Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 4th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 4th April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 4th April 2013 Written Update

Bharti says that rahul shouldn’t defend aaru and rahul for everything. Madhu says that why is she so rude to aaru when she is not at fault. Bharti says that she had only brought up rahul and madhu is her priority and the people who bring dullness in his life will not stay in the house. Madhu who had been convincing bharti to attend rahul’s wedding is shocked when bharti puts on the condition that she will attend the wedding if madhu convinces rahul to leave the house with aaru post marriage. Madhu is like trapped in bharti’s conditions. He says that in all ways rahul is gonna fail to decide and she is doing it wrong. Bharti is adamant and says that this is her final decision and if he wants her to attend the wedding then she has to do this.

Aaru is checking the gifts she had bought for everyone and remembers that she hasn’t got anything for bharti yet. She doesn’t know what to choose for her and calls pallo to know. Madhu passes by pallo’s room and hears her laughing and chatting with aaru. Once she is done, she sees madhu outside and tells him that it was aaru and she was concerned about bharti’s gift. Pallo praises aaru that she is concerned about the family even b4 she has entered the house and how nice she is. Madhu is sad and remembers bharti’s words. Aaru is trying to sleep but unable to do. She gets up and looks around the room sadly and wakes up megz. She tells mez that there are millionz of butterflies in her stomach and she can’t resist the nervousness. Megz says that her state was even worse on the night b4 her wedding.

Megz shares that she was very nervous that what if some problem occurs and it all vanished when ajay applied sindoor and wore her mangalsutra. She says that how much ever modern they become the importance of sindoor and mangalsutra is very high in all girls lives. Aaru smiles and agrees. Megz says that she has to be happy to get rahul and she sis sure everything will be perfectly fine. Madhu is on the bed and unable to sleep and bharti’s words are poking him mind and troubling him like hell. Just then rahul enters with his pillow and bed sheet and is surprised to see madhu wake. He teases that it’s his wedding the next day and madhu is sleepless. He tells that this is his last day of freedom and he wants to enjoy that with madhu. He says that from the next day he has to share the room with aaru and she will become the equal owner of his room. He says that his only relief is that he is staying in this house and even if he has to remove aaru from his heart, he will not leave his room.

Madhu scolds him for saying like this and rahul tells that he was joking and switches off the lights to sleep while madhu is still deep in thoughts. Bharti’s words constantly attack his mind and he remembers all the good moments from the childhood he spent with rahul. Its morning and aaru is sadly sitting in her room when menka comes. Megz asks if her packing is done and aaru says that she has her house, her room and all the memories of this house which she cannot take completely with her. Aaru asks menka that megz left and now she is going so who will take care of her makeup, jewellery and designer ware. Menka says that these things can be managed and the biggest happiness in her life is to see her daughters happy in their sasurals. She says that like megz, aaru has also got such a loving hubby who will take lotz of care of her. Aaru hugs menka and they has a light moment.

Its morning and pallo is instructing the people to arrange the things in jet speed and hurries to rahul’s room. A tensed Madhu walks over to rahul’s room but find pallo and others decorating the room and the bed. They say the rahul is dressing in his room. He goes there with the purpose of talking to him but rahul tells him to put a button he cannot put. Rahul notices madhu still worried and asks what happened and he is about to speak when pallo enters. She takes rahul to tie the sehra leaving the convo of RaMa adhoora. Madhu is left worried while bharti comes there and looks at madhu and the same words she said yesterday are rewound in his mind. Bharti goes away. Everyone are ready to leave and pallo brings rahul to tie the sehra. Madhu also comes out and rahul enquires for bharti. Madhu is worried. Pallo goes to bring her but comes back sad, telling that she refused to attend the wedding and everyone especially rahul are shocked. The screen freezes on a very tensed madhu.

Aaru is getting dressed into a beautiful bride. She is looking very “Khoobsurat”..

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