Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 3rd June 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 3rd June 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 3rd June 2013 Written Update

Aaradhya is hoping and praying to herself that Anisha should say yes, when she spills tea on herself. Madhav runs off to bring a tub of cold water for her to immerse her foot in, and admonishes her for her carelessness. Aaradhya counter reacts and says that it was cause of his inattentiveness that she spilled the tea, and there’s an awkward silence between them as they understand what just transpired. Madhav mentions that they need to return to Jaipur soon and he’ll take care of Daadi. As he leaves to bring toothpaste, Aaradhya thinks that she needs a fast response.

Rahul is nervous about his presentation and Prerna motivates him. They enter the hotel and Rahul presents his plan to the investors who seem impressed. On asking their opinion, the investors ask for Prerna’s opinion to which she talks about adding entertainment value, which Rahul doesn’t agree too. The investors agree to Prerna’s suggestion and approve his proposal as long as they incorporate Prerna in it, and allow her to head the project. The two of them are uncomfortable with it, but agree.

Madhav is with Dadi, who wants to sit and talk to him. He tells her that they’re returning to Jaipur the next day, much to Dadi’s shock. She tries to make excuses about wanting to sightsee to which Madhav disagrees and insists that they return to Jaipur cause of some court work. Dadi is suspicious but he covers up and she agrees to leave. Dadi is disappointed but hopes that her mission was successful.

Aaradhya asks Anisha about her final decision, and after a lot of deliberation, Anisha replies that she agrees to her decision. She then gushes about Madhav, and Aaradhya profusely thanks her for agreeing to do so. She also promises her to always help her get get close to Madhav. She asks Aaradhya if Madhav knows about all this, to which Aaradhya has no reply. Anisha is then scared that Madhav may disagree to this agreement of theirs. Aaradhya says that she’ll convince Madhav, and she needn’t worry. She also asks Anisha if she’d be ready to accompany them over to Jaipur; Anisha tries to refuse but Aaradhya convinces her that it is necessary for her to come along and Anisha agrees, on the condition that Madhav is kept in the loop. Aaradhya then asks Anisha to promise not to change her decision, and they shake hands.

As Aaradhya and Madhav are packing to leave for Jaipur, Madhav goes on about how life is going to take such a huge turn after this, and he’ll be left alone after it. Aaradhya thinks to herself that Anisha would not leave him alone, but she’d be left alone. She wonders to herself if Madhav would turn behind and remember her, but chides herself for thinking about such stuff. Madhav asks the reason for inviting Anisha over, and expresses concern over how their divorce would affect Anisha’s thinking. Aaradhya assures him that she’d understand. A song sequence, Pyaar Hai Ya Sazaa again.

Madhav, Aaradhya and Dadi are getting ready to leave, as they bid goodbye to their hosts. As their hosts try to coax them to stay behind and dadi agrees, Aaradhya says that this trip has given Madhav and her hope that Dadi wouldn’t fall sick again. Anisha gushes over being able to stay with Madhav in the same house, and how it was a dream come true, to which Aaradhya replies that she hopes her dream does come true, and covers it up by saying again. The trio leave for the airport.

Madhav-Aaradhya-Dadi reach the Periwal house and are welcomed warmly by all the Periwals and Rahul and everyone makes small talk with one another, in the middle of which Dadi gushes over Madhav-Aaradhya, much to their awkwardness. At the same time, Aaradhya decides to break the news of the divorce to the family.

Precap: Madhav: Aadataein humarein shuru sey alag thi, ab raastey bhi alag ho jaayenge. Aaradhya’s eyes moist.

Update Credit to: BalamPichkaari

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