Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 30th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 30th April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 30th April 2013 Written Update

Bharti is worried about what aaru told about exams and wonders what to do. She recalls aaru telling that she will ask her nek when she will get her mark sheet from bharti and its a challenge. Dadi comes there seeing her worried and asks her the reason. Bharti tells she is fine and there nothing but dadi says that she knows she is worried abt aaru’s exams and the challenge thing that took place. Dadi tells that such situations occur when bharti continues to mix her professional file with personal life. Studies, education, marks are all imp but it should be a burden or punishment to others. Bharti’s face is shown as if she is suppressing some kinda pain. Dadi keeps telling that when a girl comes to a house after marriage then she expects her MIL to be as supportive as her mother then only she can accept the family.

Suddenly bharti interrupts and questions back dadi that did she accept bharti when she came to this house as a bahu. Dadi is shocked. Bharti says that many years have passed but still she remembers how she didnt want bharti to become her DIL. Dadi wanted a fair lady for her son but he got married to bharti so she didnt like bharti and never owned her. In addition, she never shared a close bond with her and showered love only coze of her complexion. Bharti says that she never had any complaints for what dadi did to her as in her opinion she was right. But still she took care of the house, brij, gave good values and education to her children. Dadi seems to look guilty as bharti continues. She says that time had made her like a stone who never bothers of the sorrows she has been bearing and due to the same she may never be able to share a close bond with her bahu as well. She tells dadi that aaru will be adjusted to bhari’s behavior eventually.

Dadi says that these were incidents from the past and she shouldnt be stressing over this now. Bharti says that some things cannot be forgotten and its better they wont speak abt it and leaves. Aaru is studying really hard trying to y-heart the notes but she is unable to do it. She takes various books and keeps referring but still gets confused with definitions. Madhu watches every action of hers and smiles. She walks around the room trying to study while madhu keeps gazing at her. Finally she comes back to bed and falls in sleep unknowingly. A lill while later, madhu wakes up to find aaru sleeping. He goes to her and tries to move a few hair that has covered her eyes. Tu Jaane Na from Ajab prem ki ghazab kahaani plays in backgroundHowever, his hands shiver and he stops. B4 returning, he takes the books that were covered all over the bed and covers the blanket around aaru. The song continues. He switches off the lights and returns to sleep continuing to look at her.

Its shown morning and bharti opens the door and enters the room and aaru is very scared sitting on the bed. Bharti gives a evil grin and tells aaru that she has failed so she had lost her challenge thus its her turn to cut her nails Aaru is very scared and covers her face trying toa void bharti. Bharti comes to her holding a nail-cutter and tells aaru to give her nails and aaru is crying at the top of her voice and pleading her. She tells that she will never challenge bharti and leave her nails but bharti takes her hand and cut the nails. Aaru gives a loud cry and wakes up only to find it was a dream She starts murmuring that she has to pass with 50% marks at any cost and finds her books kept on table. Getting up, she hurries to the study table and starts repeating the same definition she was learning the previous day. Madhu also wakes up and finds aaru studying so early morning. He calls aaru and advises her to not take too much stress as this can affect her health.

Aaru tells madhu that she doesn’t need her advice and warns to stay out of this matter. She further advises madhu to leave the room as its morning and no one will question him for the same. Madhu goes to rahul and tells him that aaru is taking too much stress and she will be extremely disappointed if she fails. Rahul says that she will only be losing her nails and why should she worry so much. Madhu says its not about nails but its about the courage and confidence of aaru. He tells that she may seem to be strong but she is like a child from inside so she will break down if she fails. Rahul thinks in mind that he hopes that aaru passes her exams and also madhu succeeds to prove his love and innocence to aaru. Bharti comes to kitchen to find if breakfast is ready and finds that dadi is getting something prepared by the servant. Bharti scolds dadi fro being in kitchen and tells her not to pamper aaru so much. Dadi says that she is getting the dish made for bharti as its her fav sweet.

Bharti says that doctor has asked her to rest. Dadi says that doctor has told her only to rest but not to loose the chance to rectify her mistakes. She says that she cannot bring back the past and mend her mistakes but she can at least do things to rectify mistakes. She advices bharti not to punish aaru fro the mistakes she did to her in the past. Aaru is still stressing and studying and walking from one corner to other corner of the room while madhu keeps telling her to take break and study. Aaru doesn’t pay any attention. Suddenly she feels giddiness and faints. Madhu sees this and catches her. He finds that aaru is having fever and with much nervousness, he lifts her and places her on the bed and calls everyone. Doctor is checking aaru and tells that she has taken too much stress due to which she fainted. New prerna is shown and she murmurs that aaru is acting as if she is the first person preparing for exams. Its all a drama. The doctor advises everyone to take care of her and not to give her too much stress.

Madhu and rahul goes to leave the doctor. Madhu asks if there is anything he needs to take care in detail and she tells him to not give her too much stress. Brij scolds bharti that due to her stubbornness all this happened and even bharti agrees that its her fault. However, prerna defends her that its not her fault but bharti says that she is at fault this time. Rahul tells madhu that he will handle the office and madhu should stay back and take care of aaru. Madhu agrees and goes to the room to find that everyone are gone and dadi is there. She asks him to sit by aaru’s side and check if her temperature has reduced. Madhu is hesitant but dadi keeps insisting and he checks. He tells that it has reduced and tries to leave but aaru turns and unknowingly holds his hand. Madhu is shocked. Dsdi tells him to stay back until aaru leaves his hand and madhu agrees as he has no other option.

Dadi tells aaru that she fainted and due to the stress she will not study anyone for the challenge. Bharti also agrees and tells aaru to forget the challenge but aaru tells that she will fulfill the challenge as its now its the cost of the family reputation(why is aaru so concerned abt the family’s reputation all of a sudden)Dadi says that she will allow aaru to study only in one condition that madhu will teach her and prepare her for her exams. Both madhu and aaru and shocked.

Update Credit to: sio.angel

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