said..

While Kunj just went in his room in hustle take out his shirt goes in Washroom.Twinkle entered in the room and keep the bag in the side.

Kunj come out take another shirt and wearing it.
Where are you going? Do rest after driving you must be tired she said.

I have work he said and get ready bye he said and went from there.While twinkle itself get freshen up went down and sit with everyone telling them what they did there.

You are very lucky Kunj takes most he went as well Avantika said.
Why mummy ji? She asked.
Because he never went with us whenever we made any plan lata added.

Understand dadi she is his wife special place for her Avni and Khushi not leaving a single chance to teased twinkle while she just blushing and blushing..

Kunj comes to the office his teammates having pizza he entered they immediately stop.
Shh Singham is back joe murmured who is
Technical analyzer.all shh 🤫 before entering his cabin he gives them to look.

He entered in his cabin and went to his desk and take his seat holding his head keeping his hands on the desk he rings the bell again and again.

Lastly, sara entered in his cabin who is doing his all work as like a P.A..

Yes, sirrr In shivering voice she said..

You know na I’m calling you sara he said in loud voice..
hmm sorry, sir, she said in low voice.
Go from here he shouted and she went from there.

Outside they all shocked what happened to him he comeback from one day holiday with his wifey Malika said.

Don’t know which buttoned Mrs. Sarna pressed his Rahul said they all giggling.

Nivedita Pratap Singh Mahendra Pratap Singh mother.
She was in her room resting.Then she went into the Washroom suddenly she feeling like dizzy she can’t hold anymore her head hit with side water tap get unconscious blood Oozing from her head..

When the servant entered her room to give her fruits not find her in the room she giving her voice.
Madam where are you servant called her. When the servant does not get any response she checking she is not in the whole room lastly Washroom left.

She begging the door servant went and bring another key and opened the Washroom.
As soon as she opens the door and stunned what she seeing. She just screamed loudly there few servants come they were too shocked.

While Robert was at home only when he sees all servant face.
Sir madammm servant in shaking voice.
What happened to mother Robert asked him.
The servant takes him to the room.

When Robert saw Nivedita he was shocked rushed to her.
Mother mother what happened to you he keeps saying How did this happen?? He asked.
The servant tells him everything.

Take mother hospital Robert said and lift her in his arms and rush down. Immediately take her to the hospital.

At the hospital, dr take Nivedita to ICU while Robert in tension.
Brother also not answering my calls when he gets to know about his mother what will be his reaction he murmured and worried about MP.

While MP was busy in his very Confidential meeting.He comes out of the meeting.

Saw Robert messages and miscalls
Why this Robert calling me this much he can’t stay without me he said and giggles he calls him back.

Heyy Robert what so important you calling this much desperately MP said.

Brother, where are you? Robert asked. Come wherever you are fast please he added.

Robert you sounding very serious something happened are you alright he asked ?sense something is not good.

Brother mother is in ICU he said.
Whattt maa ICU kese?? He asked.

I can’t tell you more right now you come fast city hospital he said.

Okay, I’m coming MP said and hang up the call sitting in his car, and rushed to the hospital.

While man listens MP each and everything.
I have to follow him he murmured and take his car behind mp’s car..

Soon MP reached the hospital he runs inside full in hustle and tension.
Where is maa he asked after seeing Robert?
Robert come and hugged him.

Brotherrr mother see what happened he said.
MP asked him everything he tells him.

He was too shocked and hold his head worried about his mother.

What DR has said? He asked.

She lost her blood Lott brother right now mother condition is very serious he said MP sit he just having his mother in his life well already before he lost much..

He seeing his mother through ICU door small glass window who laying down and connected with many machines..

MP sits in the side he was greatly saddened by his mother this condition..

A girl bumped with a man.
Ahah he about to speak after seeing her.
Tum yaha he asked back??

Yes, me I was waiting for you there Aryan girl said.
Shh, I come here while following MP he said she looking at MP.
Hoo fine she said.

Elena Aryan said.
What is he doing here? She asked.
His mother in ICU he said.

After sometime later when dr come MP showered on him a number of questions.

How’s my mother ?? Dr she will be fine na he asked.?
Calm down Mr. Partap she is fine but we have to keep her under observation due to her BP issues she gets unconscious due to her head injuries little serious that’s it relax dr said.

Okay, dr do whatever you wanted I want my mother just fit and fine MP said..

Aryan and Elena hide behind the side pillars before MP’s eyes went on them. His nose is so sharp Smell the rats easily.MP looking here and there he never takes the risks in his life.

Robert, you stay here with maa and be careful I wanted full protection here he said.
Okay brother you go home Robert said before going home MP went inside the ICU room and seeing his mother he caress her hair and kissed on her forehead.

I can’t afford to lose you maa he said and went from there..

While Elena and Aryan come near the ICU room when Robert went to the dr cabin they both went backside of the ICU room from window seeing MP mother they clicked her photos.

A Vicious cycle Aryan said.
Chale Agent Elena Aryan said. Yup agent Aryan Varma she added both giggles and went from there..

At sarna mansion.
Everyone having dinner while Kunj playing with food which Seen by everyone.
Kunj what happened don’t you like the food? Anita asked him.

Hmm nahi fine he said.
I’m having a headache that’s it he added and leave the food and went in side.

Maybe tired 😑 Usha said..

After dinner Avni and Khushi or advik, yuvi along with twinkle they chit-chatting.

While Kunj sitting alone there lata come with an oil bottle she sits on the chair while Kunj sitting on the floor before only. She takes the oil little in her palms and slowly started giving massage to Kunj he closed his eyes peaceful and relaxing smile appears on his face immediately.

He closing his eyes his dadi giving world best head massage his headache other stress too gone after her hands touch his head.

Amazing dadi he murmured.
Why so off today i thought you went with your wife out maybe happy but different totally she said.

Arey, nothing is like this just normal headache you know this it’s been a long time and You didn’t give me head massage just missing this now totally fine he said.
Acha bachu after shadi baate banaana koee tumase seekhe kunj lata said.

Kunj rests his head on her lap she patting on his head.
Anything is there? She asked.
Nope, he said.. stay like this with his dadi.

Arey twinkle where is your boring husband advik said.
Oye, stop calling my husband boring she warned him they giggles.

Arey now doesn’t say anything about Kunj don’t you know humhari twinkle apne Kunj ke against kuch nahi sun sakti hai khushi said.

True they all hooting..
where he is still yuvi asked.
Don’t know twinkle said.. Khushi sees Kunj and dadi she pointing her hands towards them all-seeing them.

POTA and dadi moment yuvi said.
You get jealous twinkle said.
Nah why I will.we have our dadu yuvi said loudly.

Still what Dadu is doing not correct with Kunj in this all what his crime Avni said..

Kunj get up and wished his dadi goodnight.
he comes to the living room seeing them.

Without saying anything Kunj went into his room.
Bade hi enigmatic man he is yuvi said..

Kunj laid down on the bed resting his head on the backboard playing with Rubik’s cube..

Twinkle come out of the Washroom after changing her clothes she wiping her wet hairs and seeing Kunj.She went to bed and sits beside him.

Kya hua hai Jahanpanah she said..
She snatched the cube from his hands.
I’m asking you something she said.

Not today please he said she cupped his face.
Kya hua baba since the time we come back you looking so off twinkle said.
Are you okay na Kunj?? She asked with concern.
I’m absolutely I’m like this only he said.

When you went on silent mode I don’t like I just like my ladaaku king she said he giggles.

See now you looking good otherwise sadu she said and pulled his cheeks.and kissed on his both cheeks he closing his eyes like she smashing him.

Both laid down in each other’s embrace while twinkle caressing Kunj hairs..
sleep you will feel better she said and kissed on his forehead.Kunj nuzzles his face in her chest and hugged her completely or sleep.

Scene [email protected]
[email protected]

Elena and Aryan entered HQ both wear their ID card and went to their desk. While Abhinav entered who busy in his phone they both gesturing him he signs them with his finger.

Abhinav went in his cabin both entered and stand he end the call and looking at them.

Speak up my officers Abhinav said.
Sir, we have one great and important information about MP both said together.

Ho really than tell me fast he said.

Mp mother in the hospital right now her condition, not stable Aryan said and shows him those pictures. Abhinav takes the pictures in his hands and seeing them.

He sticks on board. Great work agent Elena and Aryan Abhinav said while his mind rolling.
Whattt next Abhinav asked him.
Aryan giving him mocking smile chance pe dance sir Aryan replies.
Abhinav and Aryan both smirking slightly giggles.
Then set the floor Abhinav added.
Aryan went out of the cabin spinning his gun.

Heyy Aryan informed your girl Stella Elena said and he giving her a cheesy smile. He playing with his gun.
meet with him he is ARYAN VARMA secret agent working for Indai gun in expert his aim never miss.

Next [email protected]
MP sitting for breakfast on dining chair there mehreen entered.

Mp she giving him voice she went to him.
What happened to mommy you didn’t inform me about her health she said.

Mehreenn he said in a sad voice she takes a seat beside him.
Don’t be sad please mommy will be fine soon she said and consoling him.He holds her hands.

Mehreen you will not leave my hand na he said she cupped his face.
Haan aap aisa kyun bol rahe hai MP hum aap ke saath hai humesha ache mein aur bure mein she said and feed him his breakfast.

At::twinj room
Twinkle bring Kunj breakfast who sleeping still she didn’t disturb him.She folding his clothes meanwhile Kunj woke up.

Good morning sleep well she asked him.
Good morning haan he replied.

Kunj sits lazy head she went to him.
Now go and get freshen up she said and caressing his hair.

She sends him for bath forcefully Kunj finally went and get freshen up. twinkle gives him his clothes he gets ready within no time than had his breakfast.

Twinkle went down and get busy in her house chores..

While Kunj gets someone call he went for there informed his teammates they quickly come..

They reached warehouse Kunj teammates went inside a few men’s was there as soon as they all see Kunj and his teams started running from there.
Catch them Kunj shouted Rahul and Malika and sara behind them while Kunj went upstairs
There was someone as soon as she heard Kunj’s footsteps get conscious.

There completely darkness due to no lights
Kunj opens the room door by kicking the door gun in his hands.Kunj entered she shocked.
Kunj eyes went on her.

Who are you?! Kunj asked in a loud voice while her whole face covered with a scarf black her eyes showing.

She throws carton on Kunj and runs from there immediately while Kunj runs behind.

Heyyyyy Kunj yelling. While catching her Kunj both come outside and running behind.

She falls down immediately get up and run Kunj to shoot with the gun but before the gun can shot her someone pulled her in the side.There sudden smoke.

Shittt Kunj said frustratedly and went ahead and his eyes went down he bend and pick up a band..
what is this Kunj murmured seeing the hand band?
STELLA Written on the band top.

Stellaaaa what is this Kunj said and get confused he keep it with himself.Rahul, Malika and sara comeback.

Sir, they all run sara said. He punched his hand on the side. While just than Kunj get twinkle call he brings out his phone from his pocket and sees it’s twinkle call he closed his.

Ahah now what she wanted from me this girl he gritting his teeth she again calling him.

Kunj picks up her call. Twinkle I’m busy right now he said in loud voice cut the call..

Ahah what you all doing can’t you catch them haan useless he said and they went inside.

Seeing everything in carton there is something inside.They started checking.

Kaunnn she screamed.
It’s me Aryan said. She blinked her eyes in relief and remove her scarf her hairs opened completely.

Thanks, you save me today she said.
What thanks in this my boss Stella Aryan said.

Bas bas she said and tied up her hairs.
Narrowly survived she.

Now let’s go from here before they will catch us Aryan said.
Right, let’s go stella added both went from there sit in the car.

Kunj smelling the packet now you are gone kunj said while looking at packets.
Seal off the place immediately take everything into our custody he said..

Rahul and Kunj went from there come back to the office.

What happened Kunj? rahul asked.
That girl if not come in my way then we will catch any of them Kunj said banging his hand on the desk.

what girl which Rahul again asked him??
Don’t know about her but there was someone other than us there Rahul Kunj said.

That silly girl comes in my way because of her whole plan flop but never mind kuch toh mila go and asked sara and Malika collect everything keep under our eyes let’s see MP ji now Kunj said..

You always comes as my saviour keeping an eye on the mission or on me ??? Stella asked aryan arching an eye while he let out a sarcastic laugh.
You and your sense of humour aryan said gritting his teeth’s.

Soon they reached their office Elena was waiting for them as soon as they both entered she rushed to them and hugged stella.

Are you alright she asked??
Yeah, I’m absolutely fine she replied and hugs her back.While Aryan take the seat.

baal baal bach gai us kunj sarna se stella aaj toh aryan added.While stella take the seat beside him and drinking water from the bottle.

Hmm, he came on right time stella added.

Hoo when Aryan is here so no fear Haina Stella Elena said and winked at stella trio started giggling.

Then let’s celebrate this Elena said.
Why not Aryan added.Stella went in the Washroom till than Aryan give the Oder for pizza and cocktails all’s..

Soon their Oder comes trio set together and started having after a long time they enjoying something together.By the time Abhinav come out of his cabin and sees them..

He coughing to gain their attention they immediately stand after seeing Abhinav in front of them.He giving them scary look they gulp and fold their hands behind their backs..

He walking towards them while their tension increasing more. He comes to them and looking at desk Pizza he murmured and take one slice of pizza and having.

Hmm delicious 😋 he said they trio looking at him surprisingly.. Abhinav giving them winky smile trio started giggling sirrrr they murmured.Abhinav is their head boss but
sometimes he becomes like them.
Sir, You almost killed us Elena added.
whoop it up he said went from there..

Sometimes later Kunj sitting in frustration just drinking coffee.Twinkle call comes he pick up without seeing her name.
Kaunnnn In very rudely way he speaks.
Kunjj twinkle said and he got it..
Twinkle he said.
Yes me why you sounding so rude huh you are like this she murmured.
Why did you call me he asked?

You toh saying like this top businessman ho world ke so I’m disturbing you she said.
Bol na twinkle he said.

Acha I wanna go for shopping so please come and take me she said.
Shopping?? Right now not possible wese bhi I don’t know about this all you take Avni or Khushi with yourself I will give you my card he added.

I have my own card you coming or not?? She said in little anger.
Understand I’m not in the good mood what you wanted ?? He asked.
Do one thing I’m messaging you. bring whatever I wanted she said to cut the call before Kunj could say..

This girl kya karu mein day by day dancing on my head he murmured.His phone beep get a notification.Kunj checks her message rolling his eyes after reading her message.Kunj went out of his cabin.

Sara leave your work go and bring this all things he said and give her list..
what is this sir she asked after reading and slightly giggling?
Sir, you wanted this??? She said 😂.Rahul and Malika too see and they started laughing.

Agent hai tu Kunj but lagta hai twinkle toh tujhe Joru Ka Gulam bana ke chodegi rahul said..

Shut up go and bring fast Kunj said.
Okay, sir, she said and went from there..

Let Jaidev sir come I will tell him this surely his reaction I can imagine👅he added.

Kuch kaam kar lo acha hoga kunj said..

At [email protected]
Kunj comes back home holding shopping bags in his hands.
Kunj you went for shopping alone Avantika asked? Now Kunj stuck what he will say.He just gave his mother a helpless smile.And went upstairs twinkle was in the room only.

He entered in the room and sees her and keep all shoppings bags in the side with noise.
Hoo you bring she said and checking all things.
Thanks, Kunj for this perfect everything she said Kunj offing his shoes.
This is the first and last time next time I will not do this kind of things he said.

Kyun sharm aati hai kya or else your so-called friends teased you she said after seeing his facial expression.
Whatever he murmured and went in the Washroom.

At down yuvi and advik along with their wife’s making dinner plans go out for dinner tonight.
They call abeer and asked him he get ready it’s been a long time they haven’t gone to any outing.So abeer get ready even Mehar too.

Avni tells twinkle asked her as well she get ready immediately get bored just staying at home&home whole day.

Kunj let’s go for dinner out everyone is going twinkle said.
Not interested he said just.
What not interested she said and went near him playing with his shirt buttons.please let’s go na you itself never take me anywhere she said.

He arching his eyebrow really 2 days before I take you twinkle if you remember he said.

I know this like probably for any date and dinner.Now everyone is going we will enjoy chalo na meri kabhi toh tum suna karo she said and making tempting faces how can kunj deny her it’s impossible 👅..

Okay, meri maa he said and fold his hands.
You are the best she said and take her clothes.

They all quickly get ready and went to the restaurant.

Twinkle and Kunj,yuvi, Avni, Khushi,advik went inside take their respective seats. Abeer and Mehar too arrived. Meet with them.

After long time dinner, abeer said.
Yeah, true yuvi added.
Le rahul and anjali too come Meher said.Kunj surprise to see them he doesn’t know about them.Rahul comes and sits beside Kunj.

Hi, Kunj Anjali said.
Hi, Kunj said and give her smile..
Soon their Oder come waiter served them they all started having the food. Chit chatting while having the food.Rahul and Kunj just listening to their talks because it’s out of their world.

Mehreen too brings MP for dinner there because MP was in a sad mood due to his mother condition so she thought to cheer up his mood.

Rahul’s eyes went on MP who sitting another side table he gestured.
See Kunj the Romeo Rahul whispered in his ears both chuckled Kunj eyes just fixed on MP only who happily enjoying dinner with mehreen holding her hand..

They are done with dinner after pay the bill went outside MP and Kunj bumped with each other.
Careful Kunj said and held him. MP raised his face and see Kunj.
You here he said.

Haan kyun nahi aa sakata kya mein yaha kunj said MP smirking..
Why not you can just surprise to see you because tum lagte nahi ho na I mean you are secret agent so be careful if anyone gets to know about you very dangerous Haina Kunj MP added Kunj giggles Rahul too standing beside him.

Acha see Rahul,this you think about yourself MP, not me I can roam anywhere wherever I wanted chupne ki zaroorat tumhe hai mujhe se mujhe nahi kunj stated in full tashan.

I just loved your this confident Kunj MP said giggling shamefully..

Well, right you are only you both come or else bring your wife’s live like normal couples man Zindagi Choti si hai kab end ho jaye kya pata like me MP added..

Teri zindagi ki soch humhari nahi rahul said.

See friend ho toh aisa aaj ke zamane mein kaha milta hai itne true and loyal friend he said.

Lagta hai, khana Kuch jada pacha nahi hai tujhe MP issliye speaking total nonsense he said.

Hehe, you too started joking like me don’t worry I will take the medicine he said. Kunj comes near his face.

Joke toh lagega hi MP sun ache se kha le aur itna enjoy karna hai utna kar le kyu ki jail mein na aisa khana milega aur na hi achi zindagi kunj stated and patting on his cheeks.

Everyone come they get busy in ice creams.
chalega mujhe because me Mahendra Partap hu jail really chal tere liye jail bhi sahi because I love you my baby brother he said pulled his cheeks.

Let’s go mehreen he said and walked out from there but while going looking at twinkle who come to Kunj.

Kunj held twinkle hand tightly and they all went back home after dinner.

2 and 3 days passed away Kunj busy in mission MP fully but he always feels someone following him before he caught that person he /she disappears.

Twinkle questions never take the name to end she just taking Kunj enquires but in return Kunj what he can say her always cook up a story and tell her. She comes in his words if not then he diverts her mind by Starting romancing 😛..

A normal day like as usual busy and hectic for Kunj and his teammates.
Jaidev sir is calling you Kunj sir sara call Kunj.

While Jaidev arrived Amritsar in anger he never this much angry before today that also with Kunj.Kunj immediately comes to the office.
Where is he?? He asked to Sara she pointing her finger towards Kunj cabin he blinked his eyes rest completely silent..

Kunj entered in the cabin. Sir aap yaha he speaks.
Yes me Jaidev turned and facing.Kunj can see his anger level today.

Bolo sir, suddenly you come to Amritsar anything is serious why you come call me i will come to Delhi he said.

Jaidev closed his eyes because he doesn’t know how to starts but he has to.
Because you forced me to come here Kunj he stated Kunj get confused.

Means sir what I have done he asked.
This you asking me really Kunj what happened to you kaha hai tumhara dhyan this I did not expect from you my top-class agent Kunj sarna he said.

Kunj sense something is really big then only
His sir saying this all..
tell me, sir, I really don’t know he asked.
Jaidev comes near him. Do you know what happened humhare itni important and secret information kese leaked hui do you even realised kya kya ho sakta hai he said.

Whattt information leaked which Kunj asked. Jaidev called Rahul he come and tell and shows everything how their confidential data corrupted Kunj itself check that’s true..

He holds his head while Jaidev bangs his hand on the table he started yelling at them.

How can you be so careless Kunj you only handling our this all information Jaidev said.
Sir, I really don’t know how this all happened in my laptop everything is so secure no one can try to do everything is safe I think he tries to explain himself.

Safe in your laptop but from anywhere our information is leaking out of this office now go and find this soon because I wouldn’t leave you both remember this he said In roar way showing them his finger they just bow down their heads and nodding in yes. They went out of the cabin.

Mujhe nahi pata kesa hua yah sab kunj said.
Don’t worry Kunj we will change Rahul said he call joe and both checking who try to do this.
Kunj throws side vase in his anger.

I wouldn’t leave that person if MP than you getting on my nerves he said furiously..

Kunj went in his cabin fully frustrated then he connected all the dots when he felt suspicious that someone is following him someone is keeping an eye on him.

Whoever the person is but very smart but I am also kunj sarna you won’t be spared by me I’ll find out soon what you want from me why are you disturbing me but how should I find out who all are behind me ???? He keeps on thinking when his eyes went on the band and he picks it up
Stella ???? So that girl name is Stella but what does she want from me ?? I should inform this to jaidev sir he is damn angry today but it isn’t my mistake I am trying to keep it hell confidential kunj murmured

He went back to jaidev and told him the same things while jaidev looks confused
So you feel someone is following you ???
He asked while kunj nodded is yes

I almost caught her when we went for warehouse inspection but someone saved her kunj replied
Did you got anything ??? Jaidev asked
Yup this band see he said and forwarded stella band to jaidev.

While jaidev closely looks at it and thinks for sometime
You go I’ll keep this band i have some work I’ll meet you soon he told kunj and made a call to someone

I need to meet you buddy their is a huge misconception he told on call and ended
Soon he reached a place waiting for the person he called who also reached and came out of cars while both smiled seeing each other.

Both waved at each other smirking
To be continued..
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