Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 8th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 8th April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 8th April 2013 Written Update

Starts with Rahul opening the gift pack with CD, then he goes into a room, puts the CD on and starts seeing Madhav’s confession. Rahul is shocked, surprised and confused… He sees it completely and is very much worried. He starts pacing in the room.

Madhav comes to Aaru’s house (He was shown going to his mom in the last episode) and is confused and worried on how to tell Rahul that Mom is not going to come and how he could not keep up his promise of bringing her. Rahul comes to him, looks in a confused way and walks off from there and Madhav follows him into the room.

Rahul says, “its enough of these sweet words of you about mom coming etc… I cannot believe you any more.” He says if you really thought I am your friend/brother and I am part of your family you could not have separated me like this. You have made me an orphan. Madhav is confused on what he is talking. Rahul says, if he was apna to Madhav, he could have come to Rahul first and told, he loved Aaradhya. If I was so important, you could not have done this golmol of Ehasas and Rahul etc…Madhav is speechless.

Rahul says, I was blind not to see the love you have for her. He says, if I got to know about your love after my marriage, I could have died there itself. After the confrontation, finally Madhav accepts that he loves her. But he says this is one sided. She is like the Chand on asmaan…

Rahul gets angry and tries to counter Madhav that Aaru actually loves Ehasas. Rahul says, she always talks about Ehasas in front of me and she wants Ehasas. Madhav says, its a Khoobsurat Mis understanding. She has to live with a person not with a voice. And he says, I am not the right person for her.

Rahul says, before trying whether she likes or not, you have decided on your own that she will not love you but that is not true. I have confidence that she will love you. He says, its right that its good for both Aaru and Ehasas to get married.
At last he makes Madhav agree that he will be ready to marry if Aaru agrees to marry. Madhav was a bit apprehensive about Maa but Rahul convinces that maa will be happy if Madhav is happy.

Rahul goes to talk to Aaru. On the way he meets up with Dadi who confronts him what is worrying him and his face is down. He says to her about Madhav and his love and takes a promise from her to support him in making Madhav’s love a success.

Aaru in her room. She is a bit tensed about her marriage and she in her bubbly mood talks to god and thanks him for making her love story a success and asks god one wish, to make her marry Ehasas. In her view, Rahul has to be Ehasas 24×7 not only in his show but in real with her. (Poor girl, she do not know the surprise of her wish getting granted)

Megs comes there teases her that its only 5 more mins for Phera and Dulha will be waiting eagerly. Rahul knocks on the door and they both get surprised. Megs says, he cannot meet dulhan just before marriage but he says he needs to confess something to Aaru before marriage.
He says, you are right that I am not like Ehasas and I did not give gift of a rose or heart like Ehasas. I realized that you want to marry Ehasas. He asks her whom did you love for which she answers, Ehasas. Then he asks which voice did you love and she says, it is Ehasas. He says, after loving Ehasas you met me and agreed to marry me and our marriage got fixed. So now tell me, whom you have to marry? She says, I have to marry Ehasas. He says, “even I think the same and your marriage will happen with Ehasas and this Rahul will go back”.

Precap: Aaru in phone with Madhav and says to him that she always wanted to marry Ehasas.
Dadi and Rahul are making Madhav ready as Dulha….

Update Credit to: Apoorvafan

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