Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 31st May 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 31st May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 31st May 2013 Written Update

Madhav tells everyone that the ghazal is not written by him but Anisha. Aaru is sad to hear this. Anisha says that she had written this for Ehsaas and dedicates it to him. Madhav thanks him.
Aaru leaves to the room and Madhav sees her go. He follows her and finds that Aaru is sad and Madhav tries to know the reason. Aaru snaps back saying it’s her fault that she thought he said the ghazal for her. She abruptly stops shocked that she said it.
Aaru runs to the washroom and Madhav said to himself that he said those for her. He is shocked that Aaru is angry with him.
Aaru washes her face and questions herself and is confused as to why she is feeling so sad. Aaru gets a call from her dad.
Her dad tells her that he misses her and asks if she is fine and she assures him that she is. He tells her that Madhav had called him and told that Madhav has signed the divorce papers.
He asks her to come back soon. Aaru says that Dadi is much better now so she will ask Madhav about when could leave. Her father says to her only a few days more and then she will be back to her life. She keeps the phone.
She decides that this is not her life but Anisha’s and that she’ll talk to Anisha soon. She comes out and finds Madhav waiting for her.
Madhav asks her if she is fine and she replies she is better than before. She apologises for shouting and Madhav tries to tell her that the ghazal was for her.
But Anisha comes to call Madhav before him completing. Anisha asks if she disturbed but Aaru replies that they were not discussing anything important and Madhav is all hers. Madhav asks Aaru to come but she refuses.
In Mumbai, Rahul is speaking with the client and client asks for Prerna to come for the gathering the next day. Rahul is shocked and asks the reason and the client praises Prerna. Rahul agrees and informs Prerna about it. Prerna
Anisha is talking to someone on phone about the function when Aaru comes. Aaru says she wanted to speak to her and Anisha reluctantly agrees. Aaru tells the reason for the divorce and Aaru tells about the swap marriage and all that happened afterwards.
She tells now Madhav and Aaru are great friends and cares for Madhav. She tells Anisha that she wants that Madhav to be with a girl who will also be there for him. She tells Anisha that she found such a girl and that it is Anisha.
Anisha is livid. Aaru tries to convince Anisha by reminding all of Anisha’s praises and actions of Anisha. But Anisha refuses and defends her actions and tells that she did and said all those as a fan of Ehsaas. Aaru further tries to reason with Anisha but Anisha wavers little and asks for some time. Aaru leaves saying she will be waiting for her answer. Anisha sits down and is thinking.

Precap: Aaru asks Madhav if he got a call from her dad. He replies affirmatively and says they should leave for Jaipur soon. Aaru thinks loudly to herself that this means that she must get an answer from Anisha also soon. Madhav hears this and is confused.

Update Credit to: Maria

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