Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 7th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 7th June 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 7th June 2013 Written Update

Morning.. Aradhya arrives at the court with her father. Madhav and Rahul are there. They say namaste to Lalit. He nods and walks off with the lawyer. Aradhya tells Madhav that he should take his antibiotics after his food. He smiles and says ok. The lawyer tells him to sign the papers. “Do Pal” playing in the background. Madhav walks off with the lawyer and Aradhya looking at him. He looks back and moves off.

Rahul tells Aradhya to change her decision and that everything can be ok between Maya. Her dad calls and she goes. Lalit tells her not to listen to them and to come with him. Rahul is upset.

The judge’s office – Madhav is given papers to sign and he remembers the past. He looks back at where Aradhya is standing with Lalit and signs the papers. Aradhya is sad. Rahul and Madhav get up and they leave – eye lock at the door with both in tears. Aradhya sits down in front of the judge and remembers past events too. She is given papers to signs, there are tears flowing down her eyes and she remembers Dadi saying that she is in love with Madhav. Lalit asks her to sign and is hesitating picking up the pen. She drops it and gets up and goes with Lalit following her.

Aradhya goes to the Periwal house and sees Anisha there. Anisha asks about the divorce and that she is in a awkward situation. Aradhya tells that she was going to phone, when Brij call from inside. Anisha tells her to come in and she says no and goes aways saying that don’t tell anyone I came here. Anisha asks why she came there and Aradhya replies she doesn’t know. She is running from there and sees Dadi. She tells Dadi that she came to meet them. Dadi says you can lie to herself but not to me. You couldn’t sign the papers could you. She cries and says she couldn’t, that she has made a mistake and she will be suffering all her life. She says everything is over now.

Dadi says that its good that she knows now that she is in love. Aradhya says its no use now because she set up Anisha and Madhav and nothing happen now. Dadi says its not possible, that Anisha is not a fan, nor can she be anything to Madhav. That Anisha was a part of her plan. Dadi stands up. Aradhya is shocked. Dadi says she is fine and the whole thing was a drama and she did it so that Aradhya can realize her love. This is what happened. She says that Anisha is her friends granddaughter.. and she made this plan with her. Anisha works in Mumbai and therefore she took them there so that Aradhya can realize her love and become one with Madhav. She is sure that Maya will forgive her.

Dadi admits that Rahul was part of the plan and everything worked out like we planned. The plan failed where Aradhya told Anisha to marry Madhav. Dadi said Anisha asked for time because she wanted to ask what to do. Dadi told her to say yes. They were afraid when the divorce date was fixed. But now, that Aradhya see is here, our plan is successful. Aradhya says that she has been an idiot and now nothing will come between her and Madhav. Anisha comes and says you are right. Anisha apologizes for her rudeness but A says that its ok because this has made me realize my love. Dadi says go and talk to Madhav.

Precap: Aaradhya rushes to the radio station to meet Madhav. Receptionist says he is busy in the meeting and it will take at least half an hour.

Update Credit to: slmu

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